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Carolina Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, May 14, 2011

Carolina Carports

carolina carports

Carolina Carports metal carports are built in three different styles of carports and metal garages as shown in this picture.

Carolina Carports 3 Roof Styles

  1. Regular roof style carolina carports start out in the 12x21 size.  The base width is exactly 12' wide and the base length is 20' long.  It is called 21' long because the 6" front roof overhang and 6" back end overhang is counted in the overall dimensions.  The regular style metal carports are built with a traditional barn roof.  The regular carport is the most economical of the three carport styles.  Here are the carport prices.
  2. The middle style shown in this picture is the boxed eave metal carport.  The boxed eave carolina carports are built in an a-frame roof which is nice if the carport is right beside your home as most homes have an a-frame roof so the carport may go with the architect of your home better.  These carports also have the 6" roof overhang however when you get a boxed eave carport you get a 6" overhang on both sides.  As far as the price point goes these metal carports are the middle road on price.  They are a little bit more than the regular style carports but less than the next style we are getting ready to cover.
  3. The third carolina carports style is the vertical roof carport.  This carport looks just like the boxed eave carport as both are built in an a-frame roof and have a 6" overhang all the way around it.  The big difference is the roof is built with the ribs running side to side which allows the rain and snow to slide off it where on the other two style carports the sheeting ribs run lengthwise which causes the snow to stay on their roof.  In order to put the roof on this way on the vertical carports we have to place metal cross braces to attach the sheeting.  These extra metal braces along with the fact that the snow will slide of the roof make this the strongest of the three carolina carports.  The downside for those advantages in strength is the vertical carports are the most expensive of the three carport styles.  Vertical carports can be fully enclosed to make a metal garage.  Take a look at the metal garage prices

All of the carolina carports are built with 14 gauge tubing and 29 gauge sheeting.  Many options are available such as 12 gauge tubing which comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.  All carports come standard with center and corner braces.  Carolina carports are anchored to the ground, cement or asphalt with rebar or cement anchors for free.  Mobile home anchors for additional wind protection and fully braced carports are a couple of other options you may want to consider.

Carolina carports also has have many other sizes of steel buildings such as triple wide carports and lean to carports.

Alan's Factory Outlet carports and metal garages are delivered and setup for free to 18 different states.

Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment about the carports.

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