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Rain or Shine: All-Season Storage Solutions

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Sep 7, 2013

vertical metal roof carports

A Durable Metal Vertical Carport

Throughout my years in the business of offering dependable storage solutions, I've learned that people have a variety of storage needs. Some people have classic cars that they want to keep in the best possible condition for shows, parades and exhibitions. Other people have a valuable collection of garden tools and equipment that they want to keep away from the elements. Regardless of whether it's an RV or a sturdy snow shovel, people want to protect their possessions so they can get the greatest amount of use out of them. They need dependable storage for their items regardless of the weather conditions. I'm sure that you have some items that you want to protect and keep for as long as possible, too. In today's blog, I'd like to relate some of the main benefits of a few of the storage solutions you'll find in the selection at Alan's Outlet.

Metal Carports

A metal carport is a solution for anyone who lives in a home without a garage. A carport doesn't take up much space on a piece of property. Plus, it does the job of protecting your car, truck or other vehicle from rain, snow and hail as well as the harsh rays of the sun. Furthermore, there are various options when it comes to the roof of a metal carport. For instance, the vertical roof style allows snow and other debris to slide right off the side instead of piling up. You can choose a roof style that meets both your practical needs and your visual preferences. We also have portable carports made of steel that can be moved around your property when the need arises.

Wood Garages

A wood garage offers your vehicle and other items an extra element of protection from weather conditions as compared to a carport. Wooden garages are available in many sizes to accommodate your needs. Perhaps you're looking for storage suitable for a car and a riding lawnmower. There are wooden garages that can house both vehicles with plenty of room to spare. Or, you may have just one car that you want to protect. We have single car garages in our selection that will 'fit the bill'! Wood garages protect vehicles and more from storms, hail damage, heavy winds, and snow.

Storage Sheds

A storage shed is perfect for anyone with a gathering of garden tools and no garage to put them in. You may get a storage shed to house all of your gardening equipment including a wheelbarrow and garden hose. By putting them in an organized storage shed, you are keeping metal tools dry and free of rust. Most importantly, when you are in the middle of a gardening project you'll be able to find what you need to finish the job!

A storage shed is a great place to work in whether the sun is out or it is pouring rain. You can set up a workbench and perform small repairs on household items. You may want to spend your time in the storage shed repairing bicycles or building new kitchen cabinets. A storage shed has a quiet environment that is ideal for pursuing a hands-on hobby.

I hope these storage solutions have given you some ideas on how to best care for your valuable items. Thanks for reading! Alan

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Ultimate Guide for Buying a Metal Building

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Nov 19, 2012

Ultimate Guide of Metal Buildings For Sale

When your looking to buy a metal building what are some of your options and where do you start first?

Probably the easiest place to begin is what type of metal building are you looking for. 

The 2 different categories of metal buildings for sale are metal carports and metal garages.

buying a metal building

The metal carports come with only a roof top shelter and are more economical than a fully enclosed metal building.  The metal carports are a popular option if you don't need 100% protection but are looking for closer to 90% protection from the elements.  This is a route that many will go with to protect their motor home as its makes a really nice rv carport cover.

If you go with a carport you will than need to decide on which of the 3 different roof lines will work best for you.  The 3 different roof lines are regular carports, boxed eave carports and vertical roof carports

The regular carport is has a rounded roof line and is barn shaped.  Of the three style of carports at Alan's Factory Outlet the regular style is the most economical carport option.

The boxed eave style has an a-frame gable roof and the vertical roof looks just like the boxed eave carport with one major difference which makes the vertical roof carport the strongest but at the same time the most costly of the three.  This difference is that the roof sheeting on the vertical carport goes up and down.  This means the snow and rain will easily slide off of the roof but the only way we can achieve this is to put cross bracing under the roof to attached the sheeting to so this is the main main reason that the vertical style is the strongest.  If you live in an area of the country that receives lots of snow than I would recommend investing a little extra money into a vertical style carport.

Once you decide on the style of the steel carport you will want to figure out what size to go with.  The size width run from 12', 18', 20', 22' and 24' wide and start out in length at 21' long and go in 5' increments for 21', 26', 31', 36' and 41'.  They can be make longer by adding to carports end to end.  If you go with a carport 41' or longer we strongly recommend opting for the vertical style because the longest panels we have is 36' long and since the vertical roof is up and down you don't have to worry about leaking issues which would be a factor in the 41' and longer carports since we would have to overlap to 21' long panels which would cause some leaking issues.

