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Preparing Your Garage for All Kinds of Stormy Weather

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Jul 25, 2014


Have your ever noticed lines of snow on your garage floor after a big snowstorm? Or maybe you've seen moisture on the floor near the base of your big garage door after a powerful thunderstorm. If you have, it means that your garage could use some weatherproofing. Luckily, there are some simple things that you can do to keep the snow and rain out of your garage when the weather turns bad.

Take a Close Look at Your Garage Windows

Rain and snow have a knack for finding their way into a garage through small gaps around the windows. One way to prevent this is to apply weather-stripping around your windows. This fills in any gaps that you can see as well as those you can't. Weather-stripping is available at any hardware store and even some grocery stores. Make sure that you purchase enough weather-stripping to cover the entire border of your window or windows.

Don't Forget the Side Door of Your Garage

If your garage has a side door that allows rain or snow to leak in, you may want to install a threshold seal. This seal is usually made of vinyl and attaches to the floor beneath the door instead of the door itself. Threshold seals can be trimmed to fit the area beneath your side garage door. The only drawback with a threshold seal is that you need to work a little harder to sweep dirt and other debris over it and out of your garage. If your side garage door has windows in its design, you can carefully install some weather-stripping around them to prevent any moisture from slipping in.

Inspect the Main Garage Door

Even the smallest of gaps beneath a main garage door can allow snow and rainwater to blow into the structure. If you have an old seal on your garage door, it may be damaged or worn out. You may want to purchase a new seal to put on the base of your garage door. Putting on a new seal is a relatively easy process, and, once again, a seal can be trimmed to fit your door. I suggest you ask someone to help with the task to make sure you correctly line up the seal on the base of the door. In addition, you can put new seals on the sides and top of your garage door. These serve as other lines of defense during snow and rainstorms.

Sealing the Shingles on a Roof

If you want to weatherproof your garage roof, you can put sealant on it to prevent leaks. A sealant can take the form of a spray that goes on top of the shingles. Be sure to check out the instructions on any roof sealant to see if you have the correct type. Also, if you want to take on this project, you should enlist another person to help you to make it as safe as possible.

Try a few of these suggestions and keep the elements outside your garage where they belong! Thanks for reading. - Alan

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19 Tools Every Man Should Have In His Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Dec 26, 2013

detached garage

'Fill Your Garage with Useful Tools'

I've seen firsthand how useful garage space can be. It's the go-to place for many of the items people use every day starting with the family car. I took some time to consider the most useful tools that a person can have in his garage. Here's what I came up with. Enjoy!

