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Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, May 15, 2011



Carports are the perfect place to protect your truck or car.

Carports are built in several different sizes and styles.  The carport in this picture is a boxed eave style carport.  The metal carports can be left open and used as a shelter, fully close it and you have one of the metal garages or like this carport you have the best of both worlds. 

Carports Garages

A carport shelter area where the vehicle goes and then a garage storage in the back to secure items that need to be locked up or require 100% protection from the weather elements.

The garage door size on enclosed garage section in this picture is 6x6 which is the smallest size garage door we offer.  Another option would be to go with a taller leg height carport and then you would be able to go with a 9x8 size garage door.  Or if you will only be storing items that need to fit through a 36" door than the 36" walk in door may be they way to go. 

Carports length go every 5' in length increments.  This metal carport is 26' long so that leaves you with 5' of storage space.  The next size longer is 31' long which would give you 10' of garage storage space if you kept the carport portion the same.

Alan's Factory Outlet carports garages may just what you've been looking for a carport and a garage in one convenient building.

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