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How to Make a Summer Garden

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Jun 14, 2013

Hi, everyone! It's that time of year again to start a summer garden.  Many of you may have already planted your garden.  There are many different types of plant flowers as well as a summer vegetables you can put in the garden so the whole family can enjoy tomatoes, snap beans, cucumbers, and squash throughout the season. If you've never tried to plant a summer garden, I certainly recommend it. Working in the garden relieves stress and allows for some time alone for thoughts.  Another good thing a garden can do if you have children you can teach them a lot about life by using the garden as the teacher.  For example you plant the seed and water and wait and water some more than in the fall you reap the harvest.  This is just like it is in life.  Many things in life take time to yield fruit. Plus, you can save some money on the weekly grocery bill if you can grow some of your own vegetables. I'd like to share some of the details of gardening activities with you and pass along a few summer gardening tips as well.

Summer Garden Plants

You may want to pay a visit to the local farmer's market to check out the flowers and vegetables they have to offer.  Think about supporting the local farmers by considering their selection of flowers and plants before you go anywhere else. Many of them have some really appealing flowers including a gathering of sunflowers, daisies, and several containers of petunias in pink, red, purple, and white. In my search for summer gardening tips I found out that all of these plants need full sun in order to flourish. Make sure to clear the weeds out of a small area in the backyard, loosened the soil with a gardening fork, and then plant the petunias as well as the daisies. They will need plenty of water.

Amish built storage sheds

A good idea is to have a small storage shed in the middle of your backyard as a place to keep all of the gardening equipment.  Alan's Factory Outlet garden sheds are custom built in the size, style and painted to match your home.  They are made by the Amish and delivered fully assembled to your backyard.  If you don't have enough room to get a shed delivered we also have diy shed kits available.  You may even decide to decorate around the storage shed by planting sunflowers around it. First, put a layer of mulch down then do the planting work. Plant each flower an inch deep and space them six inches apart. A storage shed will give the sunflowers protection from any strong winds that crop up. It is never to late to make a backyard come to life.  A building in your backyard could be just want you need as a focal point to build around.

A Summer Vegetable Garden

For a summer vegetable garden chose a small area of ground. Once again, start by weeding then loosened the soil. After planting cucumbers, squash, snap beans, and tomatoes, make sure to give the new garden a generous amount of water. That's another one of the helpful summer gardening tips I learned. As long as it rains regularly, all of your plants should get an adequate amount of water. If you have a lot of different vegetables in your summertime garden, you can make labels for each type of vegetable. Attach each label to a short wooden post and stick it in the ground. That way, you'll be able to identify where each vegetable is in your garden. Within a couple of weeks you can already see little green tomatoes beginning to develop. You'll be so excited to see the late summer gardening efforts pay off.

Here is a website that can help you with your late summer gardening activities. Good luck! -Alan

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Prefab Sheds are great for all storage needs

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Jul 31, 2010

Sheds, Storage Sheds, Garden Sheds

Prefab Sheds are great for all types of storage needs.  These buildings can be used for Tool Sheds, Furniture Storage, Clothing/Toy Storage, File Storage and much more.

We offer a variety of styles and many colors are available.  All Sheds come as complete structures - "turn key".  The inside is roughed in as shown in the picture below.  Storage Sheds are standard with all plywood interior, 2x4's 16" on center on the ceiling, walls and floor.  The plywood floor is 5/8".  Many options are available.

Prefab Sheds, Sheds, Storage Sheds

Topics: Storage Sheds, Sheds, Garden Sheds, Prefab Sheds

Do you want a Shed with a little pizazz?

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Mar 24, 2010

 Garden Sheds, Sheds, Storage Sheds, Storage Building, Dormer Shed

Take any Shed and add some charm and style with an eye-catching dormer, octagon window or steel door with arched glass.  The picture shown is a Garden Shed with the following options:

  • One Dormer
  • One Octagon Window
  • One Steel Door with arched glass
The Garden Sheds come standard with two windows with shutters,  double doors and gable vents.
 Garden Shed, Dormer Sheds, Sheds,  Garden Sheds, A-Frame Sheds
Enhance the inside with custom work benches or add space saving lofts for overhead storage.   

Buildings at Alan's Factory Outlet come standard with all plywood interior and 2x4's 16" on center.

Garden Sheds are also available in maintenance free Vinyl Storage Sheds.

Topics: Storage Sheds, Dormer Sheds, Shed, Building, Garden Shed, Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds Can Help You Protect Your Valuables

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Dec 24, 2009

Garden Sheds, Garden ShedGarden Sheds give you a great place to store your Garden Tractor, Lawn Equipment and supplies.  Garden Sheds provide protection for your items from the Rain, Ice, Snow, Wind and powerful sun rays.  Keeping your equipment out of the weather elements will help your items last longer and prevent against metal rusting and tires rotting.  Garden Sheds also give you a place to put your gas cans.

Garden Sheds can also help protect your valuables from Theft.  Each Garden Shed comes with a Lock and two keys.  Garden Sheds come in many different sizes and styles.  You get to pick the Door and Window layout to best serve Your Needs.  Garden Sheds come in either Double Doors or Garage Doors.  Garden Sheds come standard with a Floor and a Pressure Treated 4"x4" Runner Base.  A reinforced floor is available and standard on all Garage Packages.  All floors are approximately 7" off the ground for airflow under the shed.  Pressure Treated Ramps are a nice option so you can drive your Garden Tractor in the Shed.

Garden Sheds come in Wood siding with 15 different paint color options and Shingle Colors to match your home.  Vinyl Garden Sheds are also available to give you a building you'll never have to paint.  Garden Sheds are portable so if you ever move you can take if with you or leave it to increase your homes value.  Garden Sheds are a convenient way to protect your items right in your own backyard.  Alan's Factory Outlet Garden Sheds are built like a house and made to last a lifetime.

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