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Sheds VA | Amish Sheds Delivered to VA, WV and MD

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Feb 2, 2011

Sheds VA Shed WV MD Amish ShedsAlan's Factory Outlet Amish Sheds are delivered in VA, WV and MD.

Sheds VA 7 local counties are free delivery on new orders.

The T1-11 wood shed in this picture is of a Dutch Barn with red pain, white trim, white shutters and a black roof.  There are also two optional flower boxes.  Vinyl sheds are also available. 

All of the wood and vinyl amish sheds are delivered fully assembled on a pressure treated 4x4 foundation with perpendicular 2x4 joists upright on top of that and a plywood floor above that. 

Shed Foundation 3 Key Benefits

  1. First of all it elevates the floor to approximately 7" off of the ground which allows air flow under the shed to prevent rotting.
  2. Second because it has 4x4 runners it is easily delivered off the shed trailer.
  3. Third if you ever need to move the shed it can be moved because it has the 4x4 foundation which can be put back on the shed trailer and moved to a different location in your yard a few hundred feet away or a few hundred miles away.

If you order your amish shed at Alan's Factory Outlet and want it moved in VA, WV and MD we can move it for you.

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