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10x20 Shed For Sale

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet 10x20 Shed For Sale is Delivered in all of Virginia. 

The 10x20 shed for sale is Amish built and comes in many different styles of wood storage sheds, vinyl storage sheds and board batten sheds.

The 10x20 shed for sale is available as a wood storage shed kit on the wood siding sheds for sale.

10x20 shed for sale

                                              10x20 shed for sale

The 10x20 size shed is 200 square feet which makes it a popular choice in Virginia as earlier this year most of the counties in VA have raised the building code from 150 sq/ft to anything under 200 square feet does not require a building permit so that means this is the largest size in many locations in VA that you can get without a building permit.  Please feel free to check with your local counties and home owners association as they may have special requirements.  Each area also has unique zoning setbacks meaning that the distance the shed needs to be away from your property line may vary.

There are many styles of sheds to choose from depending on your needs.  Some people are looking for a shed for sale that will give them the most loft space for storage if that is the case for you than the 10x20 shed for sale built in the dutch barn shed is one of the styles you may want to consider.  This style storage building is the one in the above video.  You may want to get something that will match you home best or maybe a shed that doesn't look like a shed.  This is kind of depends on what your home looks like and your personal preference as to what style you like best.

The sheds for sale at Alan's Factory Outlet are delivered to your home for free in 21 local counties in Virginia.  Here are the wood shed prices and vinyl shed prices along with the styles available on the 10x20 size and all the other smaller or larger size sheds for sale.

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