19 Tools Everyman Should Have in His Garage

  1. A Tape Measure . You can use a tape measure to measure everything from the walls of a room to a piece of wood needed for a project. The measuring tape slides back into the device making it compact and easy to store.
  2. A Flashlight . With a trusty flashlight on a shelf in the garage, you can have an immediate supply of light no matter what you're doing. A flashlight can help you see what's dripping beneath your car or find the creature that's making all those scratching noises beneath your front porch. It can also be the go-to light whenever the electricity goes off!
  3. A Screwdriver . A gathering of screwdrivers in the garage is a benefit whenever a small repair job comes up around the house. You may need a Philips head screwdriver to tighten a few screws on a door hinge or a flathead screwdriver to open the battery door on the back of a radio.
  4. A Utility Knife . This is a small metal knife with a blade that slides in and out of the device. It's helpful in cutting cardboard, rope and more.
  5. Pliers . A pair of pliers is used to grip an item such as a nail or screw. You may need a pair of pliers to pull a loose nail out of a wall or loosen a bolt.
  6. A Garden Shovel . A simple garden shovel with a wooden handle can take care of many minor digging tasks. You can use it to dig up a small root growing in your yard or dig holes to plant a gathering of flowers in the springtime.
  7. A Cordless Drill . This is one of the handiest tools on my list. Keep it charged up and it can greatly reduce the time you spend on simple jobs. Use a cordless drill to loosen and take out screws that are in door hinges, kitchen cabinet handles, phone jacks, etc.
  8. A Handsaw. You should have at least one small saw in the garage for a task that involves cutting wood. You may want to trim the length of a board for a project or take down a few low-hanging branches on a tree in your yard.
  9. A Collection of Nails . Nails come in all sizes. They are helpful when you want to hang a picture, secure a board that is coming loose on the porch or hang up a new tool rack in the garage!
  10. An Adjustable Wrench . This is a versatile tool that is tremendously helpful in tackling small household repairs. An adjustable wrench can be used to loosen the bolt on an outside spigot in order to fix a leak or tighten a bolt on a pipe underneath a bathroom sink.
  11. A Windshield Scraper . A windshield scraper is a plastic device with a thin edge used to remove ice from a car's windshield. Even if you don't get snow and ice where you live, you may get a layer of frost that needs to be removed from your windshield before it's safe to drive.
  12. A Portable Car Battery Charger . This device can charge a dead car battery. It's useful especially if there are no other cars around to jump a dead battery.
  13. A Ladder. You don't have to paint houses for a living to justify having a reliable aluminum step ladder. I've found that an eight foot ladder can be helpful when you want to change a light bulb located near the ceiling or check out the condition of your gutters.
  14. A Hammer. I've found that there always seems to be a stray nail around the house or on the property that needs to be pounded in. A claw hammer is handy to have in the garage whether you want to fix the leg on a kitchen chair, build a birdhouse or take care of some DIY jobs around the house.
  15. A Bubble Level. The bubble in this level helps you determine if an object is perfectly straight. It proves helpful whether you're building new kitchen cabinets or hanging a picture on the wall.
  16. A Pipe Snake. This is a winding metal cord that you can fit into a length of pipe. A pipe snake is effective at removing small clogs in the bathroom or kitchen sink.
  17. A Stud Finder. A small device used to find the studs in the beams within your walls. This is an invaluable tool whether you are putting up bookshelves, a safety gate for a baby or another item.
  18. A Rope. Rope is useful to keep on hand for all types of chores. For example, you can use it to secure the door of your car trunk if you're hauling an item that doesn't allow you to close the latch.
  19. WD-40. The old standby. It's a spray lubricant that is useful for so many projects that if I listed all of them here, I would run out of paper! Use it to quiet noisy door hinges, loosen a lock that sticks, wipe away crayon marks, remove scuff marks from floors…

I'm guessing that most of you already have a lot of these items in your garages; but, I hope I brought up a few new ideas. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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Be the Garage Sale Master with these 7 Tips for Success

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Nov 18, 2013

garage for sale for your car

"Get Rid of the Clutter and Get Your Car Back in the Garage Again"

A garage sale helps you to accomplish two things. First, you can get rid of items that are taking up your valuable garage storage space. Secondly, you have the chance to make a little bit of money on these items as they leave your home. In this week's blog, I want to share seven garage sale tips that can help make your sale day a success!

1. Employ Creative Garage Sale Advertising

When it comes to garage sales, the name of the game is attracting as much attention as possible. The more people you can attract to your garage sale, the better your chances are of selling your items. Consequently, one of the most important steps of garage sale preparation is advertising your sale. I suggest you go big and colorful on your garage sale advertising. Post your signs in places where many people travel. Make sure that all of your printing is clear and readable. Along with your address and the date of the sale, you may want to include a few of the highlights. An antique chair, a dog house, brand name children's clothing, toys and video games are all examples of items that grab people's attention. I recommend that you make your garage sale advertising unique and funny so it will make a lasting impression.

2. Pretend You Own a Store

Garage sale preparation can be more fun if you pretend like your garage storage space is a retail store. For instance, if you have lots of men's and women's clothing, put items in their own area of the garage. Also, arrange the items according to color. Put all of the red items together, all of the green ones together, etc. This makes for a neat and organized display. Create a special table for kid's toys, video games and books. You can even hang signs over each area so people will think they are shopping in a department store!

3. Highlight Your Most Appealing Items

If you have an item that will attract a lot of attention, put it in a prominent place. For instance, if you have an antique loveseat with a beautiful cushion, put it out where shoppers will see it right away. Attach a balloon or streamers to it if necessary. A person may stop at your sale to look at the loveseat, and then proceed to browse through your other items.

4. Price Everything in a Clear Way

One of the best garage sale tips I can give you is to make sure everything has a price tag. Now, just because there is a price on something doesn't mean a shopper won't try to bargain with you. I suggest you bargain with people unless you really believe the item is worth the price you put on it. Keep in mind your goal of reclaiming your storage space.

