Prefabricated Workshop Buildings: Benefits and Options


The benefits of having a detached workshop can’t be underestimated. It can provide a welcome reprieve for the rest of your household if you like working with your hands and use loud power tools. It can also be a welcome reprieve for you, offering a dedicated space to work uninterrupted. Either way, whether you intend to use the space as a hobbyist’s sanctuary or a place of business, our garage workshop buildings can help you keep disruption to a minimum as well as supply plenty of sheltered space to store your belongings.

Customize a Work Shed to Suit Your Needs

When you purchase a storage shed workshop from Alan’s Factory Outlet, it’s easy to get a space perfectly suited for what you need, since every structure we sell can be customized. Want a small shed where you can organize your garden tools? Need a large workshop with garage doors so you can drive your hot rod in to work on it? Looking for garage workshop kits large enough to hold workbenches, power tools, and lumber? No matter what you need, you can customize an affordable outdoor workshop to suit. We even have two-story structures for those who need an extra-large amount of space. Choose the size of your prefab workshop, the colors, and the design, including the door and window placement and roof style. An attractive work shed can even increase the value of your property!

What Is the Best Material for a Storage Shed?

Most work sheds for sale are made from wood or metal, both of which you can buy here. Wood is strong and looks great, but metal is more durable and a little lower in price.

Workshop Shed Prices: How Much Does it Cost to Build a Detached Workshop?

If you plan on buying a metal storage building workshop, here are the prices you’ll pay for one with a regular-style roof:

Size Price







































Please note that prefab workshop cost estimates can change without notice.

Where Will You Put Your New Work Shed?

When you buy one of our prefab workshops for sale, you can place it just about anywhere you see fit, as long it’s a level piece of land. You might choose to put a prefab work shed near your garden if you plan to use it as a potting shed, or you might want it right next to your house to make it easy for you to pop into the kitchen for lunch before you get back to work. But if you’re doing work that could potentially be noisy or hazardous, you’ll want to keep that in mind when positioning your new structure. Keep garage workshop buildings farther from your home if you’re doing welding or woodworking or using toxic chemicals to reduce the potential for issues.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have the perfect work sheds for sale for every need, and we even offer free delivery and installation of metal prefab workshop spaces in 27 states. Each of our workshop sheds for sale is made from high-quality materials and can be customized to exactly fit what you’re looking for. Browse the wide variety of work sheds we carry online to find the best structure for your property and you’re certain to find a great price, too. Contact us today if you need help selecting the right prefab shed for you.