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Amish Built Sheds and Garages are Delivered Fully Assembled

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Jan 5, 2012

Alan's Factory Outlet storage sheds and modular garages are built by the Amish and delivered from the factory to your backyard.  They are finished and ready for you to start using immediately.  Since it is fully assembled there is no need for you to build it saving you time, money and giving you the peace of mind of a turn key shed or garage solution.

amish built sheds and garages

Amish built sheds and garages are built in 1 story storage buildings and 2 story sheds and 2 story garages with your choice of a single wide or double wide 2 car garages.

amish built 2 story garage

                            24x24 2 story 2 car garage

The Amish made structures are delivered in all of Virginia and West Virginia with free delivery to most of Northern Virginia in 21 local counties in VA along with several counties in WV.

3 Siding Options on the Amish Built Sheds and Garages

  1. Wood Sheds and Garages
  2. Vinyl Sheds and Garages
  3. Board Batten Sheds and Garages

Here is a video tour of one of the wood storage sheds which is a 10x16 size 4' mini barn.

If your looking for a garage and you reside outside of VA and WV we do have metal garages and metal carports which are delivered and installed for free in 27 states in the USA.

To talk a look in person at the Amish built sheds and garages you can visit Alan's Factory Outlet at 643 West Main Street in Luray, Virginia.

Please feel free to ask a question or share a comment about the storage sheds and modular garages.

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Amish Built 2 Story Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Jun 26, 2011

amish built 2 story garages

Amish Built 2 Story 2 Car Garages

Amish built 2 story garages can be built in a barn roof or an a-frame roof.  The size of this 2 story garage is 24x24.  Garages can be built in wood, vinyl or board batten siding.

Alan's Factory Outlet 2 story garages can be built with a floor or without a floor as shown in this picture.  This 2 story 2 car garage was placed on a concrete slab.

The 2 story garages are built by the Amish in the factory and delivered in modular sections with the roof hinged and then raised on site.  The 1 car 2 story garages are delivered in one section.  The 2 story 2 car garages are delivered in two modular sections which are bolted together on site and the each half of the roof is raised and attached.  You garage will be finished on the same day for a fast turn key 2 story garage.

Amish Built 2 Story Garage Specs

  • 2 Insulated 9x7 Garage Doors with a lock and 2 keys
  • 8 2'x3' windows with screens and shutters
  • 3' Single Door with a lock and two keys
  • With or without a floor
  • Painted or Vinyl siding
  • 18' tall at the peak
  • 8' headroom on first floor with staircase leading up to 8' headroom on 2nd floor

Garages also can be built in single level garages and 1 story 2 car garages.

The main types of siding on the amish built garages are wood garages, vinyl garages, board batten garages.

Another type of garage that is built on site are the metal garages and steel buildings.

Alan's Factory Outlet has several different styles and sizes of amish built garages on the display area located at 643 West Main St. Luray VA 22835.

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Amish Built Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Feb 24, 2011

amish built garagesAmish Built Garages are delivered fully assembled on a truck and trailer.  Alan's Factory Outlet Amish built garages are built in wooden garages, vinyl garages and board batten garages.  All garages are built with a reinforced floor.  Wood and vinyl garages have 3/4" plywood floor with 2x4 joists 12" on center and five 4"x4" pressure treated foundation runners.  Amish built garage can also be built without a floor.  Board batten garages are made with a unique floor system which has 2"x6" tongue and groove plank flooring with pressure treated 4"x4" Joists that go side to side and five 4"x4" pressure treated runners which go end to end.  The picture shown here is of a wooden 12x24 Amish built garage with a clear stain and red trim and an optional ramp.  Garages come standard with 9x7 garage door, 3' single door and two large 2'x3' windows with shutters.

Need even more room?  Amish built garages also come in 2 car garages and 2 story garages.

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Modular Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Feb 12, 2011

Modular garages are amish built in many different sizes and styles.  Alan's Factory Outlet modular garages are prefab garages delivered fully assembled for an easy turn key garage solution.  Garages are built by the amish in wood garages and vinyl garages.  Here are four different styles of amish built garages at Alan's Factory Outlet.

Modular One Car Garages

Modular Garages

Modular Two Car Garages

modular two car garages

Modular Two Story One Car Garages

modular two story garages

Modular 2 Story Two Car Garages

modular 2 story 2 car garages

The above garages are built with wood siding.  Garages are available in vinyl siding.

Alan's Factory Outlet modular garages are delivered to VA, WV and MD.  Visit Alan's Factory Outlet display lot at 643 West Main St. Luray Virginia to view our amish built modular garages.

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