You will get to pick the leg height and you can also partially enclose the carport if you want.

We do have triple wide carports that are 26', 28' and 30' wide.  They have to be built a lot stronger due to the span of the width.

Options to Decide on the Metal Buildings For Sale

  • One car metal garage or single wide metal carport
  • Two car metal garage or double wide metal carport
  • 14 GA or 12 GA
  • Open, partially enclosed, fully enclosed
  • Taller legs
  • Uncertified or certified
  • Mobile home anchors
  • Entry door or windows

If need a metal garage that is fully enclosed that you would basically use the above approach to buy the carport except you'll have a few more options like what size garage door and you will have the option of a walk in door and window.

The steel garages come in the same 3 different roof lines as the steel carports:  regular style metal garages, boxed eave metal garages and vertical roof metal garages.

The metal buildings come in your choice of 13 different colors.  You get to choose the roof color, trim color and if it has sides the side color.  You can look at the interactive metal building colors to get a feel for the available colors.

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Prefabricated Metal Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Apr 28, 2012

prefabricated metal carport alans factory outlet

                    Alan's Factory Outlet Prefabricated Metal Carports

Prefab Metal Carports

The style of this metal carport is vertical, allowing for snow to easily slide off of it. The only way to attach the roof panels like this is to add cross braces under the roof allowing for attachment for the panels. These braces make the vertical metal carport the strongest of the prefab metal carports available at Alan's Factory Outlet. At the same time, due to the additional labor and materials, it does cost a little more than the other two styles available. Here are the prefabricated metal carport prices.

If you plan on putting gutters on the carport, the vertical style is the way to go since the rain will slide from side to side instead of end to end. When you want prefab carports to protect your vehicles, purchase a product that you can trust; at Alan's Factory Outlet we have prefabricated carports that can withstand the weather and protect your vehicles from further damage. You can look at all of our options online.

Configuring your prefabricated metal carport

What size (width and length) will work best to provide the coverage for the items you plan on parking underneath the carport? This will help you figure out the size width and length of the carport. The prefabricated metal carports come in 12', 18', 20', 22', and 24' wide and the lengths start at 21' long and go in 5' increments longer. For example, 26', 31', 36' and 41' with no limit on the length of the carport as it is just a matter of connecting 2 carports end to end. Please keep in mind that anything 36' or longer we recommend going with the vertical style carport because the longest sheeting available is 36' long. If we overlap the sheets this can create an area for leakage or a weak spot on the carport more prone to collapse. The vertical sections are best due to the roof panels being all vertical and going longer than 36' long will not weaken the metal carport. Our prefab carports allow you the flexibility to create a carport that will cover your basic needs whether you are protecting farm equipment, a boat, your RV or a car. We have many different sizes and styles for sale.

What will be the tallest item you think you will ever want to have under it? This will help you determine the leg height you need to order.

You will then decide if you want the carport all open or partially enclosed like the picture of the above carport with just one side closed, both sides closed or you can fully enclose it and turn it into one of the prefab metal garages. We offer all options on our prefabricated carports.

Alan's Factory Outlet prefab metal carports and metal garages are delivered and installed in 27 states in the USA. We can help you save money when you buy from us.

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20x21 Carport, Prefab Metal Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Oct 16, 2011

20x21 carport prefab carports

Prefab 20x21 Carport Kits

If you think prefab carport kits are only useful to store your vehicle, think again. This 20x21 prefab carport was used as a go cart shelter. Prefab carports can be the solution to protect all kinds of items you want to last longer. Whether you're looking for an out of the way place to store your lawn equipment, sports gear, boat, or anything else that needs place of its own at your home, a prefab carport is the answer. Save time from constantly having to clear snow, dust, and dirt off your belongings by storing them under a sheltered area. This 20x21 prefab carport was built in the boxed eave style carport. It is fully braced with one of the sides closed for additional protection.

