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Prefab Garages | 12x24 Wood Barn Garage | Garages Video

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Sep 15, 2010

Alan's Factory Outlet 12x24 Wood Barn Garage.  Prefab Garages are built in many different sizes and styles.  The 12x24 Garage is this video is light gray with white trim and fox hollow gray shingles.  Prefab garages come in your choice of 15 different colors with the windows and doors placed the location you desire.

Prefab Garages Prefabricated Garage Virginia VA

Wood Garages can be built in either an a-frame roof or a barn style roof.  The foundation of the garage is made with 5 pressure treated 4"x4" 40 year runners.  On top of the 4"x4" Runners are 2"x4" Joists 12" On Center.  Then on top of the joists is 3/4" pressure treated plywood floor.  The best part of the floor is that it is 7" off of the ground to provide plenty of air flow under your garage to give you a garage that is built to last a lifetime. 

The sidewalls and roof truses are 2"x4" joists 16" on center.  The siding is duratemp wood siding is 25 year warranty siding.  The wood siding is painted with two coats of paint.  The roof has 1/2" plywood with 25 year shingles in the color you want.  

You also get a 9'x7' garage door, single 36" door, two 24"x36" windows and 2 gable vents.

Alans Factory Outlet also have 2 story garages.

Free delivery 7 local counties in VA on all prefab garages.  Garages are delivered in Virginia and West Virginia.  Visit Alan's Factory Outlet at 643 West Main St. Luray VA 22835.

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