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Site Preparation for a Shed

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Jun 6, 2011

What kind of site preparation for a shed do I need?

A level area for the storage sheds are the most important thing so the doors and windows open and close properly. 

Gravel base for drainage.  Gravel should be 4" to 6" deep and 2' wider and longer than the size of the shed. 

Gravel type for site preparation for shed:  If the shed is going to be placed in a dry area than crusher run in gravel is fine.  If the area where the shed will be placed is wet or tends to hold water you will want to go with a larger gravel such as 3/4" size gravel or commonly called #57.

The sheds are built with a pressure treated 4"x4" foundation with 2"x4" pressure treated floor joists and a plywood floor.

Here is a picture with an ideal gravel pad showing what you want the site preparation for a shed to look like.

site preparation for a shed 

The site prep for this shed is a 10x14 wooden a-frame shed.

The wood sheds all come painted.  Vinyl sheds are also available if you never want to have to paint the shed.  A third type of board batten sheds can be stained and gives you a shed that looks like the horse barns.

There are several options when you get the gravel pad in place.  You can just have the gravel in place and sloped down that last 6".  Or you can get some 4x4 or 6x6 post around the perimeter to help hold in the gravel.  Or you could dig down 4 to 6 inches and have the gravel stop flush with the ground around it.  

Is gravel required?  No, we recommend a gravel pad for drainage but at a minimum you will want to have a level area.

Let us know if you have any other ideas on the site preparation for a shed that you have.

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Amish Storage Sheds

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, May 25, 2011

Amish Storage Sheds

amish storage sheds

Amish storage sheds are wood sheds like the shed in this picture. We also have vinyl sheds if you never want to have to paint again, and board batten sheds if you're looking for a more rustic shed. Alan's Factory Outlet even has cedar sheds for a building that smells like a huge cedar chest. All of these Amish sheds are built by the Amish in our factory and delivered on a truck and trailer to your backyard.

Amish wood sheds are among the best sheds for sale anywhere. Each unit is a high quality Amish storage shed with many uses for the owner. Buy one of these sheds and save money while you are adding useful storage space to your property.

Not every home owner has a large area for delivery and set up of their Amish storage barn. What if you don't have enough room for the truck and trailer to deliver the shed? We have shed kits that are built in select sizes of the wood sheds. The Amish storage shed kits are delivered painted in your choice of color. The doors and windows can be put where you want them. Amish storage shed kits arrive with the walls built and removable with screws on the 4 corners of the shed.

The Amish storage sheds are built in many different sizes and styles. All Amish wood sheds that you purchase can be custom made to suit your needs. When you choose the style of your Amish storage shed you can match your existing home and landscape with both color and style. An Amish storage barn can be a pleasant addition to your property.

Amish built garages are also built in all of the sidings we mentioned earlier. Here is a picture of a 12x24 wood garage. It is possible to have a garage delivered that will match the beautiful Amish storage barn you choose. Call or stop in at Alan's Factory Outlet to place your order. It is also possible to view our designs online.

Amish built garages

Alan's Factory Outlet Garages are also built in 2 car garages and 2 story garages .

Please let us now if you have any question or comments about the Amish storage sheds.

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Wood Sheds

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, May 17, 2011

wood sheds

Wood Storage Sheds

Wood Sheds are the most popular and economical of the storage sheds compared to the vinyl sheds, board batten sheds and cedar sheds.

Wood sheds are built with duratemp siding.  This wood siding is T1-11 siding made with a plywood inside and an engineered exterior that has a 25 year warranty.  Wood sheds have an average paint time of approximately every 10 years.  The outside of the wood sheds are very durable.  They come painted with 2 coats of commercial grade paint, wood corner trim, wood trim around the doors and wood X's on the bottom of the double doors.  Rubber stoppers are also put on all doors.

Most of the wood sheds come with two windows with your choice of shutter colors.  There are 2 types of shutters available, wood shutters or plastic shutters.

