Enclosed vs. Partially Enclosed Carports

A carport is designed to store at least one automobile, boat, trailer, or recreational vehicle (RV). It is typically exposed on all sides with a roof to protect the motor vehicle from the elements. Unfortunately, this does not protect the car from the sun, rain, wind, and debris that may reach the vehicle through one of its openings. Many people have opted to install partially enclosed carports or fully enclosed carports to afford more protection against the elements. Nothing differs between standard, open-sided carports and enclosed carports other than whether they shield the contents within from the rain and sun. All carports can be attached to the side of a building or left free-standing on a concrete slab. They are a great addition to a home without a full garage.

The majority of homeowners have only two options when selecting fully or partially enclosed carports: prefab metal carports and built-on additions to the house. Enclosed metal carports are constructed with simple roofs, support beams, and sheet metal. Enclosed carports have all four sides walled and painted to match the rooftop. In some large models, installers can affix an electronic garage door and even extend the same style to the house. Enclosed metal carports offer the most protection against the elements while blending in with the residence. The only down side to converting a carport to a full garage is ventilation, especially in areas with very hot temperatures. Installers will need to add a roof or wall-mounted ventilation outlet to avoid excessive heat.

Partially enclosed metal carports offer substantial protection against the elements without sacrificing ventilation. Installers can partially enclose a prefabricated or attached carport without impeding the free movement of air. The easiest way to accomplish this is by attaching sheet metal to two sides of the standalone structure instead of all four sides. Installers will finish the metal carport on the outer side of the structure to offer the same level of protection. Some people opt to have steel or brick support beams erected across the back entrance to the carport to create a third wall. An additional option is to add latticework to create a moderate barrier. This will partially enclose the structure without restricting airflow and visibility. Latticework also maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Installers can attach plastic linings to the latticework to add a barrier that will protect the contents of the carport during the winter months. The sky is the limit when it comes to building partial enclosures.

Alan's Factory Outlet supplies enclosed carport kits that come in many different sizes and styles. Our metal carports are available in four types of roof styles: barn roof, boxed eave roof, A-frame roof, and vertical roof. The A-frame and vertical roof styles will help the snow slide off in winter climates. You can shield your automobile, boat, or RV from the elements when you buy one of our enclosed carport kits.

Our enclosed metal carports are customized to the width, length, and height you need to fit your home. Each of our enclosed carport kits comes with free center braces and corner braces. Our installers anchor the metal carport to the ground or concrete slab. We can easily convert open-sided metal carports into a full garage. We provide metal carports with sides ranging up to 12 feet, making it easy to park an RV, boat, or tractor-trailer. We can also install triple-wide carports, metal barn lean-to buildings, and 40-foot-wide carports to protect multiple vehicles. Each of these structures can be converted into partial or fully enclosed carports.

Alan's Factory Outlet provides free delivery and installation of our metal carports to 27 states. Purchase one of our prefab enclosed metal carports for sale online today! Contact us toll-free at 1-800-488-6903.