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20x20 2 Car Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, May 6, 2011

2 car garage

                        20x20 2 Car Garage

This 20x20 2 car garage is built in wood siding.  Alan's Factory Outlet wood 2 car garages are Amish built.  The 20x20 2 car garage is delivered fully assembled and delivered in two 10x20 modular sections and bolted together on site.

20x20 2 Car Garage Specs

  • Two 8x7 insulated garage doors and single 3' wooden door
  • 2 Floor Options:  Floor with 10 pressure treated 4"x4" runners with 2"x4" p.t. floor joists and 3/4" p.t. floor or Without a Floor option with 6"x6" pressure treated foundation with 8 heavy duty tow hooks
  • Four 2'x3' slider windows with screens and shutters
  • Ridge vent for ventilation
  • Hurricane clips and all plywood interior construction
  • 30 year architectural shingles, ice and water shield and felt paper

Alan's Factory Outlet 20x20 two car garage is delivered and setup on your level land with free delivery in 7 local counties in VA and WV.

Alan's Factory Outlet 2 car garage prices are listed with many other size garages to chose from.

You have several other siding options other than the wood garage such as the vinyl garage and board batten garage.  All three of these sidings are also available in a two story garage.

Another type of building which is built on site are the carports and metal garages.  The carport and metal garage can be made in a 20x20 2 car garage.  The carport version is just a roof top shelter where the metal garage is fully enclosed.  All of the metal buildings are delivered and set-up for free in Virginia and West Virginia and 16 other states on your level gravel or concrete pad.  Metal structures are only built without a floor.

metal 2 car garage

                   Metal 2 Car Garage


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