The Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Doors

Like many other types of materials used to construct shed doors, fiberglass has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, this durable and weather-resistant material is low maintenance, simple to clean and can easily protect the integrity of belongings contained within your structure. Fiberglass, however, can be swayed by strong winds and can eventually require maintenance for dings, scratches and scrapes. When determining if fiberglass shed doors are the best option for you, consider your desire for hassle-free maintenance and the weather of your region. At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have the fiberglass doors that are sure to meet both your aesthetic and practical needs.

Fiberglass sheds have reputations for being extremely well-insulated, as they lack the cracks and crevices that lead to the free movement of air. A clear advantage of this construction design is that it provides an innate way to control the temperature of your sheds' interior. For shed owners who want to store temperature-sensitive belongings inside their structures, such as plants or other organic matter, fiberglass shed doors can provide an extra layer of protection against the elements and unexpected temperature fluctuations. They can also keep cool or warm air inside the structure, if an air conditioning or heating unit is installed within it.

In addition, the inherent flexibility of fiberglass makes it a great choice for those who want to enjoy doors that are free from the eye sores of warping and cracking. Since fiberglass is a bendable material that responds to its environment in kind, it's less prone to structural deficiencies like those typically found in uncompromising materials like wood and steel. As such, fiberglass sheds are less likely to obtain and compound damage, and they may be more secure than structures made out of other materials as they provide a stable foundation for locking mechanisms. An added benefit is that fiberglass doors can be created to mimic the looks and stains of wood without needing to invest in a material that can easily deteriorate or rot. Choosing fiberglass over wood can also reduce the potentiality for shrinking and swelling experienced by wood under germane conditions.

Fiberglass remains the premiere choice for doors of sheds located in regions with high humidity or near large bodies of water, as they won't be negatively affected by free-floating salt concentrations in the air. Similarly, unlike those made out of steel, fiberglass sheds are not prone to rust. Surface cleaning processes are easier due to this attribute; doors can be regularly washed with plain water to remove debris and stains. In contrast to doors made out of wood, those made out of fiberglass won't require annual maintenance touch-ups like varnishing to keep them weather and visitor-ready.

Despite significant advantages over wood doors, fiberglass shed doors do have some limitations. Their supremely efficient construction results in a lightweight door, but this same airy quality makes it susceptible to the whims of winds. If you live in an area that is especially windy or prone to natural disasters that involve strong gusts of air, a fiberglass door may not be the best solution for you, since they can open easier than those made out of heavier materials. Fiberglass may also more easily succumb to weather-related damage in climates that are particularly cold.

It goes without saying that durability is a hallmark of fiberglass. Sheds that have doors made out of fiberglass may be more resistant to common wear and tear like scratches and dents typically found on wooden entryways. It should be noted, however, that their resistance to superficial hiccups can wane the longer they are in use and exposed to the elements. Over time, cosmetic flaws may become more obvious and may need to be addressed by shed owners who desire to keep up a flawless appearance.

At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have great prefab structures for sale in our online store to suit your personal or professional needs. When you choose to purchase durable and versatile fiberglass shed doors to complement your structure, you automatically invest in its longevity. Contact us today for help in selecting the perfect shed to buy for your backyard or commercial property.

Doors are only available with the purchase of your shed and not sold seperately.