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DIY Pergola Kits at Alan's Factory Outlet

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, May 28, 2013

Alan's Factory Outlet do it yourself pergola kits

The diy pergola kits are Amish made precut in pressure treated wood and white vinyl with all of the hardware included for an easy assembly of the pergola. 

diy pergola kits

The pergola kits are delivered via a tractor trailer curbside to your location.  There are several different sizes to choose from to give you the size that works best for you.

The pergola kits are not made to be attached to the side of a house but only free standing pergolas. 

Why would you want to go with a DIY pergola kit?

Well, there are several advantage of an Alan's Factory Outlet pergola kit.

  1. First of all you do not need to go pick up the materials we delivery them in 37 states with free shipping to your home.
  2. We save you time from having to figure out how many of each type of wood or vinyl you need to buy and than how much hardware to go with it.  Even the best of calculations can leave you with forgetting or miss calculating the materials need.  You could even get too much materials meaning you have the extra cost and time of returning the left over wood, vinyl or hardware.
  3. You will need to cut the wood pieces or vinyl vs getting a ready to be assembled diy pergola kit which doesn't need to be cut but just put together when your ready to set it up.

So those are some of the reasons why you may want to decide to go with one of the do it yourself pergola kits.

Another similar product to the pergola kits are the diy gazebo kits.  The gazebo kits are also made in wood and vinyl and shipped nationwide in the USA.  The gazebos can be made with or without a floor. 

You can order the pergola kits online and the gazebo kits online or by phone whichever is best for you.  All of the prices for the pergola kits along with the free delivery states and the shipping price if you are outside the the free delivery locations.  Please order online before you need the pergola kit or gazebo kit as they are custom built and there is a backlog of customer orders and they are built on a first order first serve basis.  The current delivery time is approximately 3 to 6 weeks but during peak seasons this can go to as long as 4 to 8 weeks.

The wood pergola kits are made with pressure treated pine wood.  The vinyl pergola kits are made with white vinyl and the post are pressure treated on them with the vinyl sleeve.

Two options available on the wood pergola kits are a wood sealer to help protect the wood.  Every couple of years you will want to put a sealer or stain on the pergola to help prevent it from weathering or getting gray.  The second option is a privacy lattice that goes on the top of the pergola to help provide additional shade.  Another way for you to get shade is to have a vine go up the pergola for a natural way to get the shade you want. 

There is a third kind of diy Amish built kit and they are the Amish built wood shed kits which are delivered in wood T1-11 siding and precut just like the pergolas and gazebos.  The Amish built sheds come in many different sizes and colors with several styles of storage sheds.  The Amish sheds are only delivered in Virginia and West Virginia.

Thanks for reading about the DIY pergola kits and other related kits at Alan's Factory Outlet. 

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White Vinyl Pergola Kit For Sale

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Apr 21, 2012

white vinyl pergola kits

                             White Vinyl Pergola Kit

White Vinyl Pergolas and Pergola Kits for Sale

Alan's Factory Outlet pergola kits for some time were only constructed in a pressure treated wood pergola kit but the Amish built pergola is now available, online or in person, in a white vinyl pergola kit.

Vinyl white pergola kits for sale are delivered nationwide in the USA. Vinyl pergola kits are built in 13 different sizes ranging from 8'x8' to 14'x16' in size. The vinyl pergola kits are precut with all the hardware required for assembly included in the do it yourself pergola kit. All of the screws and bolts are stainless steel. Here are the vinyl pergola kit prices and pergola instructions for the white pergolas available for sale.

Vinyl Pergola Kits are a great option if you don't want to have to stain the pergola every 2 to 3 years. The vinyl pergola is a larger initial investment but over time you will save both time and money by not having to buy stain and apply the stain. Another advantage for the vinyl pergola kit vs. the wood pergola kit is if any of you have a wood deck, as the wooden deck ages if you rub your hand across it there is a chance for a splinter. Boy, it's hard to believe that something so little can create so much pain. With the vinyl pergola kit you will not have to worry about that happening.

One reason you may not want to go with a vinyl pergola kit is that it is only made in white vinyl and if you get the wood pergola you can always paint or stain it any color you want. The good news is that if you purchase a white pergola it will never clash with any other structure on your property. So when researching what kind of a pergola kit to get, you may want to compare the price of a wood pergola kit vs. vinyl pergola kit, and decide which will be a better fit for you to order.

Alan's Factory Outlet offers a top quality pergola. Sale prices include everything you will need to set up your white pergola. Save money when you buy from Alan's. Pergola sales in some areas of Virginia are eligible for free delivery.

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Amish Gazebo Kits Delivered Nationwide in USA

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Nov 6, 2010

Alan's Factory Outlet Amish Gazebo Kits are Delivered Nationwide in USA.  Your Gazebo Kit is precut with all of the hardware included for easy assembly.  Gazebo Kits come in wood gazebo kits or vinyl gazebo kits

Here is how your gazebo kit will arrive at your home ready to begin putting together.

Gazebo Kits 

Most of the Gazebos can be assembled by two people in 1 day.  Step by step instructions are included with the gazebo kit.  After your gazebo is assembled it is ready for you to begin enjoying.  Here is an example of a 12' Double Roof Wood Gazebo.

Gazebo Wood Gazebos Virginia VA

Here are the Gazebo Kits Prices and Gazebo Kit Shipping Prices.

Pergola kits are also available.   Alan's Factory Outlet pergola kits are shipped in the USA.

Here are the pergola kit prices.

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Gazebo Kits and Pergola Kits Shipped Nationwide

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Jul 24, 2010

Alan's Factory Outlet Gazebo Kits and Pergola Kits are both shipped Nationwide in the USA.  Gazebo Kits and Pergola Kits are Handcrafted by the Amish and are precut with all of the hardware and instructions included.

Gazebo Kits come in Pressure Treated Wood and Vinyl.  Gazebo Kits come with a Roof to provide you with additional protection from the elements.

Gazebo Kits 

Pergola Kits are only available in Pressure Treated Wood.  Pergola Kits do not give you the roof protection but they do give you a tranquil place to relax on a summer day.  The pergola kits are also much more economical since they do not have a fully closed roof.     

Pergola Kits

Alan's Factory Outlet Gazebo Kit Prices and Pergola Kit Prices are online for you to view them. 

Topics: Gazebo Kits, Pergolas, Pergola Kits, Gazebos, wood pergola kit

Pergolas at Alan's Factory Outlet

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Jul 17, 2010

Pergola, Wood Pergola, Amish PergolasAlan's Factory Outlet in Luray Virginia has Pergolas!

Amish built pergola kits are shipped in the lower 48 states of the USA.

Pressure Treated Pergolas really make an impression and set an atmosphere of tranquility.

We ship Pergola Kits all over the United States.  All wood is pressure treated and pre-cut for easy assembly.  All hardware is included.  Two people can put one together in a couple of hours. 

Pergolas come in many different sizes and have a few options such as:  Clear Wood Finish, Lattice on the ceiling, shade/semi privacy panel on the four corners and shade/semi privacy panels for the sides.

Get your Pergola today; you'll be glad you did.

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