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Wood Gazebo Kits

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Feb 9, 2012

Wood Gazebo Kits For Sale in the USA

wood gazebo kits

Alan's Factory Outlet Amish made pressure treated wood gazebo kits are made in an oval shape gazebo and in octagon gazebo kits depending on the size your looking for.  The roof on the wood gazebo kits is a cedar shake roof.  You get your choice of a single or double roof and all of the gazebo kits come standard with a cupola.

Many options are available on the wood gazebo kits such as wooden benches, removable screens and 4 track windows.  One feature that comes with all of the wood and vinyl gazebo kits is the easy step in for safer access in and out of the gazebo kit.

The wood gazebo kits are precut with the hardware and instructions included for an easy assembly of the wood gazebo kit.  The gazebo kits are built and delivered year round for those who want to get a head start on the spring rush.  

The gazebo kit prices along with the shipping prices for each of the 48 states we deliver to are on the website to help save you time to make an educated buying decision with all of the facts.

The wood gazebo kits and vinyl gazebo kits at Alan's Factory Outlet are made with quality materials to provide you with a gazebo kit that is built to last a lifetime.  The key point with the wood gazebo kits is that you will want to stain them every 2 to 5 years to help preserve your investment in the gazebo of course with the vinyl gazebo all you would have to do is just power wash it every now and than but the wood gazebo is more affordable so that does appeal to many people wanting a gazebo in there backyard.  You can get you gazebo kit with a stain on it to help save you time.

Another product that goes well with the wood gazebo kits are the wood pergola kits.  The pergola kits are also available for delivery in the USA and they are built by the Amish with a pressure treated wood.  Pergola kit prices are on the website to help make it easier to find the sizes and prices and options on the wooden pergola kits.

The gazebo kits make a great way to expand your recreational space in the backyard for family and friends to gather around while under the shade from the gazebo roof for on those sunny days not to mention protecting you from the suns rays or keep you dry on those rainy days from the spring showers.

Please feel free to call Alan at 540-743-1272 about the wood gazebo kits or wooden pergola kits or you can also leave a comment or question below.

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Gazebo Kits

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Apr 27, 2011

gazebo kitsAmish made gazebo kits are delivered nationwide in the USA.  Gazebo kits are all precut with all hardware and instructions needed to help make the gazebo kit assembly easy. 

Gazebo kits are made as wood gazebo kits and vinyl gazebo kits.  You get to also pick between a single or double roof.

The gazebo in this picture is of a 12 foot gazebo built in wood with a double roof.

All gazebo kits come with a cupola, railings, floor, roof and 4x4 post.  Several options are available such as benches, removable screens which come with a screen door.  Gazebos can be built without a floor.

Alan's Factory Outlet gazebo kits are a great way to have an Amish made gazebo for your home.  Giving your family that special place to relax and gather.

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Enjoy Peace & Tranquility in an Amish Gazebo

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Dec 3, 2010

Gazebo Kits Wood Oval Gazebos Kit
Enjoy peace and tranquility with an Amish Gazebo.  Gazebo Kits are available for Gazebo Shipping in the United States of America.  View all of our sizes and styles on-line.  There is detailed information available to you for just about any question you may have.  You are welcome to email or call with inquiries or place your order.  The Gazebo Kits come with everything you need:  pre-cut materials, hard-ware and instructions.  Two or Three people can easily build a Gazebo in a day.  By that evening you could be sitting in the Gazebo sipping lemonade and watching the sunset.

Vinyl Gazebo Kits are available for a maintenance free lifestyle.

Gazebo Kits Vinyl Gazebos Kit

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Amish Gazebo Kits Delivered Nationwide in USA

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Nov 6, 2010

Alan's Factory Outlet Amish Gazebo Kits are Delivered Nationwide in USA.  Your Gazebo Kit is precut with all of the hardware included for easy assembly.  Gazebo Kits come in wood gazebo kits or vinyl gazebo kits

Here is how your gazebo kit will arrive at your home ready to begin putting together.

Gazebo Kits 

Most of the Gazebos can be assembled by two people in 1 day.  Step by step instructions are included with the gazebo kit.  After your gazebo is assembled it is ready for you to begin enjoying.  Here is an example of a 12' Double Roof Wood Gazebo.

Gazebo Wood Gazebos Virginia VA

Here are the Gazebo Kits Prices and Gazebo Kit Shipping Prices.

Pergola kits are also available.   Alan's Factory Outlet pergola kits are shipped in the USA.

Here are the pergola kit prices.

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