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How are the Amish Pre-Built Sheds and Garages Delivered?

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Oct 2, 2010

All of the Amish Sheds and Garages at Alan's Factory Outlet are Pre-Built.  So you will want to make sure you have enough room for the Delivery Truck which is a 3500 4WD Dully and a Shed Trailer which is a 24' long trailer to be able to back in to the location you want your shed or garage.  The total length of the truck and trailer is approximately 52' long.  The widest point is going to be the width of your building.  Generally we need at least 1' on each side of the building so a shed that is 10' wide will need at least 12' wide clearance.  We also need 14' high clearance as the shed or garage is on the shed trailer which is approximately 2' off of the ground. 

Here is a picture of the truck and trailer on a delivery.

shed delivery truck trailer alans factory outlet

Another question customer ask us is how does the building come off of the trailer.  The Trailer tilts up and gravity takes over with the building sliding off and then the truck pulls forward leaving the shed in the desired location.  Here is a picture showing the trailer tilting up.

Shed Trailer Tilting up resized 600

The Building in the above picture is a 14x20 Recreational Log Cabin which has a 6' front porch.  Modular Log Cabins are also available finished as Log Homes with a Bathroom and Kitchen.  

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