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Rain or Shine: All-Season Storage Solutions

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Sep 7, 2013

vertical metal roof carports

A Durable Metal Vertical Carport

Throughout my years in the business of offering dependable storage solutions, I've learned that people have a variety of storage needs. Some people have classic cars that they want to keep in the best possible condition for shows, parades and exhibitions. Other people have a valuable collection of garden tools and equipment that they want to keep away from the elements. Regardless of whether it's an RV or a sturdy snow shovel, people want to protect their possessions so they can get the greatest amount of use out of them. They need dependable storage for their items regardless of the weather conditions. I'm sure that you have some items that you want to protect and keep for as long as possible, too. In today's blog, I'd like to relate some of the main benefits of a few of the storage solutions you'll find in the selection at Alan's Outlet.

Metal Carports

A metal carport is a solution for anyone who lives in a home without a garage. A carport doesn't take up much space on a piece of property. Plus, it does the job of protecting your car, truck or other vehicle from rain, snow and hail as well as the harsh rays of the sun. Furthermore, there are various options when it comes to the roof of a metal carport. For instance, the vertical roof style allows snow and other debris to slide right off the side instead of piling up. You can choose a roof style that meets both your practical needs and your visual preferences. We also have portable carports made of steel that can be moved around your property when the need arises.

Wood Garages

A wood garage offers your vehicle and other items an extra element of protection from weather conditions as compared to a carport. Wooden garages are available in many sizes to accommodate your needs. Perhaps you're looking for storage suitable for a car and a riding lawnmower. There are wooden garages that can house both vehicles with plenty of room to spare. Or, you may have just one car that you want to protect. We have single car garages in our selection that will 'fit the bill'! Wood garages protect vehicles and more from storms, hail damage, heavy winds, and snow.

Storage Sheds

A storage shed is perfect for anyone with a gathering of garden tools and no garage to put them in. You may get a storage shed to house all of your gardening equipment including a wheelbarrow and garden hose. By putting them in an organized storage shed, you are keeping metal tools dry and free of rust. Most importantly, when you are in the middle of a gardening project you'll be able to find what you need to finish the job!

A storage shed is a great place to work in whether the sun is out or it is pouring rain. You can set up a workbench and perform small repairs on household items. You may want to spend your time in the storage shed repairing bicycles or building new kitchen cabinets. A storage shed has a quiet environment that is ideal for pursuing a hands-on hobby.

I hope these storage solutions have given you some ideas on how to best care for your valuable items. Thanks for reading! Alan

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Metal Garages vs Wood Garages vs Vinyl Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Oct 6, 2011

Metal Garages vs Wood Garages vs Vinyl Garages

metal garages

                                Metal Garages For Sale

wood garages

                                 Wood Garages For Sale

vinyl garages

                                  Vinyl Garages For Sale

What is the difference between the metal garages, wood garages and vinyl garages?

The wood garages and vinyl garages are both amish built prefab garages.  The wood and vinyl garages are very similar but with one difference and that is the siding.  The wood garages are built with T1-11 duratemp siding which has a 25 year warranty.  These garages are painted with two coats of paint.  The average paint time is about 10 years which means the wood garage require the most upkeep of the 3 different garages.

The vinyl garages have 4" dutch lap vinyl siding on the exterior with the interior of the walls having 1/2" plywood.  The extra materials needed to build the vinyl garages make it the most expensive of the 3 garages, however compared to the wood garages that have to be painted the vinyl garages never need to be painted so this saves you both time and money in the future.

The metal garages sides and roof both consist of 29 gauge metal sheeting which does not require any painting so it shares the same maintenance free characteristics as the vinyl garages except the metal garages siding is much more durable when compared to the vinyl siding which could be damaged by a weed eater or a sharp object.

The wood and vinyl garages can be built with a floor or without a floor.  The metal garages are only built without a floor.  The base for all of the garages needs to be level and can be put on gravel, asphalt or a concrete slab.  The wood and vinyl garages are delivered fully assembled.  There wood and vinyl garages also come in 2 story garages if you need even more space.  The metal garages are built on site.  Most of the garages metal buildings are installed within one day.

The wood garages and vinyl garages are built with 2"x4" sidewalls and roof trusses 16" on center vs the metal garages which have metal 14 gauge 2 1/2" square galvanized tubing 5' on center sidewalls and roof trusses.  The metal garage can also be built with an optional thicker 12 gauge tubing that comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.

The roof on the wood garages and vinyl garages are built with a 1/2" plywood roof with shingles vs the 29 ga. metal roof on the metal garages.

All three of the garages can be made in a 1 car garage or prefab 2 car garages.

The metal garages are delivered and installed for free to 19 different states.  The wood garages and vinyl garages are delivered for free to the 21 local counties in Virginia.

Feel free to visit Alan's Factory Outlet display area of garages located at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA 22835.  Please leave a comment or share this with your family and friends. 

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Prefab Garages | 12x24 Wood Barn Garage | Garages Video

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Sep 15, 2010

Alan's Factory Outlet 12x24 Wood Barn Garage.  Prefab Garages are built in many different sizes and styles.  The 12x24 Garage is this video is light gray with white trim and fox hollow gray shingles.  Prefab garages come in your choice of 15 different colors with the windows and doors placed the location you desire.

Prefab Garages Prefabricated Garage Virginia VA

Wood Garages can be built in either an a-frame roof or a barn style roof.  The foundation of the garage is made with 5 pressure treated 4"x4" 40 year runners.  On top of the 4"x4" Runners are 2"x4" Joists 12" On Center.  Then on top of the joists is 3/4" pressure treated plywood floor.  The best part of the floor is that it is 7" off of the ground to provide plenty of air flow under your garage to give you a garage that is built to last a lifetime. 

The sidewalls and roof truses are 2"x4" joists 16" on center.  The siding is duratemp wood siding is 25 year warranty siding.  The wood siding is painted with two coats of paint.  The roof has 1/2" plywood with 25 year shingles in the color you want.  

You also get a 9'x7' garage door, single 36" door, two 24"x36" windows and 2 gable vents.

Alans Factory Outlet also have 2 story garages.

Free delivery 7 local counties in VA on all prefab garages.  Garages are delivered in Virginia and West Virginia.  Visit Alan's Factory Outlet at 643 West Main St. Luray VA 22835.

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