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20x21 Metal Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Jul 1, 2011

20x21 Metal Garage

20x21 metal garage

The 20x21 metal garage package come standard with two 9x8 garage doors.  This metal garage is shown in the boxed eave style garage.  Two other styles of metal garages are available: regular and vertical garages.

Popular Metal Garage Options

  • 36"x80" Walk in Door
  • 30"x30" Windows
  • Upgrade from 14 ga steel tubing to 12 ga tubing
  • Mobile Home Anchors
  • Taller legs and larger size garage doors
  • Longer 4' center and side braces for the garage

The metal garages are delivered and setup for free to these 18 different states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia on your level land.  Carports are available if you don't need it fully enclosed garage.

These metal garages are built in 12', 18', 20', 22' and 24' wide garages.

There are 3 other types of steel buildings if your looking for a larger metal garage.

  1. Triple Wide Metal Garages 26', 28' and 30' wide
  2. Lean To Metal Garages with a 12' lean to on both sides giving you a 36', 42', 44', 46' and 48' wide garage including the lean to
  3. 32' to 40' Wide Metal Garages 

Alan's Factory Outlet is located at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA.

Please feel free ask Alan any questions about these metal garages.

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Metal Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Jun 23, 2011

metal garages

Metal Garages

Metal garages can be built with the garage doors on the ends or on the sides.  Alan's Factory Outlet metal garages are a great way to protect your motorcycle or automobile.

Metal garages are available in 13 different colors.

metal garage colors

You get to pick the metal garage color for the roof, sides & ends and also a trim color for the corners and around the garage doors.  The garage doors and walk in doors are always white.

Carports are also available and as long as you get the carport tall enough we can come back later and finish closing it in turning the metal carport into a metal garage. 

Windows can be added and placed wherever you want them on the steel building.

The metal garages are delivered to the 18 different states with free delivery and setup.

Metal Garages Construction Specs

  • 14 GA steel galvanized tubing or upgrade to 12 GA
  • 29 GA Metal Sheeting with a baked enamel finish
  • Color Options
  • Center and corner braces standard on all metal garages
  • Anchored for free to the ground, asphalt or concrete

Ordering your metal garage could not be easier at Alan's Factory Outlet.  You pick the garage style, size, colors and additional options for an easy turn key garage that is delivered on your level land within 2 to 4 weeks.

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Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, May 15, 2011



Carports are the perfect place to protect your truck or car.

Carports are built in several different sizes and styles.  The carport in this picture is a boxed eave style carport.  The metal carports can be left open and used as a shelter, fully close it and you have one of the metal garages or like this carport you have the best of both worlds. 

Carports Garages

A carport shelter area where the vehicle goes and then a garage storage in the back to secure items that need to be locked up or require 100% protection from the weather elements.

The garage door size on enclosed garage section in this picture is 6x6 which is the smallest size garage door we offer.  Another option would be to go with a taller leg height carport and then you would be able to go with a 9x8 size garage door.  Or if you will only be storing items that need to fit through a 36" door than the 36" walk in door may be they way to go. 

Carports length go every 5' in length increments.  This metal carport is 26' long so that leaves you with 5' of storage space.  The next size longer is 31' long which would give you 10' of garage storage space if you kept the carport portion the same.

Alan's Factory Outlet carports garages may just what you've been looking for a carport and a garage in one convenient building.

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Carolina Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, May 14, 2011

Carolina Carports

carolina carports

Carolina Carports metal carports are built in three different styles of carports and metal garages as shown in this picture.

Carolina Carports 3 Roof Styles

  1. Regular roof style carolina carports start out in the 12x21 size.  The base width is exactly 12' wide and the base length is 20' long.  It is called 21' long because the 6" front roof overhang and 6" back end overhang is counted in the overall dimensions.  The regular style metal carports are built with a traditional barn roof.  The regular carport is the most economical of the three carport styles.  Here are the carport prices.
  2. The middle style shown in this picture is the boxed eave metal carport.  The boxed eave carolina carports are built in an a-frame roof which is nice if the carport is right beside your home as most homes have an a-frame roof so the carport may go with the architect of your home better.  These carports also have the 6" roof overhang however when you get a boxed eave carport you get a 6" overhang on both sides.  As far as the price point goes these metal carports are the middle road on price.  They are a little bit more than the regular style carports but less than the next style we are getting ready to cover.
  3. The third carolina carports style is the vertical roof carport.  This carport looks just like the boxed eave carport as both are built in an a-frame roof and have a 6" overhang all the way around it.  The big difference is the roof is built with the ribs running side to side which allows the rain and snow to slide off it where on the other two style carports the sheeting ribs run lengthwise which causes the snow to stay on their roof.  In order to put the roof on this way on the vertical carports we have to place metal cross braces to attach the sheeting.  These extra metal braces along with the fact that the snow will slide of the roof make this the strongest of the three carolina carports.  The downside for those advantages in strength is the vertical carports are the most expensive of the three carport styles.  Vertical carports can be fully enclosed to make a metal garage.  Take a look at the metal garage prices

