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Buying a Vinyl Storage Shed

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Sep 15, 2012

What to look for when buying a vinyl siding storage shed

buying a vinyl storage shed

 10x16 size a-frame vinyl storage shed with an extra single arched glass door

So when you buy a vinyl shed the first thing to look for is to make sure that it is maintenance free without any exposed wood.  At Alan's Factory Outlet the vinyl sheds are made with 4" dutch lap siding and the trim around the doors and around the roof line is wrapped in metal.  There are 10 different colors to choose from on the vinyl siding and you also get to pick the metal trim color, shutter color and shingle color.

You will want to make sure your vinyl shed is built with either a fiberglass door instead of a wood door wrapped in vinyl. 

The inside construction you will want to make sure you get is 1/2" plywood and not the OSB.  The great difference in this is that if the plywood gets wet it will shrink back to its original size where the OSB tends to expand but not go back to it same size which can lead to a shed that doesn't last as long.  So it is true the OSB is a little less money than the 1/2" plywood but a few dollars more today can help save your vinyl storage shed to help it last longer into the future before it is time to replace it.  All of the vinyl sheds at Alan's Factory Outlet are made with 1/2" plywood sidewalls and 1/2" plywood roof.

The construction of the sidewalls and roof rafters you will want to have them built with 2"x4"'s 16" on center.  A few other things to check for is that it has a 2"x4" bottom plate and a double 2"x4" top plate which are the 2x4's just under the roof line of the structure.

As for the roof this is kind of a personal choice and that is whether you want to go with a metal roof or a shingle roof.  If you go with a shingle roof you will want to make sure the roof has felt paper put down underneath the shingles.  And for the longest lasting shingles architectural shingles will be the best option.

Foundation and Floor when buying a vinyl shed

  • Pressure treated 4"x4" foundation skids
  • P.T. 2"x4" floor joists 16" on center
  • 5/8" plywood floor
  • If you are going to be storing really heavy items in the vinyl storage building you will want to make the pressure treated joists closer together 12" on center and make the floor thicker 3/4", if the floor will get wet than making the floor pressure treated or putting down a water sealer is a smart move

Getting a vinyl shed all ready built is the easiest way to go but you will want to make sure you have enough room for the building to be delivered on the truck and trailer.

Buying a vinyl shed with the options.  Some options will be best to get at the time you buy the shed where others you may want to do yourself or if time does not allow you to do it yourself you will want to get them put in the shed when you order it.  Most of the vinyl sheds are constructed with 2 windows with screens and shutters.  Two gable vents for also put in the sheds to help keep them cooler.  You can add extra windows for more light or add a ridge vent for more ventilation.  Other options are a ramp, loft, workbench, flower boxes, an extra entry door.

The recommended base for the vinyl storage buildings is a 4 to 6 inch gravel base of either crusher run or 3/4" stone 2' wider and 2' longer than the size of the shed you bought.  If there area the shed is going to be placed you will want to go with the 3/4" stone also called #57 for the drainage advantage offered by the larger stone.

One final note is to make sure you keep in mind the Amish built vinyl sheds are custom ordered so you will want to allow some extra time for it to be built and delivered so if you want the shed delivered in a month or two you will want to buy the vinyl shed ahead of time to allow it to be built if you will need it by a certain date.  The delivery times do vary but for example right now we are running approximately 4 to 8 weeks for delivery on the wood storage sheds and vinyl storage sheds.

Alan's Factory Outlet vinyl sheds are delivered for free in the 21 local counties in VA and WV.  Delivery is available in all of Virginia and West Virginia.

Thank you for reading this blog about buying a vinyl storage shed.  Please free free to share this information with a friend.

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Protect Your Riding Mower with a Storage Shed or Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Apr 5, 2012

Spring season is here once again and the grass is really starting to take off.  Having a clean, dry place to store your riding mower and weed eater from the harsh winter weather will help you protect your investment and give you a piece of machinery that will last longer saving you money in the long run and help to keep your valuable items look new longer.  Even thou you don't have to worry about the snow in the spring and summer the rain over time can start to rust away the outside of the mower.

riding mower metal garage storage building

                       Alan's Factory Outlet Metal Garage

The metal garages are built without a floor and come in many different sizes and styles with several different size garage doors to fit just about anything inside of it.

Two other options of siding if you want a garage door would be the wood garage and vinyl garage which can be built with or without a floor depending on your circumstances.  The Amish built garages come with a single entry door and two windows and gable vents for ventilation.

If your looking for something a little smaller a wood storage shed or vinyl storage shed which comes with double doors instead of the garage door could be a good fit.

Alan's Factory Outlet is here to help you with your storage shed and garage needs, please keep in mind that we are now heading into the busy season so plan ahead and beat the spring rush.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter in this 2012 Year of our Lord.  May God Bless You and Your Family as we take time to reflect upon what matters most and what things we have to be Thankful for.  Thank You, Jesus

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