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Horse Barns

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Jan 30, 2010

Horse BarnsAlan's Factory Outlet Amish Built Horse Barns come in many different sizes.  Horse Barns are available in 1 Stall Horse Barns, 2 Stall Horse Barns, 3 Stall Horse Barns and 4 Stall Horse Barns.  Prefab Horse Barns are all portable with 4 heavy duty corner tow hooks.  Horse Barns are delivered fully assembled for you to begin using immediately.  Wooden Horse Barns are made with 1" thick Board & Batten Eastern White Pine Siding.  Prefab Horse Barns are built with Oak Framing.

Modular Wooden Horse Barn Standard Features

  • Metal Roof with Insulation to help keep your Horses Cooler
  • 4"x7" Dutch Door with Powder Coated Steel Chew Guards on the top of Stall Doors
  • 4' High Oak Kickboard with Steel Chew Guard
  • Partition w/Divider Grill
  • Window with Powder Coated Steel Grill
  • 20" Heavy Duty Powder Coated Spear Hinges
  • Powder Coated Door Latches  

Horse Barns have a Pressure Treated 6"x6" Foundation Base. A level area is recommended for all Horse Barns so the Dutch Doors Open and Close properly.

Run in Sheds can be added to the Horse Barns giving your Horses a place to freely roam in and out of.

A Tack Room can be added to your Horse Barn.  Tack Rooms come with 1-3'x7' Entry Door, 1-Window, 1-2' Inside Door going from the feed room to the horse stall.  This 2' Door gives you the freedom to go between the Tack and Stall without having to go outside the Horse Barn.  Tack Rooms have a 2"x8" Tongue & Groove Plank Floor.

There are several options you can get on your Horse Barn.  A Stain can be put on the Horse Barns.  Extra Windows, Gable Vents & a Ridge Vent can be added to give your Horse Barn additional ventilation.

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Horse Barns, Horse Stalls & Run in Sheds for Your Horses

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Jan 11, 2010

Horse Run in Sheds, Run in ShedDeciding what kind of Horse Barns or Run in Sheds you want for your Horse(s) is an important decision.  If you want a place for your Horse(s) to have a Horse Shelter but want them to roam in and out of the Shelter Freely then a Horse Run in Shed is the way to go.  If you want to be able to secure the Horse at night in a Horse Stall then you will want a Horse Barn. On both the Run in Sheds and Horse Barns you can add a Tack Room for storage of Feed and equipment.  The Tack Room comes with a Floor to help keep your supplies dry.  Each Tack Room also has a window, 3' Entry door and a 2' Interior access door is standard with all Tack Rooms.  The Interior Door is really convenient for feeding and taking care of your Horse without having to exit the Tack Room.

Horse Barns and Run in Sheds come with Board & Batten Eastern Pine Siding.  You may want to stain your Horse Building every couple of years to help preserve it.  An optional Stain can be put on the Horse Stable and Horse Shelters.  All of the Alan's Factory Outlet Horse Barns and Run in Sheds come with a Metal Roof.  All Horse Stalls come with an Insulated Roof Under the Metal Roof to help keep your Horses cooler in the summer.  An Oak kick board is standard on all Horse Buildings.  All Horse Structures have an Oak Framing. 

You can also combine a Horse Stall with a Run in Shed and Tack Room.  All Amish Built Horse Structures are custom built in the size and style that best suits you.  Horse Buildings are Portable and come with 4 heavy duty tow hooks.  Horse Barns are also available in 2 Story Horse Barns.

Horse Barns, Horse Stalls, Horse Stables, Amish Horse Barns, Virginia, VA            

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