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Shed Kits

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, May 13, 2011

Shed Kits

Shed kits are built with the walls fully assembled and the doors and windows already placed in your desired location.  The wood shed kits are painted in one of the 15 different color choices.  You also get to pick the trim color, shutter color and shingle colors.

Alan's Factory Outlet storage shed kits are delivered are truck and trailer will back into as close to the intended location and then the shed kit slides off of the trailer.  

The four walls on the shed kit are removable.  So you will want to unscrew the four walls and carry them back beside the location where your shed will placed.  And the floor which is already assembled will be carried back to where you want your shed.  The roof trusses are all built and then you will nail the trusses to the walls then nail the roof sheeting to the trusses.  We also provide felt paper and shingles and then you have your shed kit ready to be used.

On average it will take two or three people between 3 to 5 hours to assemble the wood sheds.

shed kits

Wood Storage Shed Kits Specs

  • Double Doors painted on inside with steel plate, door stoppers on all shed kits
  • Wood trim, metal drip edge, 2 gable vents on all sheds
  • Painted 25 year duratemp t1-11 plywood siding, 1/2" plywood roof on all storage sheds, felt paper, 30 year architectural shingles
  • A-frame, dutch barn and quaker shed kits have two windows with shutters (mini barn 1 window)
  • Sheds kits pressure treated floor system with p.t. 4"x4" foundation runners with p.t. 2"x4" floor joist and 5/8" plywood floor
  • All 16" on center 2"x4" sidewall and roof

Alan's Factory Outlet shed kits are delivered statewide in all of VA.  Shed kit prices, sizes and styles.  Sheds are also built fully assembled.

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