How to Build Your Own Garage


If you want to know how to build a garage, follow these basic steps:

  1. Make a plan and take measurements of the area.
  2. Get the local permits needed.
  3. Order your materials or your DIY kit.
  4. Build a foundation.
  5. Build your frame.
  6. Assemble the walls.
  7. Install the outer sheathing.
  8. Install roof trusses.
  9. Finish the roofing.
  10. Add the shingling.
  11. Add the windows and doors.
  12. Add the finishing touches.

You’ll need a lot of resources when building a garage, including knowledge of local code requirements, building materials, experience with designing a stable structure, and friends or family who will contribute their manual labor to help you get it all done. This can certainly be intimidating, but we can help make building a garage easier with our garage building kits.

Designing Your New Garage

The first thing you’ll need to do when you design your own garage is consider what you want to do with it. Many people store vehicles or lawn equipment in their garage, but there’s no rule that says that you have to use your garage for storage. Plenty of people plan DIY garage projects to create an exercise room complete with a weight bench, elliptical trainer, and treadmill. Or you might create a workshop for yourself with a workbench and all of your tools organized the way you want. How you want to use your new garage will help you determine how big it needs to be, a key consideration in the design process.

Then, think about what you want your garage to look like. Maybe you have a particular color in mind for your new garage; perhaps you have other storage structures on your property and you want to build your garage to match them. You might also like your garage to have the same type of roof design as the other buildings on your property. Our garage building kits for sale include all of these options, so you can customize your garage to get just the right look.

Do You Need Planning Permission to Build a Garage?

When building a garage, you will generally need a permit. The type of permit will vary by location, so you’ll want to check with your local zoning department before starting your project.

Building a Garage Made to Last

When you order one of our DIY steel garage kits, you know you’ll be getting a structure made of quality materials, so whether it’s windy, snowy, or pouring rain outside, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your garage is designed to withstand those conditions. Do you have the engineering know-how to design and build a garage that won’t collapse in a snowstorm or buckle in high winds? We do. Your custom garage kit will allow you to build a structure that can be relied on for years to come.

If you love DIY projects, our garage kits are a great choice because you’ll still be able to say that you built your garage yourself. We’ve made the process easier by taking the hassle out of it, but when you’re finished, you’ll be able to take pride in owning a structure that you designed and put together with your own two hands. After building one of our DIY steel garage kits, you might even be inspired to try your hand at building a shed, too.

Taking the First Step

Building garages has never been easier than with our kits, but before you can enjoy your new storage space, you’ll need to place your order with us. We make the process of buying one of our build-your-own garage kits as simple as possible: Just call and let one of our staff members help you customize a garage that suits your needs. We can even help you learn more about how to build your own garage, from foundation to roof, once your kit arrives. Call now and let us start you on the path to a brand-new garage for your property with our build-your-own-garage kits!