5. Make Up Some Fun Item Descriptions

I think that people like seeing creative signs on items in a garage sale. For example, if you have a huge fluffy Saint Bernard stuffed animal with sad eyes you can hang a sign on it that reads, 'Needs a new home. Doesn't eat much.' Or, if you have a collection of cookware for sale you could make a sign that reads, 'Cookware Perfect for the Queen of Cuisine!' Imaginative signs can get people to take a second look at your items and bring you a step closer to an uncluttered storage space.

6. Dress Up a Mannequin and Put It Out Front

If you have a lot of clothing in your sale, you may want to dress a mannequin in a stylish outfit and put him or her out front. This can get more attention for your sale and prompt people to pull in for a look. For additional effect, hang a sign around the mannequin's neck advertising any name brand clothing you have in your sale.

7. Have Refreshments and a Table for Little Kids

Refreshments such as lemonade, cookies and chips are a fun addition to a sale. You can even make a few more dollars by selling these to visitors. If it's a hot morning, you may consider having water available for free to keep people from leaving early because of the heat.

Oftentimes, moms bring their kids with them when they visit garage sales. I suggest putting up a kid's table with toys and puzzles on it that will entertain little ones. Keeping kids busy will give their moms more time to browse your sale.

I've gone ahead and compiled a few more resources for you on planning garage sales.

After your sale is over, I suggest that you give any unsold items to a local charity such as Goodwill. These leftover items may be of use to others and giving them away stops you from pushing them back into your garage. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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3 Quick Way to Get Your Car Back in the Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Dec 1, 2012

If your like many people you have everything in your garage except for you car.

There are several ways to resolve this situation.  I'm going to cover 3 different quick options for you which could help solve this problem.

3 different options to be able to put your car in the garage

  1. You could organize the items your storing in the garage which means you would most likely need to get rid of some things to be able to have enough room to store your car in the garage.
  2. You could buy a prefab shed for you backyard and put all of the items that are currently in the garage into the new shed so this would provide the extra space you where missing.
  3. Or you may want to go a different direction and keep the garage you have and use it more of a storage shed and buy a new prefab garage for your car or truck.

So a prefab shed or prefab garage is a quick way to get your car garage kept again.

prefab garage delivery

The sheds and garages at Alan's Factory Outlet are custom built to the size and specs you want with different siding options such as wood T1-11 garages and vinyl siding garages.  These garages are built by the Amish in the factory and delivered with a truck and a trailer as shown above.  The prefab garages can be constructed with or without a floor depending on what your looking for. 

Another garage available that is built on site and only comes without a floor are the metal garages.

Which ever way you decide to go you will want to make sure you have a level foundation for the garage.  Many people will go with a concrete slab if they are getting a garage that doesn't have a floor.  If you get a garage with a floor you may want to get a level gravel base.

If you have a need for a 2 car garage we have two different versions of 2 car garages.  The first are made in wood, vinyl and metal and are a single level 2 car garage.  The other is only made in wood and vinyl and are the 2 car 2 story garage which gives you a full 2nd level of storage space for those people who need lots of space fast.

Of course there are more than 3 solutions to any situation but these are 3 options that come to mind instantly.

In light of the Winter season approaching and with Christmas right around the corner it seems like the sheds and garages start to fill up fast as you try to get things out of the weather and protected sometimes the one thing left out in the cold are the cars and trucks.

It may be too late in the year to get your car back in the garage before the end of the year but it is never to early to start planning for those 2013 spring projects now.

It is important that you plan ahead and research exactly what is the best route to go.  Please keep in mind if you want to get a prefab shed or prefab garage there is a lead time which varys depending on the type of building you get.

Alan at Alan's Factory Outlet is here to help answer any questions you may have about how one of the prefab garages they have could be just what your looking for.

You can stop by and see Alan at Alan's Factory Outlet 643 West Main St. Luray, VA 22835 or call and talk to Alan at 540-743-1272 or a third way to reach out to Alan is by emailing him via the contact form.

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Protect Your Riding Mower with a Storage Shed or Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Apr 5, 2012

Spring season is here once again and the grass is really starting to take off.  Having a clean, dry place to store your riding mower and weed eater from the harsh winter weather will help you protect your investment and give you a piece of machinery that will last longer saving you money in the long run and help to keep your valuable items look new longer.  Even thou you don't have to worry about the snow in the spring and summer the rain over time can start to rust away the outside of the mower.

riding mower metal garage storage building

                       Alan's Factory Outlet Metal Garage

The metal garages are built without a floor and come in many different sizes and styles with several different size garage doors to fit just about anything inside of it.

