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Which Siding Option Is The Best Choice For Your Home?

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Aug 27, 2019


Are you thinking about new siding for your home? If so, you've probably noticed there's no shortage of options. I thought I'd take a look at siding today to let you know a few facts about the different choices available. Enjoy!


When it comes to siding, vinyl is a very popular choice. It's made from PVC resin and is available in many appealing colors. The durability of this material makes it a smart choice for homes in almost any area of the country. If you have the right tools and a tall ladder, you can install your own vinyl siding fairly easily.


  • You can paint it.
  • It's low-maintenance.
  • It's resistant to insects and moisture.
  • It's affordable (usually less than $10 per 10 square feet, though the cost varies depending on the variety you choose).


  • Not many places recycle it.
  • Its color can fade over time.


Wood is one of the most attractive options for siding. Pine, spruce, and fir are all popular choices for homeowners.


  • It's environmentally friendly.
  • It's easily painted or stained.
  • It's available in different styles, such as lap, shingle, and shake.


  • It's vulnerable to insect damage, so it's not a good choice for some areas of the country.
  • It can be expensive; 1,500 square feet costs an average of $12,500.
  • It requires regular maintenance.

Engineered Wood

This siding is made of synthetic material in the form of wood fibers and resin. It's an attractive alternative to genuine wood siding because it costs less ($1.20 to $2.20 per square foot).


  • It's made of recycled material.
  • It's durable.
  • It's insect-resistant.
  • It's easy to paint.


  • It doesn't have the natural appeal of wood.
  • Not all engineered wood is equal in quality.


If you love the look of a brick home, you're not alone! It's available in many inviting designs. Brick is weather-resistant and appropriate for almost any area of the country. I guess the three little pigs knew what they were talking about!


  • It's sound-resistant.
  • It's low-maintenance.
  • It's energy-efficient.


  • Repointing mortar can be expensive.
  • A shifting foundation can cause issues with a brick house.
  • It's expensive ($6 to $15 per square foot).


Stucco is a textured siding made of sand, water, and cement. It's seen on many Mediterranean and Spanish-style houses. It costs about $6 to $9 per square foot.


  • It's fire-resistant.
  • It comes in appealing textures and colors.


  • It can be damaged if a house settles.
  • It offers poor insulation, so it's not a good choice for very cold areas, such as New England.
  • This is not a DIY installation project.


Real stone siding is one of the most attractive types you can find. It withstands all types of weather conditions, so it's an appropriate choice for any area of the country. Most importantly, you can pretend you live in a castle!


  • It's durable.
  • It's environmentally friendly.
  • It's low-maintenance.


  • Installation needs to be done by professionals.
  • It's expensive ($35 to $50 per square foot).

Stone Veneer

This siding is an alternative to real stone and is less expensive. It can cost as little as $6 to $9 per square foot. It's lightweight and available in many colors and designs.


  • Installation can be a DIY project.
  • It provides the look of real stone for less money


  • Low-quality stone veneer siding can allow moisture to leak through, causing damage.
  • It's not environmentally friendly.
  • It's not the best choice for areas of the country with harsh weather conditions.

Fiber Cement

This siding is made of cement, natural cellulose fiber, and silica. It's growing in popularity and being put on a lot of newer homes.


  • You'll have a choice of several colors.
  • It's durable and resistant to cracks.
  • It's insect-resistant.


  • It's expensive ($6 to $11 per square foot).
  • It's not a DIY project due to the weight of the cement.


Aluminum siding is a safe choice due to its durability. In addition, quality aluminum siding can provide your home with excellent insulation.


  • It's rust-resistant, making it a good choice for people living on the coasts or near other bodies of water.
  • It's available in different designs to please your visual tastes.
  • It's a good choice for people living in extremely cold areas.
  • It's affordable, $3 to $6 per square foot.


  • Its color can fade over time.
  • It can dent fairly easily.

I wish you good luck in making a final decision on what's best for your home. Thanks for reading. - Alan

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