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18x21 Carport

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Feb 7, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet 18x21 Carport are delivered with free delivery and setup to 18 different states.  Here are the states with free delivery and setup Carports AL, Carports AR, Carports GA, Carports IL, Carports IA, Carports KS, Carports KY, Carports LA, Carports MS, Carports MO, Carports NE, Carports NC, Carports OK, Carports SC, Carports TN, Carports TX, Carports VA and Carports WV.

The 18x21 metal carport are built in three different roof styles.  The regular style carport, boxed eave carport and the vertical carport.  The regular style carport has a barn shape roof.  Both the boxed eave and vertical style carports have an a-frame roof with the only difference between the boxed eave and vertical is on the vertical carport the roof sheeting is vertical meaning it goes up and down allowing snow to slide off.  On the regular style and boxed eave carports the roof sheeting is horizontal meaning it goes the length wise.

18x21 carport18x21 Carport and 18x21 Metal Garage

Steel Buildings are also built in many other sizes of carports and garages.

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Regular Style Metal Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet regular style Metal Carports.  The regular style carports have a barn shaped roof line.  These are the most economical of the carport styles.  All carports come standard with center snow braces and 4 corner wind braces.  Additional braces are optional to make your carport fully braced.

12x21 Metal Carports, Steel Carports5' leg height is standard on metal carports.  You can make the carport taller in 1' increments up to 12' leg heights.  Here is picture of a 12x21 regular style carport with 1' taller 6' legs.
This carport also has a second option of J-Trim.  J-trim seems confusing like what does that mean?  Well to help it make sense for you the j-trim is the side trim piece that runs along both sides of the carport where the roof sheeting stops.  A couple advantages of getting j-trim is that is does set the carport off from an aesthetic standpoint.  It also makes the carport slightly stronger as it helps lock the sheeting in place.  One of the best benefits you get by having j-trim put on your carport is if lets say you get it with the standard 5' legs or 6' legs that means the sheeting on the side will come down at about 5' or 6' tall and the sheeting is 29 GA sheeting which doesn't feel good if you hit your head on it.  Having the j-trim may not still feel good if you hit your head on it but it may feel a little better as far as you just get a bump with a sore head as opposed to the chance of a cut if your head hits the sheeting just right.  So j-trim may be an option to think about.  Here is a picture to get a better look at the j-trim. 

Metal Carports 12x21 Carport VA
You can also take a steel building and close both sides for extra protection.  The ends can also be closed with a garage door on one end and you got yourself a fully enclosed metal garage.

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Carports, Metal Garages and Farm Buildings

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Sep 15, 2010

Carports, Metal Garages, Vertical Lean-to Metal Garage, Farm Building

Alan's Factory Outlet has a variety of Carports, Metal Garages and Farm Buildings.  We service many states on the Metal Structures with Free Delivery and Set-up.  Here are the states we serve with metal carports.  We offer the regular style, boxed eave style and vertical roof style.  The vertical roofs are becoming exceedingly popular due to the heavy snows of last year.  The vertical roofs allow the snow to slide off easier than the other styles.

carportsAlan's Factory Outlet metal carports give you an economical way to protect your cars and other valuable items.  The 12x21 regular style carports start at $595 in Virginia and West Virginia.  Carports can be made wider or longer to give you the perfect carport for your situation.  

Carports can also be made taller with leg heights between 5' legs to 12' legs in 1' increments.  Carports come standard with 14 ga. tubing.  A thicker and stronger 12 ga. tubing is available to give you a stronger carport.  All carports come with center braces and 4 corner braces.  Fully braced carports are also a nice option to make your carport stronger.  

For additional protection from the elements you can close the sides or even fully enclose your carport with a garage door on the end.  Windows and side door can even be added to your carport.  You get to choice the color from 13 different colors.     

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Wood Storage Buildings or Metal Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Jul 6, 2010

Storage Buildings, Sheds, Storage Sheds, Buildings Virginia, Storage Buildings VA 


















Wood Storage Buildings or Metal Carports are two great products which both can be used for a many different needs.

As everyone knows one is made of wood and the other made is made of Metal, but that is just the begining of the differences.

Alan's Factory Outlet Wood Storage Buildings are Prebuilt by the Amish and delivered on a truck and trailer.  The Wood Storage Buildings are custom built to meet your needs with the style, size and colors to match your home.  They come painted with a shingle roof.  They also have double doors with a lock and two keys.  The key point about the Wood Storage Buildings is that they are built like a house with 2x4 side walls and 2x4 roof joists both 16" On Center.  Extra Doors and windows can be added and you get to pick the location of the windows and doors.  Another thing about the Wood Storage Buildings is they are portable which means if you need them moved they can easily be moved.  Not only does Alan's Factory Outlet have Wood Storage Buildings but Vinyl Storage Buildings are available.   Carport Virginia, Carports VA, Metal Carports Virginia, Alan's Factory Outlet

Alan's Factory Outlet Metal Carports make a great cover for your Car, Truck, Boat or Farm Equipment.  Metal Carports are going to be more economical than the Wood Storage Buildings.  Another Advantage that the Metal Carports have is they are built on site so if you don't have enough room for a Prefabricated Wood Storage Building to be delivered the Metal Carport can be built on site.  At the same time that same advantage turns into a disadvantage if you need to move the metal carport.  The carport can still be moved however it is a lot harder and each time you take the carport apart and then put it back together it loses some of its strength.  Another point is the metal carports do not have a floor where the wood storage buildings come with a wooden floor.  Metal Carports can also be enclosed and turned into a metal Garages.