Order the 20x21 Carport for delivery and setup in 19 different states in the USA. The 19 states prefab carports are for sale include: AL, AR, FL, GA, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, NE, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA and WV. The prefab metal carports come in many different styles and sizes. Here are the metal carport prices and sizes showing all the sizes available. The carports can be built smaller or larger than the prefab 20x21 carport. Simply let us know what you're looking for and we will help you find the perfect prefab carport to fit your needs.

Maybe you're looking to buy rv carport covers for your motor home. If you want to shield your RV from the rain, snow, dirt, and all the other elements of the great outdoors, prefab carport kits serve as great protection. The prefab carports can be made with up to 12' legs which is the side height which gives you even more room for the air conditioner on the RV roof.

The 20x21 carport can also be partially closed, as shown above, or fully enclosed, turning the structures into metal prefab garages with a garage door. Windows and walk-in doors are other purchase options on the metal garages.

Check out our online inventory or visit Alan's Factory Outlet at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA 22835, to see our display area of the metal buildings.

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Metal Carports Are Not Just For Cars

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Jul 14, 2011

metal carportsMetal Carports are not just for cars.  The metal carports also make a great picnic shelter.  Put a grill under it and you have a shaded place for family and friends to gather and catch up new events in their life and make some new memories.  Carports also provide a shelter that will keep everyone dry from an evening shower.

The metal carport shown in this picture is a 24x31 metal carport.  Carports come standard with 2' center braces and 4' corner braces.  This carport has options 4' braces for additional wind and snow strength.  The 24x31 carports have 7 tubing bows which are 5' on center.  The tubing is 2 1/2" square tubing which is 14 ga.  A thicker 12 ga 2 1/4" tubing is also available as an upgrade.  This 12 ga tubing comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.

Another idea is to use the metal carport during the warm summer months as a picnic shelter and during the winter snowy months you could use the carport to protect your car from getting snow and ice on it.  This will save you time and energy in the morning as you won't have to shovel or scrap the snow and ice off your car or cars.  

There are many other sizes smaller and larger than the 24x31 carport size.

Metal garages are also available if you need a fully enclosed carport.

Feel free to share some of the ways you utilize your metal carport.

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Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, May 15, 2011



Carports are the perfect place to protect your truck or car.

Carports are built in several different sizes and styles.  The carport in this picture is a boxed eave style carport.  The metal carports can be left open and used as a shelter, fully close it and you have one of the metal garages or like this carport you have the best of both worlds. 

Carports Garages

A carport shelter area where the vehicle goes and then a garage storage in the back to secure items that need to be locked up or require 100% protection from the weather elements.

The garage door size on enclosed garage section in this picture is 6x6 which is the smallest size garage door we offer.  Another option would be to go with a taller leg height carport and then you would be able to go with a 9x8 size garage door.  Or if you will only be storing items that need to fit through a 36" door than the 36" walk in door may be they way to go. 

Carports length go every 5' in length increments.  This metal carport is 26' long so that leaves you with 5' of storage space.  The next size longer is 31' long which would give you 10' of garage storage space if you kept the carport portion the same.

Alan's Factory Outlet carports garages may just what you've been looking for a carport and a garage in one convenient building.

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Carolina Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, May 14, 2011

Carolina Carports

carolina carports

Carolina Carports metal carports are built in three different styles of carports and metal garages as shown in this picture.

Carolina Carports 3 Roof Styles

  1. Regular roof style carolina carports start out in the 12x21 size.  The base width is exactly 12' wide and the base length is 20' long.  It is called 21' long because the 6" front roof overhang and 6" back end overhang is counted in the overall dimensions.  The regular style metal carports are built with a traditional barn roof.  The regular carport is the most economical of the three carport styles.  Here are the carport prices.
  2. The middle style shown in this picture is the boxed eave metal carport.  The boxed eave carolina carports are built in an a-frame roof which is nice if the carport is right beside your home as most homes have an a-frame roof so the carport may go with the architect of your home better.  These carports also have the 6" roof overhang however when you get a boxed eave carport you get a 6" overhang on both sides.  As far as the price point goes these metal carports are the middle road on price.  They are a little bit more than the regular style carports but less than the next style we are getting ready to cover.
  3. The third carolina carports style is the vertical roof carport.  This carport looks just like the boxed eave carport as both are built in an a-frame roof and have a 6" overhang all the way around it.  The big difference is the roof is built with the ribs running side to side which allows the rain and snow to slide off it where on the other two style carports the sheeting ribs run lengthwise which causes the snow to stay on their roof.  In order to put the roof on this way on the vertical carports we have to place metal cross braces to attach the sheeting.  These extra metal braces along with the fact that the snow will slide of the roof make this the strongest of the three carolina carports.  The downside for those advantages in strength is the vertical carports are the most expensive of the three carport styles.  Vertical carports can be fully enclosed to make a metal garage.  Take a look at the metal garage prices

