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Choosing a Carport vs a Garage

Both a carport and a garage can protect your vehicle from harsh weather and damage. They can shield you and your car from rain, wind, sleet, and snow. But although they’re used for similar purposes, these two structures have some significant differences that should be considered before making the decision of whether a carport vs. a garage is the best option for your property.

Carport vs. Garage: Definition and Appearance

The most common carport vs. garage definition is based on whether or not the structure has sides. Most people think of a structure with four walls as a garage, while a carport usually has a roof over open sides. Both garages and carports can be attached to a home or freestanding. A detached carport vs. detached garage is usually far more simple of a distinction, since a detached structure won’t include a wall from another building.

Carport and Garage Uses and Considerations

If your goal is to keep the sun and rain off of your vehicle or just have a shady space to sit outside or host a party, a simple carport may be enough for your needs. Depending on where you place your carport, you might also opt for a structure that’s partially enclosed. However, if you live somewhere that gets more severe weather, you may choose to buy a garage, since the four walls will offer added protection. It’s also important to think about what you’ll need to keep in your new structure: If you’re just protecting locked vehicles, a carport may be fine, but to store other types of property under lock and key, you’ll need a garage instead. A garage can also be modified to create an additional living space, like a small apartment or a recreation room. When choosing a carport vs. garage, your intended use for the structure will likely be the most important factor to consider.

Carport vs. Garage Cost Factors

The costs of carports and garages will vary greatly depending on the size and style, though you’ll find that carports cost less, since they don’t have sides. For example, our metal carports range in price from $1,095 to $2,795 for a regular roof style, $1,295 to $3,320 for a boxed-eave roof, and $1,395 to $4,195 for a vertical roof. Our metal garages are between $2,955 to $6,050 for a regular-style roof, $3,055 and $6,575 for a boxed-eave roof, and $3,255 and $7,725 for a vertical roof.

When determining your carport vs garage cost, make sure to compare apples to apples. For instance, a metal, regular-roof, 20x21 carport is $1,395, while a metal, regular-roof, 20x21 garage is priced at $3,685.

Permits and Regulations

Often, legal requirements will be another difference in installing a carport vs. detached garage. You may not need a permit for a carport, but garages may require them. This is because a carport isn’t a living space but a garage is considered part of the home and living area, subject to regulations like requirements for flame-retardant walls. Permits and regulations will vary by municipality, so make sure to check regulations and zoning laws at your local office.

Carport vs. Garage: A Quick Comparison

Garage Pros Garage Cons Carport Pros Carport Cons

Enhanced property value

More expensive

Less expensive

Offers no protection from theft or vandalism

A secure place to park

A longer building project

A quick and simple build

Limited storage capabilities

Additional storage space that can be locked up

Regulated by permits and building codes

Can be constructed with a DIY kit

Cannot be used as a living space

Additional living space possibilities

Often should be styled to match your existing buildings

Can be transformed into an outdoor patio area

Does not enhance property values

Attached or detached options available


May not be subject to building codes


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