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Ultimate Guide for Buying a Metal Building

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Nov 19, 2012

Ultimate Guide of Metal Buildings For Sale

When your looking to buy a metal building what are some of your options and where do you start first?

Probably the easiest place to begin is what type of metal building are you looking for. 

The 2 different categories of metal buildings for sale are metal carports and metal garages.

buying a metal building

The metal carports come with only a roof top shelter and are more economical than a fully enclosed metal building.  The metal carports are a popular option if you don't need 100% protection but are looking for closer to 90% protection from the elements.  This is a route that many will go with to protect their motor home as its makes a really nice rv carport cover.

If you go with a carport you will than need to decide on which of the 3 different roof lines will work best for you.  The 3 different roof lines are regular carports, boxed eave carports and vertical roof carports

The regular carport is has a rounded roof line and is barn shaped.  Of the three style of carports at Alan's Factory Outlet the regular style is the most economical carport option.

The boxed eave style has an a-frame gable roof and the vertical roof looks just like the boxed eave carport with one major difference which makes the vertical roof carport the strongest but at the same time the most costly of the three.  This difference is that the roof sheeting on the vertical carport goes up and down.  This means the snow and rain will easily slide off of the roof but the only way we can achieve this is to put cross bracing under the roof to attached the sheeting to so this is the main main reason that the vertical style is the strongest.  If you live in an area of the country that receives lots of snow than I would recommend investing a little extra money into a vertical style carport.

Once you decide on the style of the steel carport you will want to figure out what size to go with.  The size width run from 12', 18', 20', 22' and 24' wide and start out in length at 21' long and go in 5' increments for 21', 26', 31', 36' and 41'.  They can be make longer by adding to carports end to end.  If you go with a carport 41' or longer we strongly recommend opting for the vertical style because the longest panels we have is 36' long and since the vertical roof is up and down you don't have to worry about leaking issues which would be a factor in the 41' and longer carports since we would have to overlap to 21' long panels which would cause some leaking issues.

You will get to pick the leg height and you can also partially enclose the carport if you want.

We do have triple wide carports that are 26', 28' and 30' wide.  They have to be built a lot stronger due to the span of the width.

Options to Decide on the Metal Buildings For Sale

  • One car metal garage or single wide metal carport
  • Two car metal garage or double wide metal carport
  • 14 GA or 12 GA
  • Open, partially enclosed, fully enclosed
  • Taller legs
  • Uncertified or certified
  • Mobile home anchors
  • Entry door or windows

If need a metal garage that is fully enclosed that you would basically use the above approach to buy the carport except you'll have a few more options like what size garage door and you will have the option of a walk in door and window.

The steel garages come in the same 3 different roof lines as the steel carports:  regular style metal garages, boxed eave metal garages and vertical roof metal garages.

The metal buildings come in your choice of 13 different colors.  You get to choose the roof color, trim color and if it has sides the side color.  You can look at the interactive metal building colors to get a feel for the available colors.

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Metal Garage Workshop

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Dec 29, 2011

"The Metal Garage Workshop is Installed on the Same Day it is Delivered"

This means no long drawn out building process that takes weeks or months once construction on the garage starts and until it is finally finished.  Not to mention the money you will save by going with an instant metal garage workshop at Alan's Factory Outlet.

metal garage workshop

                        Metal Garage Workshop

Buying a metal garage workshop is fast and easy for you.  Here are 3 questions you will want to ask yourself.

  1. What kind of items do you plan on having in the metal building.  This will help you decide what size will work best for you.  Not only will you want to have the width and length decided but also how tall will the leg height need to be along with the garage door size.  A good starting point is if you currently have a building you can measure it and than calculate how much more space you will need to meet your needs.
  2. Once you have figured out the size you need than you will want to move onto the style metal garage.  The three styles of metal garage workshop to choose from are regular garage, boxed eave garage and vertical roof building.
  3. The final decisions are what color you want.  There are 13 different colors to pick from on the metal garages.  You may also want to get additional options such as windows, single walk in doors, an extra garage door or reinforce the strength of the garage by making it fully braced or with a thicker 12 gauge tubing which gives you a 20 year rust through warranty.  A certified package is another option you may want depending if the location the building is going requires blue print drawings.     

Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment about the metal garage workshop at Alan's Factory Outlet.

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Metal Storage Buildings

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Oct 27, 2011

metal storage buildings

Metal Storage Buildings

The metal storage buildings are built many different ways to give you a metal building that will help accommodate your needs.  This picture is showing a vertical style metal storage building built with optional vertical sides, two windows and a 36" walk in door.  The other options on this building is a trim package which closes the gable and the corners of the ends.  There are also two garage door size frame outs on each side which works to turn half of the storage building into a metal shed and the other half as a porch area.

Metal storage buildings can be built totally enclosed with a garage door and turned into one of the metal garages which can be used for all kinds of purposes such as a storage building, car garage, workshop, hobby room, office, pool room, mechanic shop or a place for your band to play.

The metal storage buildings can be built with the with the front end open or both ends open with just the sides closed or they can be built just with the roof.  The metal carports are an economical way to help protect your automobile and other valuable items from the weather, hail or falling branches.  A carport will also help protect your vehicle exterior and the interior by helping to block the sun rays.


Alan's Factory Outlet metal storage buildings are delivered to over a third of the the nation in the United States of America to 19 different states.

Alan's Factory Outlet display area of metal buildings is located at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA 22835.

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Vertical Triple Wide Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Mar 1, 2011

Vertical Triple Wide Carports Metal CarportsDo you need more space for your equipment?  Have you considered a Triple Wide Carport for a convenient space to shelter your equipment from the weather? 

Vertical Triple Wide Carports come in many sizes and a variety of colors. 

One of the benefits to a Vertical Carport is that the snow more easily slides off the roof and offers you piece of mind during the winter snow storms.  The Triple Wide Carports also come fully braced and with mobile home anchors for maximum support against winds.

If you are interested in a Metal Building please click the link below to see if we service your area:

Steel Buildings

If you are in the following states:  IN, OH, PA, MD, DE, NJ, NY or DC, please contact us for pricing.

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