All of the carolina carports are built with 14 gauge tubing and 29 gauge sheeting.  Many options are available such as 12 gauge tubing which comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.  All carports come standard with center and corner braces.  Carolina carports are anchored to the ground, cement or asphalt with rebar or cement anchors for free.  Mobile home anchors for additional wind protection and fully braced carports are a couple of other options you may want to consider.

Carolina carports also has have many other sizes of steel buildings such as triple wide carports and lean to carports.

Alan's Factory Outlet carports and metal garages are delivered and setup for free to 18 different states.

Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment about the carports.

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Boxed Eave Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Mar 8, 2011

Carports A Frame Boxed EaveBoxed Eave Carports come is a variety of sizes and 13 different color options.  You can custom build your carport piece by piece and even build yourself a garage.

We would be glad to price a Metal Carport or Metal Garage for you.  We need to know what style and size (WxLxH) carport you are looking for.  Do you want the sides or ends closed?  Do you want garage doors, windows or walk-in man doors?

Topics: carports, metal carports, Boxed Eave Carports, metal garage

18x21 Carport

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Feb 7, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet 18x21 Carport are delivered with free delivery and setup to 18 different states.  Here are the states with free delivery and setup Carports AL, Carports AR, Carports GA, Carports IL, Carports IA, Carports KS, Carports KY, Carports LA, Carports MS, Carports MO, Carports NE, Carports NC, Carports OK, Carports SC, Carports TN, Carports TX, Carports VA and Carports WV.

The 18x21 metal carport are built in three different roof styles.  The regular style carport, boxed eave carport and the vertical carport.  The regular style carport has a barn shape roof.  Both the boxed eave and vertical style carports have an a-frame roof with the only difference between the boxed eave and vertical is on the vertical carport the roof sheeting is vertical meaning it goes up and down allowing snow to slide off.  On the regular style and boxed eave carports the roof sheeting is horizontal meaning it goes the length wise.

18x21 carport18x21 Carport and 18x21 Metal Garage

Steel Buildings are also built in many other sizes of carports and garages.

Topics: carports, metal carports, 18x21 carport, 18x21 metal carport, Carport

Regular Style Metal Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet regular style Metal Carports.  The regular style carports have a barn shaped roof line.  These are the most economical of the carport styles.  All carports come standard with center snow braces and 4 corner wind braces.  Additional braces are optional to make your carport fully braced.

12x21 Metal Carports, Steel Carports5' leg height is standard on metal carports.  You can make the carport taller in 1' increments up to 12' leg heights.  Here is picture of a 12x21 regular style carport with 1' taller 6' legs.
This carport also has a second option of J-Trim.  J-trim seems confusing like what does that mean?  Well to help it make sense for you the j-trim is the side trim piece that runs along both sides of the carport where the roof sheeting stops.  A couple advantages of getting j-trim is that is does set the carport off from an aesthetic standpoint.  It also makes the carport slightly stronger as it helps lock the sheeting in place.  One of the best benefits you get by having j-trim put on your carport is if lets say you get it with the standard 5' legs or 6' legs that means the sheeting on the side will come down at about 5' or 6' tall and the sheeting is 29 GA sheeting which doesn't feel good if you hit your head on it.  Having the j-trim may not still feel good if you hit your head on it but it may feel a little better as far as you just get a bump with a sore head as opposed to the chance of a cut if your head hits the sheeting just right.  So j-trim may be an option to think about.  Here is a picture to get a better look at the j-trim. 

Metal Carports 12x21 Carport VA
You can also take a steel building and close both sides for extra protection.  The ends can also be closed with a garage door on one end and you got yourself a fully enclosed metal garage.

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