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How to Build a Storage Building

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Jun 27, 2013

How to Build Storage Shed

Hi again, everybody! When people browse my inventory, they often want to know: How to build storage shed? They are curious about what's involved in building a storage structure they see on my website. My answers to their questions vary depending on what sort of storage structure someone buys. For example, our Amish built wood and vinyl sheds arrive at a customer's home fully assembled. The delivery trailer backs up and the shed is placed into the desired area on an owner's property. In some cases, we recommend that a property owner get one of our storage building kits. Generally, we recommend a shed kit if a person has a narrow driveway or simply doesn't have the space to accommodate our delivery truck and trailer. The pre-cut portions in a shed kit combined with the clearly written storage building plans, makes the assembly process a relatively easy one. Alternatively, if someone purchases one of our metal garages or carports, we deliver and set up the structure. Here are a few suggestions of what a property owner can do to prepare for the arrival of his or her new storage structure.

building a storage building

Preparing the Area for a Fully Assembled Storage Building

We give our customers several days of notice before we make a delivery so they can double check the area to see that it's ready. Our buildings and carports should sit on a level area of ground. For instance, someone who purchases a carport would need to have a concrete pad or gravel pad in order for the structure to stand evenly. A shed or garage also needs to be placed on a level piece of ground. Property owners must choose a location with enough open space to accommodate the structure they select.

Another thing property owners can do when preparing for the delivery of their storage building is to check out the condition of the driveway. Are there any overhanging branches or piles of brush that will slow down or interrupt the progress of our truck and trailer? Are there any cars or other vehicles that can be moved to allow the truck and trailer more room to maneuver? The length of our truck and trailer is 52 feet. This means that a property owner who is getting a fully assembled shed has to make sure that the clearance of a driveway is at least 13 feet high and 14 feet in width. The more obstacles a property owner can remove from the path of the truck and trailer, the easier the delivery process will be.

Preparation Tips for Owners Who Order Storage Building Kits

One of the best things to do in preparing for the arrival of a storage building kit is to call up three family members or friends and ask for some help with the assembly. With the assistance of just a couple of buddies, it only takes a few hours to put together a shed. One person could be in charge of reading the storage building plans while the other two could share in the actual assembly process. You can even add some fun to the occasion by providing your friends with snacks and beverages or even the promise of a cookout later on! Your friends will be happy to help and you'll have a new storage shed up and ready to use! Until next time! Alan

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7 Most Popular Storage Building Kits & Backyard Kits

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, May 6, 2013

Discover which wood storage building kits and metal storage building kits are in demand at Alan's Factory Outlet.

1)  The prefab wood storage building kit that is the largest of the DIY wood storage building kits is 10x20 size and the style shed with the most head room is the dutch barn storage building.  The wooden storage buildings online are precut and painted with the doors and windows prehung for an easy assembly experience.  The dutch barn portable storage buildings come with double doors and two windows with gable vents for ventilation.  On the dutch barn storage sheds you get to pick the location for the double door and the two windows.  The wood storage buildings also come painted to save you time and money.

portable storage buildings virginia

2)  If you reside in a location that has a height restriction on the peak height of how tall the shed can be than we have a solution.  The area that sometimes have height restrictions is in Northern Virginia in Fairfax County, VA.  Many of our customers wanting to buy the storage buildings for sale have a 8' 6" height clearance so the one style shed that is under this requirement is the 4' mini barn which is 8' tall at the peak.  The mini barns have double doors and one window in the back end opposite of the double doors.

3)  The next style that is popular are the a-frame storage building kits.  They have a gable roof which matches the roof line of most homes best which is the main reason many people love the a-frame sheds.  They come with double doors and two windows like the dutch barn and the windows and doors on the a-frame structure can be placed where ever you want them.  The wood a-frame structures have 7' outside walls and since the floor is just over 7" off of the ground gives you about 6' 4" sidewalls on the inside.  A variation of the a-frame wooden storage building kits is the high wall a-frame which is 1' taller.

4)  The next kind of building is a metal carport kit which are delivered as a kit and built on site.  They are the cheapest of all of the kits and do a great job of protecting your belongs.  The carport kits are open on the sides and ends thus saving you money but not providing 100% protection rain and snow can still reach it but it is a whole lot more protection then no cover at all.  You can buy the metal carports online at Alan's Factory Outlet Store.

5)  The most affordable fully enclosed storage building kits available are the metal storage buildings.  The metal storage building kits are delivered to your home as a kit.  Most sizes are built by our crew within one day with free delivery and installation on all of the metal buildings in 27 different states.  The metal buildings are for sale online.

