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Small Sheds and Small Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Sep 22, 2012

Small building options: Small sheds, barns, and small garages and carports

If you are looking for a small storage shed, we have several different options at Alan's Factory Outlet.

The smallest sized shed and barn we have is 6'x6'; it comes with a 3' single door and window. There is also a 6'x8' size, if you need a couple of extra feet in length. The sheds in these sizes are built with two different siding options: you'll have a choice between small wood sheds and small vinyl sheds.

small storage sheds

Our storage buildings are delivered with a truck and trailer, and come fully-assembled. All that we require of you is enough room for the shed to be delivered to your location of choice. For those with little space to spare, we have another option: shed kits. Shed kits are only available with wood siding. The small wood shed kits are painted and pre-cut with four walls already built, and windows and doors installed in the locations you want them to be in. They'll be delivered on a pallet, and shrink-wrapped for you to put together when you're ready.

If you need options that are wider than 6', we have 8' wide sheds for sale, which come with 4' double doors. They have two 2' doors that both open to a 48" wide clearance.

This is an 8'x8' 4' mini barn wood storage shed shown here. The 8' wide sheds come with two, pressure-treated 4"x4" skids that go the full length of the structure. The smallest sized board batten shed is 8'x8'.

The next wider size is 10'. When you order this size, you will get five, pressure-treated 4"x4" runners, and wider 5' double doors, which open to a 60" clearance. This is perfect for a large mover you want to keep in the storage building.

Some customers may live in areas with height restrictions on sheds. People from Fairfax, Virginia, for example, can only have sheds smaller than an 8' 6" model. For customers like these, we have a 4' mini barn, which has 4' sidewalls and is 8' at the peak.

There are advantages of getting a small shed. In Virginia, you may not have to obtain a building permit, if your shed is less than 200 square feet. All that you'll need is a zoning permit, to make sure it is off the property line setbacks of the neighboring property. This may be able to save you money. Setbacks can differ from location to location, so you will want to check and see what your local code requirements are before purchasing one of our sheds. You may be able to do this online, by referencing your county's website.

If you're looking for something with a garage door, and want to consider small garages in wood, vinyl or board and batten siding, then we have the perfect small garage for you. Our most compact, small garage is 12'x12', and accommodates a 9' wide by 7' tall garage door. If you intend to park your car in it, you'll want a garage that's a bit larger, like one of our 12'x14', 12'x16', 12'x20' or 12'x24' models. The garage packages come with a reinforced ¾" floor, 2"x4" floor joists, 12" on center, or without a floor, which can have a 6"x6" pressure-treated base around the perimeter of the garage. The garages without floors are equal in price to those with floors, due to our on-site labor and 6"x6" joist-bracing for delivery, which has to be removed once the garage is put into place.

Things to keep in mind about small sheds and small garages

  • Wood and vinyl shed width measurements are made from roof overhang to roof overhang. This means the floor space will be less than these measurements. The 2"x4" sidewalls on both sides also take away floor space. You may want to order a shed that is slightly larger than you think you'll need to get adequate floor space.
  • Make sure you leave enough room in the shed, garage or carport to allow for the storage of more or bigger items later.

Another type of garage that is built on-site, and only comes without a floor, is the metal garage. Our small metal garages start out at 12'x21'. This is also a great option, if you don't have enough room for the prefab wood or vinyl garages to be delivered to your location. These steel buildings are anchored to level foundation.

If you're just in need of a metal carport, they can also start at 12'x21'. The small metal carports make a perfect shelter for a compact car or picnic retreat area.

Our metal carports and metal garages are delivered and installed in 27 different states. Our wood and vinyl sheds and garages are delivered locally in Virginia and West Virginia. Try one of our small garage kits for an even easier way to put your perfect garage together! When you purchase small garage kits, you buy piece of mind, as your garage can come out exactly to your specifications.

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