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Wood Storage Buildings

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet wood storage buildings are built in many different sizes and styles.  We will start with the most economical of the wood storage buildings and also the shortest and the only mini barn under 8' 6" tall actually 8' tall and that is the mini barn.  The mini barn has 4' sidewalls and is 8' at the peak.  Due to the shape of the barn roof is has plenty of head room, but one this you don't get with the mini barn is enough room for a loft but then again some people don't need or want a loft so this may be the wood storage building that best fits your needs.  The wood storage buildings come with double door, one window and two gable vents.

Here is a video of the mini barn wood storage buildings.

If you need a wood storage building with plenty of head room and enough room for a loft you will want to go with the dutch barn.  The dutch barns give you the maximum amount of head room of all the buildings.  The dutch barns have double doors and 2 windows and two gable vents.  The dutch barn has 6' 7" sidewalls and is approx 10' 6" at the peak.

dutch barn wood storage buildings

There next style of wood storage buildings is the a-frame gable sheds which comes in an a-frame which has 7' sidewalls and a high wall a-frame which is 1' taller with 8' sidewalls.  The other style is called a quaker wood storage building which has an offset roof with a higher front wall and a lower back wall.  Two other styles are the hip roof with both the ends and sides meet and the chalet that has a dormer on the side.  Vinyl storage buildings and board batten storage buildings are also available.

The wood storage buildings are built in an a-frame and barn style garage that has a 9x7 garage door, two windows, single door with a reinforced floor or without a floor.

Alan's Factory Outlet also has a varitey of metal carport kits and metal garage buildings.

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12x20 Dutch Barn | Storage Buildings | Serving VA and WV

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Sep 16, 2010

Sheds Storage Sheds Dutch Barn Shenandoah Valley VA VirginiaAlan's Factory Outlet 12x20 Wood Dutch Barn Storage Buildings. Main Color Buckskin, Trim Hunter Green, Shingles Earthtone Cedar.

Alans Factory Outlet Storage Buildings are delivered for free in 7 local counties in VA and WV.  Serving all of VA and WV.

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