Custom Built Sheds

A lack of additional indoor and outdoor storage space can easily become a problem for many households. This lack of space can be an issue regardless of the size of one's property. Often on larger properties, this lack of space can be translated into a lack of secure or protected storage space. Expanding storage space to an outdoor shed is a viable and often ideal solution. At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have prefab and custom shed kits of various types and styles that are suitable for residential or commercial use. We take great pride in offering our customers only the best sheds, custom built to meet their requirements.

When looking for custom built sheds at Alan's Factory Outlet, consumers will find that we have both vinyl and wood sheds for sale. These are available in several frame and roof styles that our customers can choose from, including mini barns, Dutch barns, A-frame and Quaker sheds, and gambrel and gable style roofs. Sheds with a two-story design are also available. When ordering a custom built shed the customer can tailor it to his or her likes and needs in several different ways. The shed's windows and doors, for example, can be placed in the location of the consumer's choosing. We also allow our clients to choose the main, shingle, and trim color of the custom built shed that they purchase. The shed colors vary depending on whether one plans to buy a vinyl or wood shed. When picking custom shed designs and colors, the consumer should consider how it will complement his or her home, business, or the surrounding area. Depending on what colors are chosen, they help the shed to blend in or standout boldly from the environment around it; however, ideally the color and design should enhance the property and increase its visual appeal.

Having a shed that fits is just as important, if not more so, as color when it comes to the overall aesthetic appeal. It is important that customers choose the right size shed for their property. Custom size sheds can be ordered to fit either large or small locations. Customers may also choose to make certain upgrades when purchasing their sheds. The standard shingles on wood roofs, for example, may be upgraded to thirty year architectural shingles. Customers ordering vinyl sheds have the option for metal roofs if desired.

Businesses and homes use sheds for the storage and housing of items that would otherwise cause excess clutter in one's home, business or yard. They are also frequently used to protect outdoor items such as lawn tools or outdoor furnishings from the hazards associated with the elements, such as rain, snow or high winds. Additionally, sheds can help protect one's personal items from theft or from damage caused by pests or animals. A well-organized shed can keep items from being lost and make them easy to find and access when needed. Storage isn't the only use for sheds, however. Custom built sheds, when purchased for residential use, are also frequently used for more creative purposes such as hobby rooms, workshops, playrooms for adults and/or children, and even at-home offices or gardening sheds.

Custom built storage sheds from Alan's Factory Outlet are designed to meet the highest standards of quality. Our variety of durable sheds and available options helps to ensure that there's a shed that will fit most budget requirements. Custom sheds are easy to order either online or by phone using our toll-free number. Additionally, our customer service specialists are available to answer questions that may arise at any point during the selection and ordering process.