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Buying a Horse Run in Shed

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Jul 7, 2012

What to look for when buying a horse run in shed?

buying a run in shed

                                    Horse Run in Shed with a Tack Room

As you can see in this picture when buying a horse run in shed you can buy it even if you don't have a horse.  They can be used to store equipment and the since the horse run in shed come with a 4' high oak kick board should you get a horse at a latter date you are ready to begin letting the horse use it as a shelter without having to make any altercations to it.

The horse run in sheds are built by the Amish and come with 1" thick eastern white pine board batten siding.  The interior of the structure is framed with oak framing.  An optional stain is available or you can stain it yourself once it is delivered into your pasture.  They come with a metal roof or a single roof same price either way.  The run in horse shelters do not have a floor.  The tack room comes with a 2" by 8" tongue and groove plank floor.  When you add a storage room on you can have it with a metal grill or a solid wall between the 2 sections.  The storage rooms also have a 3' single door and a wood slider window which slides side to side.  Tack rooms now come with a 2' swinging door so you can go back and forth between the run in shed and tack room without exiting the building.

Due to the opening on the run in shed which creates airflow the run in sheds do not come with wooden gable vents but you can add them just like the customer did in the above picture.

The horse run in shed is great if you want to freely be able to store things under it or want your horse to be able to go in and out when the horse wants to.  Sometimes you will want to have it fully enclosed and than you will want to go with the modular horse barn that comes with a 4' wide dutch door and have a window with the metal grill so the horses do not kick out the window.  Another feature that the horse barns at Alan's Factory Outlet come with is a metal chew guard around the top of the 4' oak kick board.  If you go with the standard metal roof on the horse barn it comes with an insulated metal roof this is on the stalls since there is not the large opening on the run in shed we do this to help keep it cooler for the horses.

The portable run in shed are made with a pressure treated 6"x6" foundation with 4 heavy duty tow hooks if you need to drag it from on end of the field to the other.

Key points about what to look for when buying a horse run in shed

  • Is the fence the horse run in shed will be delivered through be at least 2' wider than the size of the run in shed (This is if it is a straight back in delivery, sharper turns need more width clearance) and do I have at least 14' high clearance
  • Does the run in shed I'm looking at have an oak kick board so the building will be sturdy enough but more importantly be safe for the horse
  • Make sure you get the right size run in shed, for the average size horse you will want to go with a 10x12 size usually for one horse.  If your getting it for 2 horses a 10x20 is usually a good size but of course you can go a little smaller or larger depending on your horses preferences
  • A level area is also important especially if you get the tack room which has a single door or a stall with the dutch doors which can rub or be tough to open and close if it is not level.  You could put down a fine stone dust or just place it right on the ground

Alan's Factory Outlet horse run in shed and horse barn is delivered in all of Virginia and West Virginia with free delivery in 21 local counties in VA and WV. 

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Horse Run-in Sheds Give Your Horse Comfort Through All Seasons

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Mar 25, 2010

Horse Run in Sheds give your Horse or Horses the Perfect Shelter from all the Seasons Mother Nature may pour down on your Horse.  Run in Sheds offer a Warm Place in the Winter from the Ice, Snow and Sleet.  A Dry Place in The Spring from those Rain and Thunderstorms.  A Cool Place in the Summer to Shade your Horse from the Heat of the Summer Sunshine.  Run in Sheds will protect your Horse during the Autumn season as your Horse transitions into the Winter Months.  

Alan's Factory Outlet Horse Run in Sheds come in many different sizes to help meet your needs.  An optional Tack Room can be added to any of the Run in Sheds.  A stain can be put on your Horse Run in Shed to help preserve it from the elements.  You can even add a Horse Stall to the Run in Shed. 

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Topics: Run-in Sheds, Horse Shelters, Horse Run in Sheds, Run in Shed

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