6)  This next type of kit for your backyard are the pergola kits.  They are made as a decorative landmark for a patio or a shaded area for your backyard.  The Amish made pergola kits are built in wood and vinyl and are shipped nationwide in the USA.  The DIY pergola kits do not have a floor.  You can order pergola kits online

7)  Making the list as the most beautiful of all the structures are the gazebo kits.  The Amish made gazebo kits are constructed in wood and vinyl.  The gazebo kits come standard with a floor but we can build it without a floor.  There are many different sizes of gazebos.  You can get it with a single roof or a double roof.  At Alan's Factory Outlet store there are gazebo kits for sale

Thank you for reading about the 7 most poplular storage building kits and backyard kits.  Please feel free to share this with your family and friends.

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Vinyl Storage Buildings

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Nov 21, 2011

vinyl storage buildingsVinyl Storage Buildings are delivered for in all of Virginia and West Virginia with free delivery on the vinyl storage buildings in these 21 local counties in Virginia:  Arlington County, Augusta, Caroline, Clarke, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Frederick, Greene, King George, Loudoun, Madison, Orange, Page, Prince William, Rappahannock, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Spotsylvania, Stafford and Warren County in Virginia.  The vinyl storage buildings are built by the Amish in the factory and delivered fully assembled to your home.  Alan's Factory Outlet storage buildings are made in lots of different sizes and styles and are custom built the way you want.  You get to pick the location of the doors and windows and many other options are available such as a ramp, loft, workbench, ridge vent, extra windows and doors and more.

Vinyl Storage Buildings Construction Specs

  • Fiberglass double doors in the color you want and a steel plate at the base of the door
  • Vinyl 4" dutch lap siding and trim color of your choice
  • 30 year architectural shingles and felt paper
  • All plywood interior and nailed framed joists 16" on center 2"x4" sidewall and roof joists
  • 5/8" plywood floor on top of pressure treated 2x4 floor joists which is on top of pressure treated 4x4 runner foundation
  • Amish vinyl storage building is built with two windows and shutters except the mini barn storage building which has one window with shutters

The vinyl storage buildings are a popular option for those who don't want to get a wood storage building that requires painting.  Another reason many people go with one of the vinyl storage buildings is to match the color and vinyl siding on their home.

One reason you may not want to get a vinyl storage building is if you need to get the most economical option the wood is going to be more cost effective compared to the vinyl and this is because on the vinyl it is made with 1/2" plywood inside and vinyl outside vs the wood sheds which is just made with 1/2" duratemp t1-11 siding.

Vinyl storage building prices

The vinyl storages buildings are built as vinyl garages with a 9x7 insulated garage door, single door and either without a floor or with a reinforced floor.

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Storage Buildings For Sale

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Sep 8, 2011

Amish Built Storage Buildings For Sale

storage buildings for sale

Storage Buildings are custom built in the size, style, color and layout that best suits your situation.  This is a wood storage building shown in the dutch barn style shed in the 10x12 size.  They are also available in the vinyl storage buildings and board and batten storage buildings.  On the wood storage buildings for sale you get to pick a main color, trim color, shingle color and shutter color.  This one was built in with the same main, trim and shutter color which is another option if you don't prefer the color contrast.    

Alan's Factory Outlet Amish built storage buildings for sale are delivered fully assembled to your home or land.

Storage Buildings for Sale Specs on 10' wide buildings

  • 5 pressure treated 4"x4" foundation runners
  • Pressure treated floor joists with plywood floor
  • Duratemp sidewalls with all plywood interior
  • Felt paper roof and 30 year architectural shingles
  • 2"x4" sides and roof 16" on center 
  • Wood doors with bracing and painted interior of door with steel plate at entry point

There is free delivery on the storage buildings for sale to 21 local counties in Virginia and delivery is available in all of VA and WV.

Visit Alan's Factory Outlet located at 643 West Main St. Luray VA to view the display area of Amish built storage buildings.

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Storage Shed Ownership vs. Storage Rental

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Jun 26, 2010

Storage Shed, Storage Building, Sheds Which do you think is better owning a Storage Building or renting a storage unit?

I want to point out a few things to think about.

Did you know that the average storage rental unit fee is $75 a month.  That is $900 a year.  Did you know you can own a 10' x 14' Storage Shed for about $2,000.  So in a little over two years time you can own a Shed. 

      Example:  $75 / month rental fee

                 x     26 / months rental usage


                      $1950.00 / Wow, you could own a shed!

Storage Sheds are also portable.  Many landlords allow Portable Sheds to be placed on the property and when the tenant leaves they can take the building with them.

Lets not miss the convenience factor.  You need something from storage it is right in your own back yard.  You have easy access to your belongings 24/7.  Your belongings are also protected by your own watchful eye.  No one can take care of your personal property like you can.

Now lets talk about rent-to-own.  A lot of people seem to be attracted to this, but I wonder how many people know they are paying for the Shed twice, maybe even three times.  Can you imagine!  eek!

Just something to think about.

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Are You Looking For A High Quality Shed?