Two other options of siding if you want a garage door would be the wood garage and vinyl garage which can be built with or without a floor depending on your circumstances.  The Amish built garages come with a single entry door and two windows and gable vents for ventilation.

If your looking for something a little smaller a wood storage shed or vinyl storage shed which comes with double doors instead of the garage door could be a good fit.

Alan's Factory Outlet is here to help you with your storage shed and garage needs, please keep in mind that we are now heading into the busy season so plan ahead and beat the spring rush.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter in this 2012 Year of our Lord.  May God Bless You and Your Family as we take time to reflect upon what matters most and what things we have to be Thankful for.  Thank You, Jesus

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One Car Garage with 3 Siding Options

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Mar 16, 2012

one car garage wood garages

                 One Car Garage, Wood Garages

1 car garage vinyl garages

                  1 Car Garage, Vinyl Garages

single car garage board batten garages

             Single Car Garage, Board Batten Garages

Alan's Factory Outlet one car garage is available in 3 siding options.  All three of the one car garages shown in each of the pictures is the barn roof.  An a-frame roof is also available if you prefer the gable roof over the 1 car garage barn style.

All of the wood, vinyl and board batten garages can be built with or without a floor.  They also have a 9'x7' insulated garage door, single 3' door and two windows with two gable vents for ventilation.

Wood One Car Garage

The wood one car garage comes with T1-11 siding which is painted with two coats of commercial grade paint and trim color can also be different with 15 paint colors to choose from.  The wood garages currently come in two different lines.  One is called the standard heavy duty and the other is the deluxe heavy duty.  The standard one comes with 25 year 3 tab shingles, 5 pressure treated 4"x4" runners and 2"x4" floor joists 12" on center with 3/4" Pressure Treated Floor.  The key difference is the deluxe comes with your choice of either a 30 year architectural shingle with felt paper or a metal roof and the floor joists are pressure treated on the deluxe line.

Vinyl 1 Car Garage

Alan's Factory Outlet Amish built vinyl garages have a 1/2" plywood interior and 4" dutch lap vinyl siding.  They come with your choice of a 30 year shingle roof or a metal roof.  The whole floor system is pressure treated or can be built without a floor to be placed on a cement slab.  The 3' single door on the vinyl one car garage is fiberglass unlike the wood 1 car garage which has a single wood door.

Board Batten Single Car Garage

The rustic look of the board batten garage starts with the 1" thick eastern white pine siding with board and batten strips.  An optional stain is available on the board batten single car garage.  The characteristic that really sets the board and batten one car garage apart from the vinyl and wood garages is the floor.  The floor starts out the same with five p.t. 4x4 runners but then it comes with 4"x4" pressure treated floor joists and as the floor you get a 2" thick by 6" tongue and groove plank floor, talk about strong.

This prefab garage is delivered fully assembled for an easy turn key portable garage that is ready for you to to start enjoying immediately.

The wood, vinyl and board batten 1 car garages are delivered for free in 21 local counties in Virginia and West Virginia.  If you need something a little bit bigger we also have a 2 car garage and a 2 story garage.  They are made in all three of the sidings you just saw on the 1 car garage.

Another type of garage that is only made without a floor and available for delivery in 27 states in the USA are the metal garages.  The metal garages are built on site in 1 day on most of the sizes.

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24x24 Wood Two Story Barn Garage Design

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Dec 13, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet Wood 24x24 Two Story Garage Design Video

                                               24x24 two story garage

The garage design of this two story garage is a barn roof.  An a-frame roof is also available.  The garages are built in a two story or a single level two car garage.  They can be made with or without a floor.  Garages can be designed in wood, vinyl and board batten siding. 

All of these garages are built by hand by the Amish.  The two story garage design is custom built to meet your needs.  You get to pick the siding, size, roof style, flooring options, door and window layout along with color options. 

two story garage design

Alan's Factory Outlet two story garage is designed with 8' of headroom on the first floor and 8' headroom on the 2nd floor.  The sidewalls are built the 2"x4" 16" on center.  The interior is all plywood construction.  The standard garage design has 2 9x7 insulated garage doors, 8 windows with shutters and a 9 lite single entry door.

Free delivery 21 local counties in Virginia on the two story garages.  Custom garage designs are delivered in all of Virginia.