One thing both the Wood Storage Buildings and Metal Carports have in common is they are custom built in the colors you want and come in many different styles and sizes. 

Vist Alan's Factory Outlet Display lot at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA. 22835 to see the differences for yourself of the Wood Storage Buildings and Metal Carports.

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Metal RV Carport Covers To Help Protect Your Investment

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Apr 7, 2010

Metal Carports, Metal RV Covers, Metal RV Carport Covers Virginia, Carport VA, Carports West Virginia, Metal Carports WVMetal RV Carport Covers give you a great place to store your RV, Camper and Motor Home.  A Metal Carport will help preserve you RV from the weather elements saving you money in the long run by helping your RV not only last longer but also look better in the process.

Metal RV Covers come in Three Different Roof Lines the Regular Style which has a barn roof, the a-frame style shown in this picture and the vertical a-frame which helps the snow slide off the roof if you live in a state where snowfall is a concern.  Side wall Leg heights can be made with 12' sidewalls which will provide 14' to 15' at the peak to give you plenty of room for the AC on top of your RV.  Shorter leg heights are also available which run in 1' increments.  Widths range from 12', 18', 20', 22' and 24' wide.  The Length start out at 21' Long and go in 5' increments longer depending on your needs.  

All of the Metal Carport Styles, Sizes, Prices and Colors are on line.  These metal carports can also be used for many other uses.

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Metal Carports and Steel Carport at Alan's Factory Outlet

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Feb 3, 2010

Metal CarportsMetal Carports and Steel Carports at Alan's Factory Outlet come in many different sizes and styles.  The Metal Carport in the video below is a 12'x21' Regular Barn Roof Carport.  Carports come standard with 5' Legs.  The Legs in the Carport below has 6' Legs.  Steel Carports can be ordered with up to 12' legs depending on your needs for the Carport.  Another option shown in the carport is J-Trim which is the side trim on both sides.  All Carports are anchored to you level land for free.  An optional Mobile Home anchor can be added to any of the metal carports.  Center Snow Braces are standard on all Carports along with Free Corner wind braces.  Additional Braces can be added.  

Metal Carports can be partially closed or fully closed and turned into a Steel Building or Metal Garage.  The Roof is 29 gauge sheeting which comes in your choice of 13 different colors.  The Steel Tubing is 14 gauge tubing and can be built with a thicker 12 gauge tubing.

Metal Carports include Free Delivery and Free Set-up on your property.  Carports come in three different roof lines.  The Regular Barn style carport, A-Frame carport and the New Vertical Carport. 

Please feel free to watch the Video of the Metal Carport below.

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Steel Buildings, Metal Garages & Carports Buying Guide

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Jan 17, 2010

Steel Buildings, Metal Garages, Metal Carports

When getting a Steel Building, Metal Garage or Carport you will want to get the right size and style building to meet your needs.  Metal Garages and Carports come in 3 different styles.  The most economical is the standard style which has a barn roof.  The second style is the A-Frame roof.  The third style is the Vertical roof.  The Vertical Steel Buildings make it easier for the snow to slide off the roof. 

All Steel Buildings are built on site.  Garage Doors come in many different sizes.  The Garage doors can be put on the end or side.  Entry Doors and Windows can also be placed in your desired location.  14 Gauge tubing is standard with the Steel Buildings and Carports.  12 Gauge Tubing is available to give you a stronger steel building.  Free center braces and 4 corner braces come with each steel building.  Extra braces and Certified Steel Buildings are a couple more options.

Steel Buildings and Carports have a 29 Gauge Metal Roof.  You get 13 different colors to chose from on your Steel Building.  Metal Garages and Carports are anchored for free to your ground or your concrete pad.  If your steel building is not being placed on a concrete pad you may want to upgrade your building with Mobile Home Anchors.  Mobile Home Anchors help give your Metal Garage and Carport more protection against the wind.

The widths for the most popular steel buildings and carports are 12', 18', 20', 22' and 24' Wide.  The most common lengths are 21', 26', 31', 36' and 41 Long.  The Length are from outside to outside.  There is a 6" overhang on the end of each steel building.  This is important to know if your going to put down a concrete pad for example on a 24 Wide by 26 Long Building you would want the concrete pad to be at least 24 Wide by 25 Long due to the 6" overhang on both ends.  You also get to pick the sidewall height for your Metal Garage and Carport. 

If you need a Carport or RV Cover.  The Metal Carports give you that shelter.  Here is a picture of a Metal Carport.

Carports, Metal Carport, Steel Carport 




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