Garages for Apartment Dwellers

Garages are often considered to be a great selling point for potential home buyers. With an attached or detached garage, homeowners are given the opportunity to protect their cars from the elements and store possessions that would otherwise not fit within primary living spaces. Residents of apartments, however, are less likely to enjoy these benefits when they live in complexes that don’t feature garages on the properties. The answer to this conundrum is simple: the prefab garage. Apartment dwellers can take advantage of the many benefits a prefab garage offers, all while keeping costs down for landlords who will also reap the benefits of installing these highly valued structures on their properties.

Cars that have been exposed to the weather elements for long periods of time often suffer damage. The severe drying effects of the sun can contribute to the premature wear of rubber parts. Tires and belts made out of the material, for example, often lose their elasticity and integrity after being left to dry out in extreme temperatures. Cracks and tears on these parts, as a result, can affect important motorized and suspension systems. Exterior paint can crack and easily peel away, leaving vehicles looking worn and old, as well as possibly compromising the function of interior parts. In addition, the salt from rainwater and in ice formations, like snow, and freezing temperatures can bear down hard on a car, much in the same way that the unforgiving summer weather does. Thankfully, protection can come in the form of a prefab garage. Apartment dwellers, in particular, can benefit from these structures, as they can safeguard cars from all sides with durable, weather-resistant material.

For landlords, the purchase of a garage apartment kit can be a direct investment in their tenants’ happiness and material possessions. By buying and installing a garage, landlords give tenants an additional way to protect their property. This tactic can indirectly raise the perceived value of the apartment complex or building, as covered or full garage parking is usually less common than uncovered parking in multiple-unit properties. Garage apartment kits can also double as extra storage space for residents. Landlords who want to buy several kits can give tenants the option to use the space for parking or storage, which can allow new tenants, who have an excess of material possessions, the freedom to move into the complex despite modest floor plans or space constraints within the apartments. Regardless of their ultimate use, these kits prove a wise investment for landlords looking to increase the real and perceived value of their properties.

After investing in and installing a garage apartment kit, landlords should consider weatherizing the structure. The effects of extremely high and low temperatures can seep through even the highest grade materials. Weather stripping, insulation, and regular maintenance can turn the average garage into a sanctuary for vehicles and possessions that need extra care. This type of upkeep protects the items inside the garage and also supports the integrity of the structure itself. Caution, however, should always be exercised when considering the installation of heating and cooling apparatuses such as heaters and air conditioners.

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