Carports in Florida

Florida is known as the Sunshine State and with good reason. After all, residents enjoy year-round sunlight and few of the dreary and overcast days that plague other states. This makes Florida a popular destination for tourists and new residents alike, as well as their cars.

Although Florida’s sunshine is delightful, the solar rays can have many damaging effects on people and their vehicles. When it comes to protecting cars, the best solutions include carports. Florida residents can now enjoy reliable and low-cost protection from the fading and damaging effects of the sun’s rays when they come to Alan’s Factory Outlet for their carport needs.

Florida carports keep the sun, rain, and hail off of your vehicle, and protect your car, truck, boat, RV, or motorcycle from the high winds that the state often experiences. Such protection is the chief reason why buyers in the state trust metal carports. Florida residents, however, should also know that there are many other benefits to owning a quality metal carport than just vehicle protection. Much of your other property that must stay outdoors can also be put under a carport. Florida residents and natives who store their non-vehicle property in this way also enjoy protection for their property when they trust aluminum carports. Florida and its weather is nothing to be trifled with, so if you want protection for all your outdoor items, a carport may be the best solution.

You should also remember that Florida carports are also a great way to provide some extra shade for residents and guests. Hosting an outdoor event? Find shade under one of our quality aluminum carports. Florida parents often allow their children to play under the shade of these carports, as it protects their kids from the sun while allowing them to do what they want to do and play outside. When it comes to the possible uses for a good carport, Florida residents should know that there are few limits to what can be done with them.

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Florida carports are built in many different sizes and styles. This metal carport is an 18’ wide x 21’ long x 6’ leg regular-style carport, which, like most of our other Florida carports, is delivered and setup across FL.

Metal Carport Prices Florida

Florida Metal Carport Specs

All of the carports delivered and setup in FL are certified carports rated for 150 MPH of winds. So when it comes to hurricanes and carports, Florida models from Alan’s Factory Outlet are sure to withstand hurricane force winds up to medium strength.

The metal sheeting roof on the carports built in Florida are built with 26 GA sheeting that comes in your choice of thirteen different colors. Thus, it is quite easy to get carport Florida structures to match the color of your home, no matter what it happens to be. The tubing on the carports in Florida is built in 14-gauge 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square tubing. A thicker 12 gauge 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" tubing is also available as an upgrade. This 12 GA tubing has a 20-year rust-through warranty for metal carports. Florida residents, then, should know that this 12 GA is a good option to think about especially if are close to the Florida coast with the salt water. The 12 GA has a 54 psi tensile strength, which is greater than many other aluminum carports. Florida residents, then, can trust these structures to withstand the heaviest winds.

Mobile home anchors or cement anchors are also standard on all Florida carports. These things are necessary to hold down metal carports. Florida residents well understand this fact.

Concrete pad example in Florida, For a 12x21 carport the concrete pad would need to be 12x20 which is the exact outside base dimension since there is a 6" overhang on the front and back ends.

Of course you will want to check with your local county code to find out concrete specifications required for your location.

Another carport option you may want to consider is upgrading to a 180-mph wind load. This will give you more strength against the wind as Florida is known as one of the hot spots when it comes to hurricanes.

Many other options are available on our metal carports in FL:

  • Fully braced with either 2’ or 4’ braces
  • Wider or longer carports
  • Taller carports with leg heights up to 12’ tall in 1’ increments
  • Closed gable or closed sides
  • Fully enclosed metal garages with garage doors, single doors, and windows

**Free Delivery and Setup on All Metal Carports in Florida**

There are 3 different styles of roof lines to choose from when ordering a carport:
metal carports florida

                            Regular metal carport Florida FL

carports florida

                                Boxed eave carports Florida

vertical carports florida fl

                                  Vertical metal carports FL

triple wide carports florida

                        Triple wide metal carports in Florida

40 wide carports, metal garages florida, fl

                               40' wide metal buildings Florida