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Two Car Garage with Loft - 2 Story Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Jan 23, 2012

Alan's Factory Outlet two car garage with loft also known as a 2 story garage is built by the Amish.  This 2 story two car garage is delivered to your home in two portable sections.  To help save you money and speed up the on site time required for construction of the two car garage with loft the roof is hinged and raised once both modular garage portions are put into the location you want it.

Two Car Garage with Loft, 2 Story Garage Package

As you can see in this video of the two car garage with loft which has a staircase and you have 8' headroom on the first floor and 8' of space on the 2nd level loft.  The 8' of loft space gives you plenty of room to turn it into an additional room or that office you've been wanting or maybe you just want to use it for storage.  The first level can be built without a floor and in this case that would give you 8' 6" headroom on the 1st story.  It is the same price if you go with a floor or without.  The two car garage with loft gives you twice the space at less than double the price on the 2 story garage at Alan's Factory Outlet.  Here are the two story two car garage prices

The two story garage with loft is custom built with 2 different options.  It is the same price either way.  A staircase or a pull down ladder.

two car garage with stair case to loft 2 story

 Staircase to loft of 2 story two car garage

2 story garage pull down ladder two story garage with loft

Pull down ladder to 2nd level of loft on two car garage

The 2 car garages with a loft area come painted in your choice of 15 different colors.  They also have a 40 year metal roof or architectural shingles.  Other siding options are the vinyl garage and board batten garage along with the wood garage shown in the video above.

More free accessories are included on the wood, vinyl and board batten two story two car garage: 8 windows with shutters, 9 lite single door and 2 9x7 insulated garage doors.

If you prefer a garage without the loft area, you could always go with a single level two car garage.

Not to mention you will not have to pay a penny for the setup and delivery of the two car garage with a loft in 21 local counties in VA and WV.  The 2 story garage is installed in all of Virginia and West Virginia.

Please feel free to take a look in person and get a feel for the room you get with the 2 story 2 car garage on display at Alan's Factory Outlet 643 West Main Street Luray, Virginia 22835.

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24x24 Wood Two Story Barn Garage Design

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Dec 13, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet Wood 24x24 Two Story Garage Design Video

                                               24x24 two story garage

The garage design of this two story garage is a barn roof.  An a-frame roof is also available.  The garages are built in a two story or a single level two car garage.  They can be made with or without a floor.  Garages can be designed in wood, vinyl and board batten siding. 

All of these garages are built by hand by the Amish.  The two story garage design is custom built to meet your needs.  You get to pick the siding, size, roof style, flooring options, door and window layout along with color options. 

two story garage design

Alan's Factory Outlet two story garage is designed with 8' of headroom on the first floor and 8' headroom on the 2nd floor.  The sidewalls are built the 2"x4" 16" on center.  The interior is all plywood construction.  The standard garage design has 2 9x7 insulated garage doors, 8 windows with shutters and a 9 lite single entry door.

Free delivery 21 local counties in Virginia on the two story garages.  Custom garage designs are delivered in all of Virginia.

Please share some of two story garage designs that you find most interesting.

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24x24 Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Feb 11, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet 24x24 garage is built in a single level two car garage and a two story garage in wood and vinyl siding.  The 24x24 prefab garages are Amish built garages delivered in two sections.  The 2 half's of the modular garage are bolted together on site.

two story garages  two car garages


24x24 single level two car garage standard features

  • Two 9'x7' garage doors with steel diamond plate
  • 3' wood single door with steel diamond plate and door stopper
  • Four 2'x3' windows with shutters
  • 10 pressure treated 4"x4" foundation runners, 3/4" plywood floor with 2"x4" floor joists
  • 30 year architectural shingles, felt paper, ridge vent and an ice and water shield
  • 25 year painted duratemp siding, plywood interior walls
  • 2x4 sidewalls and 2x6 roof rafters

Metal Garages and Carports are also built 24' wide. 

Visit Alan's Factory Outlet display lot at 643 West Main St. Luray VA to see and walk in a 24x24 garage.

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Protect Your Equipment From April Showers With A Storage Building

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Mar 31, 2010

April Showers are upon us, is your equipment covered?

Two Story Garage, Two Story Shed, 2 Story Garage, Two Story Shed
If not, you may want a reliable covering such as a Two Story Garage or a Storage Building.  These Sheds and Garages are made super tough with a construction comparable to a home.  The interior is all plywood, with 2x4 studs 16" on center, reinforced floors come with 3/4" plywood over 2x4 studs 12" on center.  The quality is sure to give you a shed that will last a lifetime! The protection that Storage Buildings offer is priceless.

Be assured that your equipment is protected from all weather conditions with an Alan's Factory Outlet Prefab Storage Building or Garage. 

Come visit us today at 643 West Main Street, Luray VA  22835.  We would be honored to help you with your Storage Needs.

Happy Spring Everyone.

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