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The 6 Most Amazing Custom Sheds Ever Made

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Jan 31, 2014

amish custom built sheds

"A Shed That is Uniquely Your Own"

When you think of a storage shed, you may picture a structure filled with a variety of items including bicycles, lawn care equipment, boxes and maybe even a couple pieces of old furniture. We all know that a storage shed is designed to serve a practical purpose. But, I've discovered some converted storage sheds that now serve a unique purpose. These owners put their powers of creativity to the test to come up with some beautiful, converted sheds! Here are a few examples.

Six of the Most Amazing Custom Sheds Ever Made!

  1. The first amazing idea involves converting a shed into a child's playhouse . This shed has taken on a new life as a getaway for the kids in this household. The outside of the shed features fresh colors of pastel paint while the inside has everything a kid needs to play house for hours at a time. Little pieces of furniture including a table, chairs and even a cupboard surely make this a favorite spot for all of the kids in the neighborhood!
  2. Did you know that a shed can be useful to members of the animal kingdom as well as to humans? This converted shed that is now a chicken coop is the perfect example. It protects the chickens from the elements as well as predators wandering in the area. This barnyard family can move around inside the shed and is easily accessible when it's time to gather the eggs.
  3. A creative type must have looked out at his or her shed and envisioned a great place to work. This converted shed now serves as a writing area . The décor is sparse, but there is plenty of natural light flowing in the windows of the structure. The quiet atmosphere of this converted shed must set the perfect tone for coming up with some very imaginative stories.
  4. This shed has been converted into an outdoor home office . It's an intimate space, decorated in a way that suits the needs of its owner. The person enjoys a good amount of natural light courtesy of the shed's glass door and window. Also, it's separate from the main house giving it the tremendous advantage of being a quiet place to work. Sounds like the perfect setup to me!
  5. This owner had the brainstorm of turning a shed into a guest house for the kids. Just think, with a converted shed like this one, you can send your kids and their slumber party guests out into the backyard. They are close enough to supervise, yet far enough away to give you a break from the giggling and whispering that will go on throughout the night!
  6. One owner came up with the very appealing idea of converting a shed into an outdoor sitting room . The comfortable furnishings and soft lighting in this open, airy room makes it the perfect place to visit with friends or take advantage of some alone time.

I hope that these amazing sheds supply you with some creative inspiration of your own. You may never look at a storage shed the same way. Here are a few other amazing sheds to admire. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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Custom Built Sheds, Garages and Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Dec 20, 2012

Custom Built Sheds, Modular Garages and Metal Carports

At Alan's Factory Outlet we have a custom made storage sheds and modular garages made in wood, vinyl and board batten siding which are delivered fully assembled.  We also have metal garages and metal carports which are built on site.

custom built sheds garages carports

All of the sheds, garages and carports are built in the color and style you want.

  • You get to choose the location for the doors and windows since they are custom built the way you want them.
  • We can make the sheds and garages with extra windows or no windows.
  • Add an extra entry door is not a problem.
  • Design your structure with the main color, trim color and roof color to match your home.
  • The Amish custom built sheds and garages can be made with or without a floor and can be turned into a garage, 2 car garage or 2 story garage.

So the steps in deciding how you want to configure the storage building or garage can be done many ways.

A methodical way would as follows

  1. Figure out the total square footage you need in the form of a size width and length?
  2. Decide on which type of siding you want?
  3. Research the different styles in the size your looking for?
  4. Visualize or sketch out how you want the doors and windows placed?  On the wood, vinyl and board batten Amish custom made sheds and garage please keep in mind this will be in relation to how the shed or garage is loaded on the trailer since they delivered fully assembled we want to make sure everything is located on the correct side once we slide the building off of the trailer.  Custom metal garages and carports are delivered as a kit and built on site so everything is more from the prospective of how you would be walking up to the front of the structure on them.
  5. Colors is usually the finishing touches you would want to decide on to really set your building apart and make it match the surroundings.
  6. You can add extra options such as a pressure treated ramp, loft, work benches, extra ventilation like a ridge vent, wider or taller doors or a reinforced floor.

Since you have so many options there should be a kind of building that will meet your needs.

One thing that gives you some peace of mind is we have many video tours, pictures and a display lot so you can walk through them and see first hand how they will be constructed so there will be no surprises to the level of quality craftsmanship in each of the custom built sheds, garages and carports.

One thing that all of the buildings require is a level area so the doors and windows function properly.  You have several foundations you may want to put down depending on how you will be using the structure.  You could put down a level gravel base, concrete pad or if you have an existing asphalt foundation that works fine. 

Another kind of barn are the custom built horse barns which are made in board and batten siding for the horses.  They come in 2 different style of either a stall horse barn or a horse run in shed with a framed out opening to be used as a horse shelter.

A few other of the custom made products at Alan's Factory Outlet are gazebo kits and pergola kits.  The gazebos and pergolas are delivered nationwide in the USA.

The Amish built sheds and garages are delivered in Virginia and West Virginia. 

The metal buildings to include the carports and steel garages are delivered and installed for free in 27 different states.

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