What to Know When Selecting a Firewood Shed

With the cold months comes an increased need for heat. Whether you're the type who appreciates using natural resources to stay warm or someone who just wants to save money on an energy bill, you can reduce the chilliness of winter by burning firewood to heat your home. Naturally, the firewood that you collect or buy throughout the season has to be properly stored so that it remains viable when you need it. At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have firewood sheds for sale that can help you adequately store your wood and protect it from from the elements as well as pests. Following a few simple steps can make sure all of your wood remains suitable to throw onto warming fires that can see you through the cold weather.

Integrity Control

Firewood storage sheds help protect the integrity of your collected firewood. A firewood shed kit that includes a floor made of anything other than wood can offer an adequate foundation for stacking practices. Placing your wood on pallets can also give it an added boost to keep it off the ground. While it can be important to make sure that your wood remains in a cool environment, too much exposure to air can make it vulnerable to moisture and mold. To avoid the potential ruining of your wood, cover it with a tarp or another protective layer to ensure that it remains free of wayward water.

Guarding Against Insects

The organic nature of firewood can often attract unwanted visitors into your firewood storage shed, including beetles, ants, spiders, cockroaches, and termites. Certain measures can be taken to guard against infestations of these insects. You should always do your best to keep moisture within your shed under control. If your firewood gets wet, it could provide the conditions necessary for rot and invite insect activity. Regularly clean around firewood and move logs so as to brush away collecting insect refuse and matter like eggs.

Good Firewood Use Practices

To protect the integrity of your firewood shed and its contents, learn how to use your wood in the proper way. If you buy your firewood, look for quality stock while shopping and take the place where you plan to burn the wood into consideration. For example, picking wood out for a bonfire can require different methods than selecting wood that is intended to go into your home. Inspect any potential wood pieces for evidence of insect activity, like D-ring burrowing shapes. Turn the wood around in your hands and look for signs of diseases like fungus. Collecting good wood can go a long way in protecting firewood sheds while your logs sit in storage.

Implement an organizational system that allows you to access the oldest wood that you have before the newest. Using old wood first reduces the chances that your wood will decay and be tempting to insects and pests seeking shelter and food. Think about installing some racks in your firewood storage shed for this purpose. A benefit of using racks is that airflow is increased to all sides of the wood, which can potentially increase its longevity.

Avoid leaving your firewood stacked against your shed or home's exterior. While this may seem like less of a hassle than entering your firewood shed and organizing your haul of wood, it can provide easier access for pests and insects. It can also present a fire hazard. Instead, make a commitment to enter your firewood shed each time you need some wood and remove just what you need for a day or two. Place the wood outside and allow it some time to air out and rid itself of clinging insects before bringing it into your home and making use of it in your hearth.

At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have a wide array of firewood shed kits for sale in our online store. You're sure to find the perfect shed for your needs amongst our many prefab solutions. Contact us today for more information on how to purchase a shed to store your firewood using our website.