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DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Any Yard

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Sep 27, 2016


Double roof vinyl gazebo kit beside pool.

Do you want to refresh the appearance of your backyard? One way to accomplish this is to add some DIY furniture pieces to your outdoor décor. DIY furniture pieces are unique as well as easy on the household budget. I like the idea of sitting on the patio and looking at furniture pieces that I created; don't you? Check out some ideas for DIY furniture perfect for your backyard.

A Wire Patio Table

You may already have the basic elements necessary to make a wire patio table. The base of this DIY table is a wire cage. If you grow tomatoes, you may have a few of these wire cages in storage. The top of the table is a pine round. You can buy an inexpensive unfinished pine round online. This project allows you to exercise your creativity. For instance, you can paint the pine round a solid color or embellish it with an appealing design. Or you could spray-paint the wire cage. No matter what creative ideas you come up with, you'll have an attractive table that is sure to garner a lot of attention.

A Hand-Painted Chair Cushion

Do you have a favorite folding chair on your patio that needs a touch of style? Try painting a colorful cushion to attach to the chair. You can purchase a plain white chair cushion and paint it with fabric paint. Or you could get a cushion and paint a pillowcase to slip over it. A snazzy chair cushion with an interesting design can instantly give new life to any outdoor chair!

A Recycled Tire Table

With this DIY project, you're helping the environment while beautifying your patio. Get a hold of a couple of old car tires to stack for the base of your table. You can use a piece of plywood for the surface of your table. Measure the diameter of one of your tires and take your sheet of plywood to a local hardware store. It won't take long for them to cut a round top to fit the top of your table. Be sure to sand any rough edges off of your plywood top. Glue the round of plywood to the top tire of your table base. You have the option of painting the table top or putting a coat or two of stain on the wood to protect it from the elements.

A Handmade Rug

If you want to add some interest to your patio, try making a stylish outdoor rug. You can purchase an inexpensive rug to start with, or perhaps you already have a brown or tan rug on the patio. Masking tape and a few colors of spray paint can help you create a design that will bring your outdoor floor to life.

A Rolling Ottoman Cooler

Transform a simple plywood box into a rolling cooler to add to the décor of your backyard patio. Find a plywood box that can accommodate an average-sized Styrofoam cooler. Attach casters to the bottom of your plywood box/cooler. You can paint your box in bright colors to match the chair cushions and other furnishings on your patio. Make sure your plywood box has a firmly fitting lid. You can add a soft cushion on top of it and even attach handles to its sides. This is a furniture piece that is both practical and decorative.

Try any of these DIY projects and give your backyard patio a whole new look! Thanks for reading! - Alan

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DIY Outdoor Furniture With Leftover Wood

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, May 12, 2015


'Enhance the Look of Your Gazebo or Patio with Wooden Outdoor Furniture'

When you think of outdoor furniture, you may picture a glass-topped patio table surrounded by plastic chairs and a couple of resin chaise lounges. Certainly, this is a comfortable patio setup for friends and family. But, how about doing something a little different this year? A collection of wooden outdoor furniture can make your patio area look all the more inviting. Furthermore, you can construct pieces of wooden outdoor furniture using leftover wood found on your property. This is a creative way to make good use of old wood that would otherwise be tossed out. Take a look at some ideas I found for imaginative pieces of wooden outdoor furniture.

A Unique Patio Table

Do you have any empty pallets in your storage shed, garage or barn? If you do, you have the raw materials for an appealing outdoor coffee table. This table can be made with two pallets of practically any size. The construction involves attaching two pallets together with small blocks of wood and putting sealant on the table to protect it from moisture. Make sure the pallet on the top has a relatively even surface that will support cups and plates. You can either set your pallet table on the ground or attach casters to it so you can move it around the patio area more easily.

A Table Made of Old Wine Crates

Old wooden wine crates can also be used to make a table. If you have an intimate backyard area, you may opt to make a table using two small wine crates. Alternatively, if you want a full size table you could use four large wine crates. I suggest that you put a coat of sealant on the wood to protect it from the spring and summer rains. Leave the names and illustrations of wine makers on the sides of the crates to add a little more interest to your creation.

A Pallet Loveseat for the Patio

A pallet loveseat is a fun idea if you don't want a full-sized sofa on your patio. Its arms, legs, and seat are fashioned out of scraps of wood, while the back of the loveseat is made out of a pallet. You may leave the seat uncovered or put some colorful cushions on it to make it all the more welcoming to guests. Be sure to invest in some sealant to protect the wood from moisture.

A Simple Chair for the Patio

This project is perfect if you're looking for a simple chair for your outdoor area. It has a camp chair design and you can add a small cushion to the seat to make it more comfortable. This wooden chair should be treated with water resistant sealant to preserve the wood.

Finally, all of these wooden furniture items need to be kept clean so they stay in good condition. Use a mixture of mild soap and warm water to remove dirt from your chairs and tables. Then, put your furniture out in the sun so it can dry completely. You may need to reapply water resistant sealant to your furniture if you see the wood start to fade or cracks begin to form. There are also protective fabric covers available that can extend the life of a piece of wooden outdoor furniture. Thanks for reading!  - Alan

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