The floor system on the wooden sheds consists of 5 pressure treated runners on most sizes with pressure treated joists and a plywood floor.  A metal plate is on the floor at the the base of the floor where you walk in to protect the floor. 

The interior of the sheds are built with 2x4's 16" on center on the side wall and roof.  The wood sheds have a 1/2" plywood roof.  Felt paper and architectural shingles in the color that best matches your home.  Two gable vents are included for ventilation.

All of the wood sheds are custom built in the size and style you want.  You get to place the doors and windows in the desired location.  You can visit Alan's Factory Outlet to get an idea on what size and style shed will best suit your needs.

If you need a garage door and a reinforced floor one of the wooden garages may be just what your looking for.  The garages are also built in vinyl garages if you want a garage that will never need to be painted.

Another type of garage that doesn't require any painting are the metal garages.  The metal garages are built on site and only come without a floor where the wood and vinyl garages can be made with our without a floor.

The wooden and vinyl sheds and garages are Amish built and delivered to your home on a truck and trailer fully assembled.  Wood storage sheds are available in select sizes as shed kits.

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12x16 Shed

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, May 3, 2011

12x16 Storage Sheds

Alan's Factory Outlet sheds are built in several different styles of wood and vinyl storage sheds. We offer a large selection of high quality, long lasting 12 X 16 sheds for sale. This particular 12x16 Shed is a wooden Dutch barn style with the option to place doors and windows on the ends or sides. You can order a 12X16 storage shed, as shown above, in a variety of colors, including matching or contrasting trim.

A beautiful 12X16 storage shed can add functional space to your property, while also adding to the landscaping and curb appeal by coordinating with other buildings that you may have on your property. Structures such as this are a great way to increase potential property value and are diverse enough to function as multi-use buildings. For example, a 12X16 storage shed could be used as a seasonal office space, workshop, or an inventory storage area.

Sheds are available and built in your choice of wood and metal and will be delivered completely built and ready to use. Your only responsibility is to make sure your property is ready when the shed when it arrives. If you do not have adequate space for a truck to deliver an already constructed 12X16 storage shed, you might choose one of our Amish shed kits that can be constructed at your leisure. All kits are delivered with clear instructions and all of the necessary parts, including hardware, which you will require to put together your own shed or storage area. Most can be fully constructed in just a few hours.

Regardless of the purpose or intended use of the building, customers can rest assured in its construction and quality. We offer only the highest quality buildings for your satisfaction. For your convenience, free delivery is included with your purchase and available in 7 local counties in VA and WV on the 12x16 shed. No delivery charge will save you money on the shed you choose to buy - only another way Alan's Factory Outlet is committed to satisfying our customers. You can view many of our 12 X 16 shed styles online, as well as visiting our factory store in person.

12x16 shed

12x16 vinyl dutch barn style shed

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10x14 Shed

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, May 2, 2011

This video is of a 10x14 shed.  This shed is a chalet vinyl shed.  Alan's Factory Outlet sheds are delivered to VA and WV.  Free delivery 7 local counties in Virginia.

Here is a picture of an a-frame 10x14 shed made in wood siding.

10x14 shed

                       10x14 Shed

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Sheds For Sale

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Mar 24, 2011

sheds for saleSheds for sale at Alan's Factory Outlet are built in many different sizes and styles of wood sheds and vinyl sheds.  All of the sheds are built by the Amish and delivered fully assembled on a truck and trailer. 

The shed for sale in this picture is a 12x20 dutch barn shown in avocado paint with buckskin trim, shutters and an earthtone cedar shingle roof.  The doors can be placed on the side or the ends on the dutch barn.  The two windows can also be placed where you want them.  

Alan's Factory Outlet sheds for sale are custom built in the size and style you need and in the colors you want. 

Several options are available such as a 4' loft, 2' workbench, ramp and a ridge vent to name a few.

