Canopy Building


At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have storage structures in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Whether you are interested in a specific design or enclosed or open-air building, we have the prefab buildings to create more usable space on your residential or commercial property. A canopy building offers open-air shelter for your vehicle or other property, they are not enclosed. Before placing your order with us, it's important to consider what you're looking for in this type of storage structure. Answering these questions can get you started toward ordering a canopy building fit to your unique needs.

What Do You Plan to Put into Your Canopy Building?

Knowing what will go into the building can help you to choose a structure with the right dimensions. These buildings can shelter many different things such as boats, RVs, trucks, cars and farm equipment. Perhaps you want a place to store your RV for the winter. Or, you're looking for shelter for your classic car when the cold weather starts to set in. If you plan to store an RV in this type of structure, you must order one that will accommodate a vehicle this large. It's important to leave some walking space on both sides of your RV, car or other vehicle. Also, there should be some extra space between the top of your RV and the canopy itself. As a note, if you decide you do want an enclosed storage structure for your car, we have an online selection of 2-car garages. If you only have one vehicle, you can utilize the other compartment for bicycles, sports equipment, boxes of books and other items.

Do You Have a Color Preference?

Our canopy buildings are more than just practical structures; they can add aesthetic value to your property. You have a choice of several colors and you may want to select a color that matches your home or commercial building, or go with a separate color pallet you've established for your garden shed, garage, and storage structures. Our color options are neutral and will work well with the colors of your existing buildings.

What Roof Style Do You Want?

The next feature to consider is the type of roof you want for your building. We have three designs available, including regular, boxed eave, and vertical style. Some of our customers choose a style that complements the roof on their home. Others select a style based on the weather they experience in their state. For example, the design of the vertical style roof allows snow to slide off instead of piling up atop your canopy. If you live in an area that receives a large amount of snowfall, you may choose the vertical style roof based on that.

If you need assistance with deciding what size, color, or roof style you want for your new canopy building our staff is more than happy to help. Of course, you have the option of going online 24/7 to place an order for one of our canopy buildings. We want you to purchase a structure that lives up to all of your expectations.