All of the carolina carports are built with 14 gauge tubing and 29 gauge sheeting.  Many options are available such as 12 gauge tubing which comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.  All carports come standard with center and corner braces.  Carolina carports are anchored to the ground, cement or asphalt with rebar or cement anchors for free.  Mobile home anchors for additional wind protection and fully braced carports are a couple of other options you may want to consider.

Carolina carports also has have many other sizes of steel buildings such as triple wide carports and lean to carports.

Alan's Factory Outlet carports and metal garages are delivered and setup for free to 18 different states.

Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment about the carports.

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10x16 Vinyl Dutch Barn | Vinyl Storage Buildings | Amish Sheds

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Sep 18, 2010

Vinyl Storage Sheds Dutch Barn 10x16 VA Virginia

Alan's Factory Outlet has many different sizes and styles of Vinyl Sheds.  The Vinyl Storage Building in the picture above is of a 12x16 Dutch Barn with an optional arched glass door.  All of the Sheds are Amish Built and delivered on a truck and shed trailer fully assembled and ready for you to immediately begin enjoying.  Amish Sheds come with double doors and two windows with shutters.  The shed windows have a screen in them.  Two gable vents are also included with the storage buildings.  Amish sheds are built in several other siding options other than the vinyl 4" dutch lap siding.

Storage Building Siding options by price from the most economical to premium.  

  1. Metal Carports and Metal Garages are the most economical building which is kind of unfair in this comparison due to how it is constructed, however we did want to include it as an option as this may be the best option for some people.  The main advantage with steel buildings is they are built on site.  Metal buildings are actually the only product line that we have that are built on site.  All of our other structures are prebuilt modular structures.  Now to explain the main difference.  The metal buildings are made with 2 1/2" 14 GA tubing which is 5' on center and then 29 GA metal sheeting.  The Amish sheds are made with 2"x4" Joists 16" on center.  So you can see that the prebuilt sheds are built to the specs of a house.   
  2. Wooden Sheds are the most economical siding option of the prebuilt structures.  The wood sheds are built with Duratemp Siding.  The Duratemp siding has a 25 year warranty. 
  3. Vinyl Sheds are the next most economical siding.  Vinyl sheds will never need to be painted and many people have vinyl homes so a vinyl shed just makes sense.  The 4" dutch lap vinyl siding has a limited lifetime warranty.
  4. Board Batten Sheds are a heavy duty rustic alternative.  This is the same type of siding the Horse Barns and Run in Sheds are built with.  The siding is 1" thick eastern white pine siding.
  5. Log Sheds come with a 6' front porch and makes a great hunting cabin or if you have a log home you may want to invest in a log shed to make your shed blend in with your log home.
  6. Cedar Sheds is the premium siding option with 1"x10" Cedar Siding.  Cedar siding is a very durable siding and of course has the nice cedar chest kind of smell.

The movie below is a 10x16 vinyl dutch barn.  The main color on this building is sandlewood, trim green with green doors and shutters.

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Carports, Metal Garages and Farm Buildings

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Sep 15, 2010

Carports, Metal Garages, Vertical Lean-to Metal Garage, Farm Building

Alan's Factory Outlet has a variety of Carports, Metal Garages and Farm Buildings.  We service many states on the Metal Structures with Free Delivery and Set-up.  Here are the states we serve with metal carports.  We offer the regular style, boxed eave style and vertical roof style.  The vertical roofs are becoming exceedingly popular due to the heavy snows of last year.  The vertical roofs allow the snow to slide off easier than the other styles.

carportsAlan's Factory Outlet metal carports give you an economical way to protect your cars and other valuable items.  The 12x21 regular style carports start at $595 in Virginia and West Virginia.  Carports can be made wider or longer to give you the perfect carport for your situation.  

