Bike Storage

Protecting a bike can be more complicated than simply placing it in a rented garage. Bike storage can require that you weigh several different variables, including the storage facility's location and its security level. If you're interested in keeping your bike on your property at all times, consider buying one of our garages or sheds. Our structures provide matchless protection against the elements and can even help deter thieves with their unassuming styles. Coupled with extra storage space for tools and regular maintenance procedures, your bike can remain functional and in your possession for the duration of your interest in it.

Protection Against the Elements

One of the main benefits of using a bike storage shed is that it provides dedicated protection against weather elements that could compromise the integrity of the bike. When it's in a bike storage garage, your bike is shielded from the wind, rain, snow, and heat infamous for damaging these two-wheeled vehicles. Less exposure and damage means that you'll also spend less for repairs on your bike. Garage storage, for this reason, is a popular option for those who want to do all that they can to maintain their bikes without having to unnecessarily pay for repairs.


With the rising incidence of bicycle thefts, investing in an outdoor bike storage shed can be considered a direct investment in theft prevention. Bikes that are hidden from view inside of a bike storage shed don't provide much temptation for would-be thieves. If you decide to install locks or a security system on your shed, the extra layer of protection could further deter thieves from attempting to ride off with your bike. Sheds can function as the perfect cover, both physically and metaphorically, since many people assume that outdoor sheds simply house gardening tools or other inexpensive items.

Easy Access to Tools

Many bicyclists choose to store their bikes with the tools and supplies that are required to keep their bikes running smoothly. Keeping your bike within a few feet of your related tools can help you easily maintain it. Simple repairs and maintenance procedures done regularly can add years to the life of your bicycle. If you invest in outdoor bike storage, you'll be able to store your two-wheeled vehicle with the rags, cleaners, lubricants, pumps, chains, and other accessories that make required maintenance simple and hassle-free.

Basic Upkeep and Maintenance Procedures

Wiping down your bike before placing it inside your shed can protect it from the harmful effects of dirt, mud, and debris collection on moving parts. It can also help you reduce the instance of these potentially harmful materials from entering the shed. If cleaning your bike daily proves to be too demanding, commit to giving your bike a good wipe down at least every week if you ride every day. Wet a rag and use soap to achieve a lather before cleaning your bike. For intense cleaning of delicate parts, like chains, consider using solvents. Make sure that all of the bolts on the bike are tight before riding it. Check your saddle for balance and security before sitting on it. Invest in a good lubricant to grease chains, levers, cables, and other systems that produce regular friction. Ensure that your tires have enough air in them to ensure a smooth ride and reduce damage to other integral parts like tubing.

At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have a variety of sheds and garages that can double as storage facilities for your bike. With garage bike storage, you can rest easy knowing that your bike will get the same protection that a standard car will. Our prefab sheds can also make it easy for you to store your bike and can misdirect thieves who are looking to steal bikes, but who wouldn't expect them to be housed in one of these structures. Contact us today for more information on any of garages or sheds for sale and for tips on how to place an online order. When you purchase from Alan's Factory Outlet, you buy from the best.