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Prefabricated Wood Two Story 2 Car Prefab Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Dec 10, 2011

The prefabricated wood 2 story 2 car garages are delivered as two prefab garages.  Here is a video of the 2 half's before the roof is raised and they are bolted together. 

The two story garages can be built with a floor or without a floor.  This two story 2 car garage was built with a 3/4" pressure treated floor with pt 2x4 floor joists 12" on center with 10 pressure treated 4"x4" foundation skids.

Once the roof is lifted the wood two story garage will look like this.

prefabricated two story 2 car garages

The 2 story garages come standard with 2 9x7 insulated garage doors.  These garage doors are built in the optional carriage style with windows and black hinges.  The 9 lite single door and 8 windows are standard on the prefab two story garages.

You have 3 different siding options on the prefabricated 2 story garage 

  1. Wood Garages
  2. Vinyl Garages
  3. Board Batten Garages

The wood, vinyl and board batten two story garages are all Amish built in a variety of sizes in the a-frame or barn roof.  Single level 2 car garages and metal garages are also available in wood, vinyl, board batten and metal siding. 

Alan's Factory Outlet prefabricated 2 story 2 car garages are delivered and setup in all of Virginia and West Virginia.

What are some of the benefits of getting a prefab garage at Alan's Factory Outlet

  • Display area for you to look and see the Amish craftsmanship of the garages
  • Faster turn around time and on site time of one day due to the prefabricated two story garages being built in the factory by the Amish
  • Size, style, options and colors custom selection to make sure the garage will best meet your needs
  • Cost savings by getting a prefab two story 2 car garage with the cost savings passed on to you with Factory Direct Prices

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Amish Built 2 Story Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Jun 26, 2011

amish built 2 story garages

Amish Built 2 Story 2 Car Garages

Amish built 2 story garages can be built in a barn roof or an a-frame roof.  The size of this 2 story garage is 24x24.  Garages can be built in wood, vinyl or board batten siding.

Alan's Factory Outlet 2 story garages can be built with a floor or without a floor as shown in this picture.  This 2 story 2 car garage was placed on a concrete slab.

The 2 story garages are built by the Amish in the factory and delivered in modular sections with the roof hinged and then raised on site.  The 1 car 2 story garages are delivered in one section.  The 2 story 2 car garages are delivered in two modular sections which are bolted together on site and the each half of the roof is raised and attached.  You garage will be finished on the same day for a fast turn key 2 story garage.

Amish Built 2 Story Garage Specs

  • 2 Insulated 9x7 Garage Doors with a lock and 2 keys
  • 8 2'x3' windows with screens and shutters
  • 3' Single Door with a lock and two keys
  • With or without a floor
  • Painted or Vinyl siding
  • 18' tall at the peak
  • 8' headroom on first floor with staircase leading up to 8' headroom on 2nd floor

Garages also can be built in single level garages and 1 story 2 car garages.

The main types of siding on the amish built garages are wood garages, vinyl garages, board batten garages.

Another type of garage that is built on site are the metal garages and steel buildings.

Alan's Factory Outlet has several different styles and sizes of amish built garages on the display area located at 643 West Main St. Luray VA 22835.

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20x20 2 Car Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, May 6, 2011

2 car garage

                        20x20 2 Car Garage

This 20x20 2 car garage is built in wood siding.  Alan's Factory Outlet wood 2 car garages are Amish built.  The 20x20 2 car garage is delivered fully assembled and delivered in two 10x20 modular sections and bolted together on site.

20x20 2 Car Garage Specs

  • Two 8x7 insulated garage doors and single 3' wooden door
  • 2 Floor Options:  Floor with 10 pressure treated 4"x4" runners with 2"x4" p.t. floor joists and 3/4" p.t. floor or Without a Floor option with 6"x6" pressure treated foundation with 8 heavy duty tow hooks
  • Four 2'x3' slider windows with screens and shutters
  • Ridge vent for ventilation
  • Hurricane clips and all plywood interior construction
  • 30 year architectural shingles, ice and water shield and felt paper

Alan's Factory Outlet 20x20 two car garage is delivered and setup on your level land with free delivery in 7 local counties in VA and WV.

Alan's Factory Outlet 2 car garage prices are listed with many other size garages to chose from.

You have several other siding options other than the wood garage such as the vinyl garage and board batten garage.  All three of these sidings are also available in a two story garage.

Another type of building which is built on site are the carports and metal garages.  The carport and metal garage can be made in a 20x20 2 car garage.  The carport version is just a roof top shelter where the metal garage is fully enclosed.  All of the metal buildings are delivered and set-up for free in Virginia and West Virginia and 16 other states on your level gravel or concrete pad.  Metal structures are only built without a floor.

metal 2 car garage

                   Metal 2 Car Garage


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Prefab 2 Car Garages for Every Conceivable Purpose

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Dec 30, 2010

Two Car Garage

Prefab Two Car Garages are a wonderful way to maximize space and ensure that you will always have plenty of room.

Two Car Garages can be placed on a concrete slab as show above or may be placed on a 6" tampered down gravel pad.

Sizes range from 20'x20' up to 28'x40'.  If you think you may need just a little more room, you may want to consider the Two Story Two Car Garages.

