Build a Carport With Our Help


Looking for reliable shelter for your vehicle(s)? Consider our selection of sturdy metal carports. Our carports protect vehicles from rain, snow, ice, hail, and even intense sunlight. While protection for your vehicle is very important, there are many other excellent reasons for building a carport. Building a carport on your property opens the doors to a lot of possibilities.

Choose the Purpose for Your Carport

A carport can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, you may want to transform it into an outdoor workout space. Putting an elliptical trainer, weight bench, or rowing machine beneath your carport instantly turns it into a convenient place to exercise! Or you could decorate your carport for an outdoor gathering with friends. Under the shelter of a carport, the party can go on even if it starts to rain. In addition, a carport is a great place to sit and read, listen to music, or just enjoy the warm afternoon breezes in the shade. You can buy some inexpensive, comfortable outdoor furniture for the space or get creative and make your own pallet chairs. It won’t take long for you to make your carport into a getaway that is not too far away from home.

Excellent Shelter for Many Types of Vehicles and Equipment

Who says that a carport is just for cars and trucks? At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we can build a carport on your property that provides shelter for your RV or boat. Perhaps you have farm equipment such as a tractor, a horse trailer, or other large items that need protection from the elements. We have triple-wide carports that can accommodate several vehicles or pieces of equipment. In our vast online selection of carport options, you’re sure to find one that that meets with your satisfaction.

Enhance the Appearance of Your Property

We believe that a carport should enhance the look of your property as well as serve a practical purpose. When you purchase a carport from our inventory, you can choose a boxed-eave, vertical, or regular-style roof for the structure. You may want to choose a style that coordinates with the roof on your home, shed, or other buildings on your property. Also, our carports are available in a variety of appealing colors. You can customize a carport so it fulfills the unique vision you have for your property.

Build Your Own Carport

Once you place an order for your carport, we’ll deliver it to you and assemble it. But what if you’re someone who really loves to build? Carport kits are available for sale from Alan’s Factory Outlet, too, making the process much simpler for someone who wants to build their own carport. When you choose to build your own carport, we’ll deliver the kit to you and let you handle the rest. Of course, there is no 30-day craftsmanship warranty on a carport that you build. Carport owners who assemble their own structure can save five percent of the cost of their purchase, though.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we make it convenient for you to place your order online 24/7, and we offer free delivery and installation in many states. Call now to discuss plans for your new carport with our knowledgeable staff.