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Metal Prefab Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Jan 12, 2012

Prefab Metal Garage Kits

metal prefab garages

The metal prefab garages at Alan's Factory Outlet are delivered as a prefab metal garage kit and built on site. On the arrival of most of our prefab garage kit sizes, they are easily built in as little as one day. When your order arrives, the only thing we need is a level area so when we setup the metal garage the windows, door, and garage door open and shut properly. These metal prefab garages are custom-built in one of three styles - regular, boxed eave and vertical. They are also available for purchase online and in 13 different colors. When you buy one of our prefab metal garage kits you will get to pick the width and length along with the leg height that will best meet your needs. If you don't need a fully enclosed garage we also have metal carports for sale, which can be left fully open or built partially closed. The metal prefab garage in this picture is shown on a gravel base. Other bases which can be used would be an asphalt driveway, cement pad or, to save money, our prefab metal garage kits can be set up on the ground.

What to think about when buying a metal prefab garage

Before ordering one of our prefab metal garage kits for your property, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. Careful planning will help you to choose the best prefab garage for your needs.

  • Do you have a level area on your property for the metal garage and if you don't are you willing to level an area or get someone to level an area for the garage?
  • What size width, length and height do you need today and looking into the future do you see your needs changing on what you plan on storing in the metal garage?
  • Decide on a budget and how you plan on paying for the metal building. Do you want to pay by a check, credit card or explore financing options? Along the lines of the budget are you just looking for the most economical option or do you want the strongest possible metal garage such as the vertical roof style or maybe you want to go with the more economical route but add a couple of options to make it a little stronger such as a thicker 12ga tubing or making it fully braced.

Alan with Alan's Factory Outlet is here to help you with your metal prefab garages purchase. If you live in the area of the display lot at 643 West Main St. Luray, Virginia please feel free to visit or you can email your questions or call Alan about the metal prefab garages at 540-743-1272.

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