2 Car Garages come standard with the following: 

  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles
  • 25 Year Duratemp Wood Siding or Vinyl Siding
  • Two 9'x7' Garage Doors
  • 36" Walk-in Door
  • Four Windows with Shutters
  • Ridge Vent
  • All 1/2" Plywood Interior
  • Roof Joists are 2x6's 16" on Center
  • Wall Joists are 2x4's 16" on Center
  • Floor Joists are 2x4's 12" on Center with 3/4" Plywood Floor
  • Ten 4x4 Foundation Skids

All Garages can be built and hauled without a floor.  Instead of the flooring the base will be pressure treated 6x6's with tow hooks at every corner.

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Prefab Garages 3 Options: Garages, 2 Car Garages & 2 Story Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Oct 30, 2010

When you are looking to get a wood or vinyl prefab garage there are 3 different types of prefab garages to choose from:

  • single wide garages
  • 2 car garages
  • 2 story garages

Wood Prefab 12x24 Garage is shown in the movie below.  Single wide garages are available in 12' or 14' wide and come in many different lengths.  Prefab Garage Prices

Two Car Garages come in many different sizes in both Wood and Vinyl Siding.  2 Car Garage Prices

2 Story Garages come in A-Frame and Barn Roof in many different sizes.  2 Story Garage Prices

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Protect Your Vehicles With A 2 Car Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Sep 1, 2010

Double Garage, 2 Car Garage, Two Car Garage, 20x24 resized 600

2 Car Garages are perfect for protecting your vehicles from sun oxidation, damaging winds, hail storms, heavy snow and ice.

The sizes available on the Two Car Garages are 20'x20' up to 28'x40'.  These Prefab Garages come in Duratemp T1-11 Siding, Vinyl Siding, Board & Batten Eastern Pine Siding.

Delivery is Free in 7 Local Counties in Virginia and West Virginia.

Double Garages can be built with or without a floor depending on if you want to set the building on a gravel base or pour a concrete slab.

You maybe interested in a Metal Garage?  Metal Garages are built on-site with Free Delivery and Setup if you are in our service area.

Metal Garage, Metal Garages, Garages resized 600

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Prefab Two Car Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, May 15, 2010

2 Car Garages, Vinyl Two Car Garage, Amish Prefab 2 Car Garages, Luray VA











This Prefab Two Car Garage adds that extra touch to your yard and allows you to store your vehicles, mowers and any other yard tools you may need covered.  Prefab Garages gives the exceptional look of built on site garages without the cost. 

Garages can be built with or without a floor depending on your foundation arrangements such as gravel, concrete slab or asphalted driveway.

Prefabricated Garages come in wood, vinyl and other specialty siding options.

The picture above is a 24x24 Vinyl 2 Car Garage without a floor, the colors are cream with blue trim and a blue metal roof.  We offer a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

Vinyl Prefab 2 Car Garages, Prefabricated Two Car Garages, Virginia










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Prefab 2 Car Garages, Keep it Simple

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Apr 24, 2010

Prefab Garages are a great Two Car Garage, 2 Car Garage, Garages,  Prefab Garagesalternative to built on site.  Quality constructed, Two Car Garages delivered, saves you money and keeps your yard free from becoming a construction zone.

The 2 Car Garages are delivered in two halves.  Delivery Clearance necessary to drive these buildings on your property, is 14' wide clearance and 13' tall clearance.

Vinyl is available on all Prefab Two Car Garages.

The 2 Car Garages come standard with:

  • Painted T1-11 Duratemp Siding or Vinyl
  • All Plywood Interior
  • 2x4 studs 16" on center on roof and sidewalls
  • Floor is 3/4" Plywood on top of 2x4's 12" on center
  • 10 Foundation Skids
  • 2 Garage Doors
  • 1 Walk in Door
  • 4 Large Windows with Shutters
  • Shingled Roof
2 Car Garage, Two Car Garages, Garages

Topics: Prefab Garages, 2 Car Garages, Prefab 2 Car Garages, Two Car Garages

Wooden Prefab Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Jan 28, 2010

Wooden Garages, Prefab GaragesWooden Prefab Garages are custom built by the Amish in many different sizes, styles and colors with the Doors and Windows placed in the location that best suits you.  Single wide wooden prefab garages are standard with a reinforced floor of 5 Pressure Treated 4"x4" Runners, 2"x4" Floor Joists 12" On Center with 3/4" Pressure Treated Plywood Floor.  Painted Duratemp Siding, 2"x4" Sidewalls and Rafters.  1/2" Plywood Roof with 25 Year Singles.  9'x7' Garage Door, Two 24"x36" Windows, 36" Door and 2 Gable Vents.

Prefab garages also come in Vinyl Garages and Board & Batten Garages

Another option for a Wooden Prefab Garage is a 2 Car Garage.  2 Car Garages come with 4 Windows and 2 9'x7' Garage Doors.  2 Car Garages come in both Wood and Vinyl.

Your third option for a Wooden Prefab Garage is a 2 Story Garage.  2 Story Garages come in a Single Wide 2 Story Garage and a Double Wide 2 Story Garage.  Single 2 Story Garages have 4 Windows, garage door and 9-Lite Door.  Double 2 Story Garages have 8 Windows, two garage doors and 9-Lite Door.

Prefab Garages are available with or without a floor.

The Video below is of a 14x32 Wooden Prefab Garage.

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