Please share some of two story garage designs that you find most interesting.

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Metal Garage Price Compared to Metal Carport Price

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Nov 26, 2011

Metal Garage Price Compared to Metal Carport Price

metal carport priceThe carport price is going to be more economical when compared to the fully enclosed metal garage but the carport will only give you roof top coverage where the metal garage price is more due to the fact that that not only is the roof covered but both sides and both ends are covered with a garage door on one end.  If you don't need full protection from the sun and weather or theft than the carport would be the way to go but if you need total protection from the elements than investing a little more today can help save you money in the long run from the metal garage that will help protect your valuable items.

metal garage priceOne other option that some of our clients have done is go with a metal carport now to save money and down the road you can close the sides and ends and add a garage door later when the funds become available.  Two things to keep in mind if you want to go this route is you will need to make sure the leg height on the carport is tall enough for the garage door to fit later.  The regular style carports can be the same height as the garage door height while the 2 other styles boxed eave and vertical carport leg height will need to be one foot taller than the garage door height.  The carports and metal garage price includes free delivery and installation to 27 states in the USA.

Now to the metal garage price and the metal carport price.  For comparison purposes we will go with the smallest size carport and metal garage we have.  The metal carport price and metal garage price is the current price and subject to change without notice and prices may vary in certain locations due to construction specs required in some locations.

The metal carports and metal garages are built in many larger sizes of wider and longer metal buildings.

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How Much Does a Metal Garage Cost

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Nov 14, 2011

metal garage cost

How Much Does a Metal Garage Cost?

The metal garage cost all depends on the size, style and what kind of options such as windows, and doors will also be a factor in the final cost of the metal garage.  The two most popular metal garages are a 1 car metal garage and a 2 car metal garage and within those two criteria there are different widths and lengths to choose from depending on your needs.

The smallest size metal garage is a 12x21 size with the base dimension being exactly 12' wide by 20' long as there is a 6" overhang on the front and back ends.  The metal garage cost will then vary depending on the three styles.  The regular has a barn roof and is the most economical of the 3, followed by the boxed eave which has a gable a-frame roof and the vertical holds the honers of being both the strongest and the most costly metal garage of the three roof lines.  Vertical garages are built in a gable roof just like the gable but with the roof panels running up and down so snow will slide off.

Here is how much the 12x21 metal garage cost at Alan's Factory Outlet.  Please keep in mind the metal garage cost shown below is the current price as this article being published but subject to change without notice.

Metal Garage Cost

12x21 metal garage cost for a fully enclosed regular barn style with 1-9x8 size garage door:  $2470

12x21 metal garage cost for a fully enclosed boxed eave gable style with 1-9x8 size garage door:  $2645

12x21 metal garage cost for a fully enclosed vertical gable style with 1-9x8 size garage door:  $2945

Look here for a full list of Alan's Factory Outlet prices.

Alan's Factory Outlet metal garage cost includes delivery and installation to these states Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

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Detached Garage Buying Guide

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Oct 19, 2011

Prefab Detached Garage

detached prefab garage

Alan's Factory Outlet detached prefab garage is built in wood detached garages, vinyl detached garages and metal detached garages.

The wood and vinyl detached garage is built by the Amish and delivered fully assembled to your home.  The wood and vinyl prefab garage can be built with or without a floor.  The recommended base for the detached garage is either a gravel pad or a concrete slab. 

detached 2 car garage

The wood and vinyl detached garage comes in a one car garage and a detached 2 car garage.  There is also one more option for these garages and that is whether you want to go with a one story or a detached two story garages.  The two story buildings can be built in an a-frame or barn roof.

prefab 2 story garages

The metal garages are built on site and only come without a floor.  The metal building is built in three styles called regular style which is a barn roof and boxed eave and vertical.  The boxed eave and vertical both have the a-frame roof but the vertical is made with the roof sheeting up and down which helps the snow slide off. 

detached metal garages

One of the key advantages that the metal garages have is since they are built on site we can make it a lot taller with up to 12' legs and with a garage door up to 12x12 in size which gives you a garage door large enough for a motor home or tractor trailer.  The metal buildings are built in a 1 car and 2 car garage.

The wood and vinyl detached garages are delivered and installed in Virginia and West Virginia.

The metal garages are delivered and installed for free in 19 different states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

Alan's Factory Outlet wood, vinyl and metal detached garages are on display at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA 22835.

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