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Sheds and Outdoor Storage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Mar 4, 2011

Sheds Outdoor StorageSheds and Outdoor Storage is a smart economical solution

The Sheds are pre-built to save you money and because they are not permanent structures they can be moved when you need them moved.

These Amish Storage Sheds are of premium quality so that they last you a lifetime.

Alan's Factory Outlet sheds are built in many different styles and sizes of outdoor wood storage sheds and vinyl storage sheds.

Having an outdoor storage shed in your backyard is a convenient way to store and protect your household, personal, lawn and garden items.

Alan's Factory Outlet prefab garages, 2 car garages and two story garages give you a nice storage place for larger items such as cars, boats and tractors.

Topics: Storage Sheds, Sheds, amish storage sheds, Sheds and Outdoor Storage

Amish Sheds

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Feb 5, 2011

Amish ShedsAlan's Factory Outlet Amish sheds are delivered to Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.  Amish storage sheds are built in the factory by the Amish and placed on a delivery truck with a shed trailer.  The 52' long truck and trailer is backed into the location you want your shed placed.  For most buildings you will need 15' wide clearance and 13' high clearance for the truck and trailer to place the shed where you want it. 

Sheds are built in several different sidings such as wood sheds, vinyl sheds, board batten and cedar storage buildings.

Once you have your siding picked out you will want to choose a style and size amish shed.

Amish Sheds Standard Features on A-Frame and Dutch Barns

  • Double doors with steel diamond plate at threshold to protect your floor and door stoppers for the doors
  • Two windows with shutters and 2 gable vents for airflow
  • 30 year architectural shingles with felt paper
  • 40 year 4x4 pressure treated foundation
  • Sidewall and roof with 2x4 joists 16" on center
  • All plywood interior and plywood flooring

Alan's Factory Outlet display lot of Amish Storage Sheds is located at 643 West Main St. Luray VA.

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Sheds VA | Amish Sheds Delivered to VA, WV and MD

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Feb 2, 2011

Sheds VA Shed WV MD Amish ShedsAlan's Factory Outlet Amish Sheds are delivered in VA, WV and MD.

Sheds VA 7 local counties are free delivery on new orders.

The T1-11 wood shed in this picture is of a Dutch Barn with red pain, white trim, white shutters and a black roof.  There are also two optional flower boxes.  Vinyl sheds are also available. 

All of the wood and vinyl amish sheds are delivered fully assembled on a pressure treated 4x4 foundation with perpendicular 2x4 joists upright on top of that and a plywood floor above that. 

Shed Foundation 3 Key Benefits

  1. First of all it elevates the floor to approximately 7" off of the ground which allows air flow under the shed to prevent rotting.
  2. Second because it has 4x4 runners it is easily delivered off the shed trailer.
  3. Third if you ever need to move the shed it can be moved because it has the 4x4 foundation which can be put back on the shed trailer and moved to a different location in your yard a few hundred feet away or a few hundred miles away.

If you order your amish shed at Alan's Factory Outlet and want it moved in VA, WV and MD we can move it for you.

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Prefab A-Frame Sheds Delivered

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Feb 1, 2011

Sheds, A-Frame Storage Sheds, Prefab ShedsPrefab A-Frame Sheds are delivered complete and ready for you to start storing your items.

Alan's Factory Outlet in Luray VA, delivers statewide in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.

Our Sheds are delivered on a Dodge 350 connected to a 24' long shed trailer made specifically for hauling Prefab Storage Buildings.

If you are in the VA, WV or MD area and would like to know if there is a delivery fee, please contact us.

These Backyard Sheds are great for all kinds of storage and best of all your personal belongings are right at your finger tips.

A-Frame Sheds are a popular style because the roof line matches most homes.  This makes the building look like it belongs with your house.  We also offer a Highwall A-Frame Shed which gives you one foot taller sidewalls for maximum space.

Our buildings are built with premuim materials and are made with quality and integrity.

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