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Apr 28, 2010

If you are loSheds, Shed, Storage Sheds, Storage  Buildingsoking for the Very Best Quality in a Storage Building, then look no further.  Here at Alan's Factory Outlet in Luray Virginia, the Heart of the Shenandoah Valley, we are very passionate about giving You the Best Quality Sheds & Garages at the fairest price.  We want Your Shed to last your lifetime, as it should.

Alan's Factory Outlet has a variety of high quality products such as:  Sheds, Garages, 2 Story Sheds, 2 Story Garages, Horse Barns, Horse Run-in Sheds, Gazebos and Gazebo Kits.

We look forward to helping you with your storage needs. 


Visit Alan's Factory Outlet, 643 W. Main St., Luray, VA 22835


Sheds, Garages, 2 Story Sheds, Horse Barns



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Protect Your Equipment From April Showers With A Storage Building

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Mar 31, 2010

April Showers are upon us, is your equipment covered?

Two Story Garage, Two Story Shed, 2 Story Garage, Two Story Shed
If not, you may want a reliable covering such as a Two Story Garage or a Storage Building.  These Sheds and Garages are made super tough with a construction comparable to a home.  The interior is all plywood, with 2x4 studs 16" on center, reinforced floors come with 3/4" plywood over 2x4 studs 12" on center.  The quality is sure to give you a shed that will last a lifetime! The protection that Storage Buildings offer is priceless.

Be assured that your equipment is protected from all weather conditions with an Alan's Factory Outlet Prefab Storage Building or Garage. 

Come visit us today at 643 West Main Street, Luray VA  22835.  We would be honored to help you with your Storage Needs.

Happy Spring Everyone.

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Order Your Amish Storage Shed Today Before the Spring Rush

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Feb 17, 2010

Amish Sheds, Storage Sheds, Storage BuildingsOrder Your Amish Storage Shed Today Before the Spring Rush.  Amish Sheds are available in Wood and Vinyl Siding.  Sheds come in many different sizes and styles.  Storage Buildings are custom built and delivered fully assembled ready for you to begin using the same day it is delivered.  Order Today and we will deliver your Storage Building or Prefab Garage when your ready for it.  If your ready in several weeks or in several Months in the Spring that is no problem.  

If you wait to order in the Spring thats fine also but just be aware that the average delivery times in the Spring are between 1 to 2 Months due to a backlog of orders.  So one advantage of ordering today is you will get to the front of the line and we can build your building and have it waiting for you when your ready for it to be delivered.                  

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Why Order Your Storage Shed at Alan's Factory Outlet?

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Feb 10, 2010

Amish Sheds, Storage Sheds, Garages







Why order your Storage Shed, Garage, 2 Story Building, Horse Barn, Gazebo and Carport at Alan's Factory Outlet?  Alan's Factory Outlet has a physical location where you can look and walk through the different Storage Sheds and Garages.  Seeing is believing, you get a better idea of what is going to work for you in terms of size, style and options.  Many of our customers have said this makes a huge difference to be able to see the quality, sizes and styles of buildings as well as having that face to face interaction with us.  Our customers know that if they need anything they can hop in their car and come talk with us in person.  We are here for you.

Alan's Factory Outlet is unique because we are locally Owned and Operated by Alan Bernau Jr & Wife, Julie Bernau.

Alan Bernau Jr, Julie Bernau, Alan's Factory Outlet Luray VAWe have been blessed with the opportunity to help people with their Storage Needs for the past 7 years.  So when you get a Building at Alan's Factory Outlet you not only get a Great Quality Building at a Fair Price with Friendly Service but You also get Alan and Julie who have made this their life's work. 

One of our goals at Alan's Factory Outlet is the "Golden Rule" to treat others how we would like to be treated.  At Alan's Factory Outlet we are determined to give you the very best quality and service at a fair price.  

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Why Rent a Storage Building When You Can Own a Storage Building

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Jan 25, 2010

Are you still paying monthly rental storage fees?  Month after month those fees add up quickly.  In a matter of 2 or 3 years you will have paid enough money to be able to Own a Storage Building.

Not only will Owning a Storage Building save you money but having a Storage Building in Your Own Backyard will save you time.  If you need something you just walk outside and your 30 seconds away from what ever you need.  Instead of having to go across town spending your time not to mention gas money to get something you need or to put something in your rental storage building.

Another great thing about these Amish Built Storage Buildings is that they are custom built to your needs.  You get to pick the location of the doors and windows.  You can even get a workbench or loft for extra storage space.  Garage Doors can be added if you have larger items you want to place in your storage building.  All Wooden Storage Buildings come with your choice of 15 different paint colors, trim colors and 25 year shingles.

Storage Buildings, Storage BuildingStorage Buildings are all delivered fully assembled ready for you to begin using immediately.  Storage Buildings are portable so if you ever want to move it to another location on your property you can.  If you ever move you can even take your storage building with you.  Vinyl Storage Buildings are also available.

Most folks who have rented a storage unit and then ordered a storage building say their only regret was not buying a storage building sooner. 

Please feel free to comment or add any of your personal experiences.

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