Pole-Barns for Horses and Livestock

A well-constructed horse barn can be an elegant addition to a home or farmstead. It increases a property owner's capacity for housing and storage, while providing safety and comfort for livestock. Options, such as run-in additions and tack rooms, further expand the utility of prefab pole horse barns. Selecting a prefab pole barn for horses is an option that allows animals to be quartered in a professionally designed and engineered structure that is put together with the ease of a kit. Horse pole barn kits include amenities and features found in custom designs, with selections of materials for interiors and exteriors, two-story options, embellished rooflines and built-in equine comforts.

Pole horse barns deliver a unique architectural style without a poured concrete foundation, providing the speed, ease, and economy of a structure that does not require extensive site preparation . Preparing property for a pole horse barn begins with selecting a level area and making sure there is sufficient drainage. Especially for those who purchase a prefab kit for pole horse barns, construction is made as simple as possible.

Horses in a pole barn enjoy graveled or bedded earth beneath them instead of a hard floor. Injury to a horse's hide, legs and hooves can result from trying to lie down, recline, rise, or stand for long periods on a hard surface. It is important to prepare the stall floor in strata of drainage material and soft layers, so that it remains dry and comfortable. Horses are healthiest in quarters that are well ventilated and properly mucked. Regular stall maintenance is a must.

The history of pole barn construction in the United States is one of ingenuity and thrift. During the Depression, in the 1930s, wooden utility poles that had carried telephone and electrical lines were repurposed for barn construction. After World War II, a time of expansion and prosperity, builders exchanged used utility poles for new, solid sawn posts that were chemically treated to resist decay and last for decades. Innovations in the 1950s and '60s introduced metal trusses that allowed larger structures. And innovations continue today.

Our prefab horse pole barns can be purchased for just one or two animals, or with as many as four stalls. With the option of adding a second floor, cupola, tack room or run-in shed, your prefab horse pole barn can be customized for optimum use. Made of white pine board batten siding and interior oak kickboards, our wooden pole barns for horses are naturally beautiful, and can also be painted or stained depending on your preference. We also offer horse pole barns in metal construction.

When adding a structure to your property, it's important to consider all your options before you buy. Pole barn structures are the quickest, most cost-effective way to provide your animals with a professionally constructed facility, built to the specifications of best practices for horse care, and to the architectural demands of horse owners. Powder-coated fancy hinges, chew guards and hardware are not just attractive, but more durable than standard, painted metal. Slider windows may be standard or rustic. Our barns are delivered by truck to your site, and are ready to use as soon as they are installed. Imagine being able to easily, securely protect your horses in any weather, day and night.

Our pole horse barns are designed for longevity. Each stall is equipped with four-foot oak kickboards and chew guards to protect your animals and keep the stall walls undamaged. Exterior construction of our wooden pole barns for horses is made from one-inch Eastern White Pine board batten siding over heavy-duty oak framing. Each comes with an insulated roof, to make sure horses are comfortable in cold weather. To accommodate summertime heat, wooden gable vents or ridge venting along the roofline allows air to escape, keeping stalls comfortable year-'round.