Carports can also be made taller with leg heights between 5' legs to 12' legs in 1' increments.  Carports come standard with 14 ga. tubing.  A thicker and stronger 12 ga. tubing is available to give you a stronger carport.  All carports come with center braces and 4 corner braces.  Fully braced carports are also a nice option to make your carport stronger.  

For additional protection from the elements you can close the sides or even fully enclose your carport with a garage door on the end.  Windows and side door can even be added to your carport.  You get to choice the color from 13 different colors.     

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Metal Garages Prices Virginia, West Virginia

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Sep 14, 2010

Steel Building

Metal Garages Prices for Virginia and West Virginia at Alan's Factory Outlet in Luray, VA. 

Free Delivery and Set-up in Virginia and West Virginia on all Metal Garages.

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Steel Buildings & Metal Barns

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Feb 1, 2010

Steel Buildings Alan's Factory Outlet Steel Buildings are available in many different sizes and styles.  Steel Buildings with a lean-to are called Metal Barns or Steel Barns with a lean-to.  The Steel Building shown in the picture to the left is an A-Frame 20'x21'x12' Center Steel Building with with 12'x21'x8' lean to's on each side.  Steel Buildings are available fully enclosed as in this picture or you could partially enclose it or use it as a Metal Carport Cover like the picture below.  

Steel Buildings, Metal Barns 

The Steel Building above is a 18'x21'x12' A-Frame Center Building with a 12'x21'x7' Lean-to on each side with 6-Gable Ends and two extra 21' panels and 2 sides closed.

Alan's Factory Outlet Metal Barns are also available in the Barn Style Roof like the picture below.


Steel Buildings, Steel Barns

The above Metal Barn is a 18'x21'x9' Regular Center Building with two 12'x21'x6' lean to's with 4-Vertical Ends Closed, 2 Sides Closed and 2 Vertical Gable Ends.

Steel Buildings and Metal Barns are built on site.  We recommend a level area for these Buildings.  Free Delivery and Set-up is included on these Steel Buildings.  There are many options available on these Barns such as Windows, Entry Doors, Garage Doors up to 10'x10', fully braced, Mobile Home Anchors, Certified Buildings and 12 gauge tubing.

Many other Metal Structures are available such a Metal Carports and Metal Garages.

Please feel free to add a comment about these Steel Buildings and Metal Barns.

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Steel Buildings, Metal Garages & Carports Buying Guide

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Jan 17, 2010

Steel Buildings, Metal Garages, Metal Carports

When getting a Steel Building, Metal Garage or Carport you will want to get the right size and style building to meet your needs.  Metal Garages and Carports come in 3 different styles.  The most economical is the standard style which has a barn roof.  The second style is the A-Frame roof.  The third style is the Vertical roof.  The Vertical Steel Buildings make it easier for the snow to slide off the roof. 

All Steel Buildings are built on site.  Garage Doors come in many different sizes.  The Garage doors can be put on the end or side.  Entry Doors and Windows can also be placed in your desired location.  14 Gauge tubing is standard with the Steel Buildings and Carports.  12 Gauge Tubing is available to give you a stronger steel building.  Free center braces and 4 corner braces come with each steel building.  Extra braces and Certified Steel Buildings are a couple more options.

Steel Buildings and Carports have a 29 Gauge Metal Roof.  You get 13 different colors to chose from on your Steel Building.  Metal Garages and Carports are anchored for free to your ground or your concrete pad.  If your steel building is not being placed on a concrete pad you may want to upgrade your building with Mobile Home Anchors.  Mobile Home Anchors help give your Metal Garage and Carport more protection against the wind.

The widths for the most popular steel buildings and carports are 12', 18', 20', 22' and 24' Wide.  The most common lengths are 21', 26', 31', 36' and 41 Long.  The Length are from outside to outside.  There is a 6" overhang on the end of each steel building.  This is important to know if your going to put down a concrete pad for example on a 24 Wide by 26 Long Building you would want the concrete pad to be at least 24 Wide by 25 Long due to the 6" overhang on both ends.  You also get to pick the sidewall height for your Metal Garage and Carport. 

If you need a Carport or RV Cover.  The Metal Carports give you that shelter.  Here is a picture of a Metal Carport.

Carports, Metal Carport, Steel Carport 




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