Carport Prices in Florida

Metal Carports Price List Florida. Free delivery and setup in FL on all carports.

In order to protect your car or truck, consider a metal carport. Florida residents can get a suitable one from Alan's Factory Outlet. If you live in Florida, carports are a necessity to avoid damage from elements of weather. Most people choose to buy a carport due to its versatility in terms of style and cost. You can find one that suits you for sale at Alan's Factory Outlet. Our carports and other portable storage buildings are affordable.

With three styles of carports, Florida residents can find what they are looking for, and at a price they can afford. Our carports are very durable and long-lasting. A popular choice is aluminum carports. Florida weather is ideal for these types of carports.  

buy metal carport for sale

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Florida Metal Carport Prices
Regular Roof Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
12x21 $995 12x21 $1095 12x21 $1395
12x26 $1195 12x26 $1295 12x26 $1695
12x31 $1495 12x31 $1595 12x31 $2095
12x36 $1695 12x36 $1795 12x36 $2395
12x41 N/A 12x41 N/A 12x41 $2695
18x21 $1095 18x21 $1195 18x21 $1495
18x26 $1395 18x26 $1495 18x26 $1895
18x31 $1595 18x31 $1795 18x31 $2195
18x36 $1795 18x36 $1995 18x36 $2495
18x41 N/A 18x41 N/A 18x41 $2895
20x21 $1395 20x21 $1495 20x21 $1795
20x26 $1595 20x26 $1695 20x26 $2095
20x31 $1895 20x31 $1995 20x31 $2495
20x36 $2195 20x36 $2295 20x36 $2895
20x41 N/A 20x41 N/A 20x41 $3295
22x21 $1495 22x21 $1595 22x21 $1895
22x26 $1895 22x26 $1995 22x26 $2395
22x31 $2195 22x31 $2295 22x31 $2795
22x36 $2495 22x36 $2695 22x36 $3195
22x41 N/A 22x41 N/A 22x41 $3695
24x21 $1695 24x21 $1795 24x21 $2095
24x26 $2095 24x26 $2195 24x26 $2595
24x31 $2495 24x31 $2595 24x31 $2995
24x36 $2895 24x36 $2995 24x36 $3595
24x41 N/A 24x41 N/A 24x41 $4095
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Metal Carport Prices Florida

Metal Carports Price List Florida.  Free delivery and setup in FL on all carports.



26', 28' and 30' Triple Wide Metal Carports Florida

26', 28' and 30' Triple Wide Metal Carports Florida

Alan's Factory Outlet triple wide carports are delivered and setup for free in Florida on your level land after you place your order. The number of vehicles you wish to park will to a great extent determine the size of the carport. Florida dwellers have a wide range of choices when making a purchase from our store. These triple wide garages and carports in Florida offer an inexpensive way to cover your autos and boats, while eliminating the chance of the harsh sun fading leather and vinyl interiors. By purchasing one of our triple wide carports, Florida residents can be sure they are getting the best deal in the market. These Florida carports have plenty of space for other items, such as lawn mowers, bikes, and mopeds.



32' to 60' Wide Carports FL Prices

32' to 60' Wide Carports FL Prices

You cannot go wrong with our carports. Florida needs an alternative to building
garages and that is building steel carports. Florida residents can save money by building a carport instead of a garage. With our wide steel carports, Florida residents can easily give their vehicles a place to escape the hot summer sun. The 32, 40, 50 and 60 wide metal buildings delivered in FL require a lift 10' taller than the leg height of the carport. These carports are Florida Certified Carports rated for 170 MPH wind. A lot of people opt for aluminum carports; Florida residents are no exception.  Standard side height of 8' tall and can be made taller up to 20' side height.



Florida concrete pad size information

Concrete pad example, For a 12x21 carport with footers the concrete pad would need to be 12x20 which is the exact outside base dimension since there is a 6" overhang on the front and back ends.

Of course you will want to check with your local county code to find out what is required for your location.

Florida Carports Color Chart

Florida Carports Color Chart

Florida carports are available in an exciting range of 13 colors. Because we understand our customer's needs for custom color choices when purchasing their carports in Florida, color choice is available for the trim, roof, and the siding at no extra charge. Each one of the 13 colors looks great on all three styles of carports we offer. Metal carport colors may vary. You can make an online purchase of our carports. Florida residents can also save some dollars on installation and delivery when they shop with us.