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Horse Shed Shelters and Horse Stalls

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Feb 10, 2013

Horse Stalls and Horse Sheds

12x24 horse shed shelter

Buying a horse run in shed shelter or horse stall barn for you horse is an important investment for your horse or horses.  Alan's Factory Outlet horse shed is made portable and delivered to your field fully assembled in a modular structure ready for your horse to start enjoying instantly.  This is a smart way to go if you may need to relocate the horse building as they can be dragged with 4 heavy duty tow hooks one in each corner of the horse shed.  The outside of each horse shed is made with 1" thick eastern white pine board and batten siding.  There is an option to get it stained or you could stain it yourself whichever way you prefer.  They are all oak framed with a 4' high oak kick board to withstand the horse kicks. 

Two choices you will need to decide is what size of a horse building you will need.  There are many different sizes horse sheds for a small or large size 1, 2, 3 and 4 horses.  Of course if you have more than 4 horses no problem we can just delivery a second or third building right away or at a later date.

The other factor is if you want to go with the horse run in shed shelter which allows for the horse to freely roam inside and outside of the protection of the shed.  Or you may want to get it made as a horse stall barn which comes with 4' dutch door which you can open all of the way, just open the top half for air flow or fully close it.

One other option which you can add to either the run in sheds or horse stalls and that is a tack room.  Keep in mind you can even could also just add a run in shed and horse stall or you could get a combination of all three.  The tack room can go on one end or in the middle you get to pick the layout of the shed row horse barn.

The horse shed comes with a framed out opening or two depending on the size.  The horse stalls along with the dutch door comes with a window with a metal grill.  The stalls also have a chew guard along the top of the 4' high oak kick board and on the door where the horse could chew if left unprotected.  The horse shed shelters are built with a metal roof and on the stall barns since they don't get as much air flow the metal roof is insulated.

Things to keep in mind when buying a horse shed or horse stalls

  • Since the horse sheds are custom built by the Amish you will want to plan ahead and order the horse building a month or two before you need it to insure that you will have your horses covered.
  • Make sure your gate is at least 2' wider then the width of the horse barn so that there is enough room for the truck and trailer that delivers the horse shed to get into the field and place the structure in the desired location.
  • Once you figure out exactly where you want the horse shed you will want to make sure it is level, this is really important if you get a tack room with a single door or horse stalls with the dutch door because a few inches of of level could mean the doors rub and don't operate properly.
  • The last thing you will want to decide is how the horse building will be loaded on the trailer.  If the opening or doors need to be on the driver side or passenger side.  It slides off of the rear of the trailer so you want to make sure when it slides off the door or opening is facing the correct way.

Want to get an idea on the cost of the horse buildings.  Here are Alan's Factory Outlet horse shelter prices and the horse stall barn prices.

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Horse Barns, Horse Stalls & Run in Sheds for Your Horses

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Jan 11, 2010

Horse Run in Sheds, Run in ShedDeciding what kind of Horse Barns or Run in Sheds you want for your Horse(s) is an important decision.  If you want a place for your Horse(s) to have a Horse Shelter but want them to roam in and out of the Shelter Freely then a Horse Run in Shed is the way to go.  If you want to be able to secure the Horse at night in a Horse Stall then you will want a Horse Barn. On both the Run in Sheds and Horse Barns you can add a Tack Room for storage of Feed and equipment.  The Tack Room comes with a Floor to help keep your supplies dry.  Each Tack Room also has a window, 3' Entry door and a 2' Interior access door is standard with all Tack Rooms.  The Interior Door is really convenient for feeding and taking care of your Horse without having to exit the Tack Room.

Horse Barns and Run in Sheds come with Board & Batten Eastern Pine Siding.  You may want to stain your Horse Building every couple of years to help preserve it.  An optional Stain can be put on the Horse Stable and Horse Shelters.  All of the Alan's Factory Outlet Horse Barns and Run in Sheds come with a Metal Roof.  All Horse Stalls come with an Insulated Roof Under the Metal Roof to help keep your Horses cooler in the summer.  An Oak kick board is standard on all Horse Buildings.  All Horse Structures have an Oak Framing. 

You can also combine a Horse Stall with a Run in Shed and Tack Room.  All Amish Built Horse Structures are custom built in the size and style that best suits you.  Horse Buildings are Portable and come with 4 heavy duty tow hooks.  Horse Barns are also available in 2 Story Horse Barns.

Horse Barns, Horse Stalls, Horse Stables, Amish Horse Barns, Virginia, VA            

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