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Steel Buildings & Metal Barns

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Feb 1, 2010

Steel Buildings Alan's Factory Outlet Steel Buildings are available in many different sizes and styles.  Steel Buildings with a lean-to are called Metal Barns or Steel Barns with a lean-to.  The Steel Building shown in the picture to the left is an A-Frame 20'x21'x12' Center Steel Building with with 12'x21'x8' lean to's on each side.  Steel Buildings are available fully enclosed as in this picture or you could partially enclose it or use it as a Metal Carport Cover like the picture below.  

Steel Buildings, Metal Barns 

The Steel Building above is a 18'x21'x12' A-Frame Center Building with a 12'x21'x7' Lean-to on each side with 6-Gable Ends and two extra 21' panels and 2 sides closed.

Alan's Factory Outlet Metal Barns are also available in the Barn Style Roof like the picture below.


Steel Buildings, Steel Barns

The above Metal Barn is a 18'x21'x9' Regular Center Building with two 12'x21'x6' lean to's with 4-Vertical Ends Closed, 2 Sides Closed and 2 Vertical Gable Ends.

Steel Buildings and Metal Barns are built on site.  We recommend a level area for these Buildings.  Free Delivery and Set-up is included on these Steel Buildings.  There are many options available on these Barns such as Windows, Entry Doors, Garage Doors up to 10'x10', fully braced, Mobile Home Anchors, Certified Buildings and 12 gauge tubing.

Many other Metal Structures are available such a Metal Carports and Metal Garages.

Please feel free to add a comment about these Steel Buildings and Metal Barns.

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