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Horse owners appreciate the durability of our prefab horse stalls. Each of our horse barn kits for sale is carefully constructed to keep its equine occupants safe and secure, and each of these Amish-made horse shelters can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. Horse owners who want reliable, sturdy shelter for their horses trust the quality selection at Alan’s Factory Outlet. We believe that our customers and their horses deserve the best!

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No matter what your needs are, we can help, whether you’re looking for small horse barns for sale that can house a couple of ponies or large, prefabricated barns with up to four stalls for those who own several horses. Our prefabricated barns can also be customized with a range of add-ons. For instance, many people choose to add on a tack room, perfect for horse owners with lots of grooming tools, saddles, bridles, and other horse-related equipment. You can also order prefab barns that come with a run-in shed.

When you buy one of our modular barns, you can feel confident that you’ll get a structure that satisfies both you and your animals. Our spacious stall design includes a chew guard to protect a horse’s mouth and maintain the condition of the structure’s walls, and all of our horse barn kits for sale have insulated roofs to keep horses cozy during the colder months. We make sure that our modular barns are both wallet-friendly and horse-friendly!

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Prefab Horse Barn Options

Our pre-built horse barns are available in a wide selection of sizes, making it simple to find the perfect option for your horse or horses. For some people, a simple mini horse barn is plenty, but for others, a bigger structure may be needed. To maximize the amount of space in your new structure, you may even want to buy one of our Amish horse barns with two stories, including a tack room, stalls, and a run-in shed. Each two-story horse barn has a full second level with an 8-foot-high roof upstairs, giving you a total structural height of approximately 17 feet from floor to peak. In a two-story barn, you can access the second floor by ladder through a trapdoor in each stall. Try this versatile, spacious solution for your horses and supplies, or customize your own unique horse barn that’s exactly what you need!

All of the large and small horse barns for sale at Alan’s Factory Outlet are built with quality materials as well as with the security of your horse in mind. Whether large or small, horse barns we sell are all built with 1-inch-thick eastern white pine board batten siding, and the interior has a 4-foot-high oak kickboard. In addition, our horse stalls come standard with a metal chew guard on top of the oak kickboards. And when you buy a horse barn with two, three, or four stalls, you have the choice of a metal grill or a solid wall between each stall. We solidify both our small and large horse barns with sturdy oak framing, and heavy-duty corner tow hooks are also included.

Our pre-built horse barns aren’t just durable, though: They’re attractive, too. Our horse barns for sale are available with or without stain, and each of our modular horse barns also comes with an insulated metal roof in a color of your choice, allowing you to customize your prefab horse barn even further. If you prefer, we can build your horse stalls with a roof topped with architectural shingles with a half-inch of plywood beneath them.

Customization Details

  • Choose from a variety of metal roof and stain color options.
  • Optional tack rooms come with a 3-foot entry door, a 2-foot access door, one window, and a 2x8 tongue-and-groove plank floor with pressure-treated 4x6 floor joists
  • Keep your horse cool with wooden gable vents or a ridge vent.

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Take Advantage of Free Delivery in Virginia

Our modular horse barns can be delivered in all of Virginia, and we’ll even do it for free! In order to have a smooth delivery, make sure that your property fence is two feet wider than the width of the barn you purchase, as we deliver our modular horse barns via truck and trailer.

We offer free delivery of our horse buildings to counties in Virginia including Arlington, Augusta, Caroline, Clarke, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Frederick, Greene, King George, Loudoun, Madison, Orange, Page, Prince William, Rappahannock, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Warren. Amish horse barns can also be delivered for free to the cities of Staunton, Winchester, Manassas, Harrisonburg, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fredericksburg, and Waynesboro.



Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Shelters and Barns

What Is a Horse Shelter?

A horse shelter is a simple structure that is intended to protect your horse from the elements while they’re out to pasture. It’s a bit less complex than a barn and is generally styled as a run-in lean-to.

How Tall Should a Horse Shed Be?

Horses are quite tall, so all horse sheds, even a mini horse barn, should be at least 8 feet tall to house your animal comfortably.

Which Direction Should a Horse Shelter Face?

The major purpose of a horse shelter is to protect your horse from the elements, so you need to think about the direction the shelter faces to provide the most protection. If you live in a cold climate, the shelter should face away from harsh winds and weather, but if you live in a warm climate, you’d like the shelter to take in cool breezes. You can consult with your local agricultural extension agent for help determining the best position for your shelter, taking into account the weather and any hills or trees on your property.

Does a Horse Need a Stall?

No, a horse does not necessarily need a stall. Some horses do need stall rest due to injuries or chronic problems, but a healthy horse does not require a stall. People choose to keep horses in stalls if they have limited pasture room for grazing. Many opt for stalls so they can give the horse comfortable, enclosed rest time on a surface that’s good for their feet.

What Is the Standard Size of a Horse Stall?

An average-sized horse can be comfortable in a 10x12 or 10x10 stall, but the most ideal and common size for a horse stall is 12x12.

What Is the Best Flooring for a Horse Stall?

Choices for stall flooring include:

  • Soil
  • Sand
  • Clay
  • Concrete
  • Crushed limestone
  • Gravel
  • Rubber mats
  • Asphalt

Do Horses Need Shelter?

Yes: A horse might not always need a stall, but all horses need a form of shelter. Leaving them exposed to the elements puts them at risk of illness and injury.

What Kind of Shelter Does a Horse Need?

Horses always need access to a dry, safe, and comfortable shelter. That means they need a lean-to at minimum.

How Much Room Does a Horse Need in a Stable?

A horse will typically need about 12 feet by 12 feet of space. Whether the horse has a standing or tie stall, it should have room to lie down comfortably, and there should be room to hold a hay manger.

How Wide Should a Horse Stall Be?

A horse stall should be 10 to 12 feet wide.

What Do You Need in a Horse Stable?

The stable needs to accommodate the horse stalls and usually includes a tack room and storage for food and hay. If a horse is in a tie stall, the tie should be high enough that the horse can’t get their leg over it. Box stalls should be made of solid, sturdy lumber, and the space should be designed so that each horse can always reach food and water. Most people would like a walkway wide enough for tie-downs and room to stand the horse for grooming. The rest is up to your needs and wants.

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