Horse Barn Prices

Horse-lovers and owners well understand the need for a secure place to shelter their horses and store hay, feed, saddles, and other equipment for their stallions and mares. Here at Alan’s Factory Outlet, we are pleased to provide a number of different horse barns and horse run-in sheds to meet the needs of horse owners throughout the region. Our low horse barn price points and ability to customize your horse barn or shed are just some of the things that make us the best place online to find the shed that you are looking for.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Horse Barn?

Our horse barns range in price from $1,722 to $10,196 depending on the dimensions and features of the structure.

Our run-in sheds and horse barns come in a variety of different sizes that are available at a low cost. Barns are available in models that have one, two, three, or four stalls, and run-in sheds are available in widths of 8 feet, 10 feet, or 12 feet and a number of different lengths. This makes it easy to find a model that will fit on your property and provide enough space for your horses.

Board and Batten Run-in Shed Prices

Board & Batten Run-in Sheds
8' Run-ins 10' Run-ins 12' Run-ins
8x8 $1,722 10x10 $2,345 12x12 $3,436
8x10 $2,141 10x12 $2,813 12x14 $3,994
8x12 $2,592 10x14 $3,281 12x16 $4,569
8x14 $3,002 10x16 $3,749 12x18 $5,142
8x16 $3,436 10x18 $4,216 12x20 $5,717
8x18 $3,863 10x20 $4,683 12x22 $6,119
8x20 $4,289 10x22 $5,036 12x24 $6,530
8x22 $4,602 10x24 $5,389 12x26 $6,939
8x24 $4,913 10x26 $5,750 12x28 $7,350
8x26 $5,233 10x28 $6,094 12x30 $7,752
8x28 $5,545 10x30 $6,455 12x32 $8,161
8x30 $5,864 10x32 $6,816 12x34 $8,564
8x32 $6,177 10x34 $7,161 12x36 $8,966
8x34 $6,497 10x36 $7,522 12x38 $9,375
8x36 $6,808 10x38 $7,866 12x40 $9,786
10x40 $8,219 12x42 $10,196
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1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-Stall Horse Barn Costs

Board & Batten Horse Barns
1 Stall Horse Barn 2 Stall Horse Barns 3 Stall Horse Barns 4 Stall Horse Barns
10x10 $3,436 10x20 $6,825 10x30 $9,877 10x40 $12,600
10x12 $4,125 10x24 $7,973 10x36 $11,066 10x48 $14,077
10x14 $4,806 10x28 $8,974 10x42 $12,370 12x40 $15,339
12x12 $5,110 12x20 $8,416 12x30 $11,599 12x48 $16,980
12x14 $5,914 12x24 $9,798 12x36 $13,050    
    12x28 $10,970 12x42 $14,569    
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Deciding on Your Horse Barn Plans: Prices and Options

Each horse barn price includes a number of different standard options as well as the possibility to add on extras for a nominal fee. For instance, you might want to add stain to your structure or use architectural shingles instead of a metal roof. Adding options like these will add very little to the horse barn cost. You might also choose to add doors, windows, or partitions. Some people add on a tack room as well, providing extra storage and a devoted place to take care of the horses’ material needs. Included oak kick boards provide extra assurance of the stability and durability of our high-quality horse barns.

Run-in Sheds’ Specs

  • Metal roof or 25-year shingles
  • Eastern white pine board and batten siding with oak framing
  • 4-foot-high oak kick board
  • Pressure-treated 6x6 base with corner tow hooks

Horse Barns’ Specs

  • Metal insulated roof or 25-year shingles
  • Eastern white pine board and batten siding with oak framing
  • 4x7 Dutch door and one window with grill
  • 4-foot-high oak kick board with chew guards
  • Two- and three-stall horse barns come with divider walls with metal grills
  • Pressure-treated 6x6 base with corner tow hooks

Tack Rooms

You can add a tack room to either a run-in shed or horse barn. A 6-foot tack room costs $1,395, and an 8-foot tack room costs $1,860. Tack rooms add to the length and total size of the building as well as the baseline horse barn cost.

  • 3x7 entry door and one window included
  • 2-foot swinging door from tack room to stall
  • 2x8 tongue-and-groove plank floor; 4x6 pressure-treated joists

Other Options

  • Stain: $2
  • Gable vent: $100 each
  • Ridge vent: $9 per foot
  • Window: $150
  • Window with grill: $250
  • 3-foot door: $300
  • Dutch door: $400
  • Cupola $300
  • Weather vane: $150
  • 4-foot feeder with hayrack: $250
  • Wall partition: $450
  • Architectural shingles: $1 per square foot

Horse Run in Sheds Metal Roof and Stain Colors



Optional Run in Shed Shingle Colors

horse run in shed shingle colors

Delivery Areas

Your horse barn price includes delivery and setup. Delivery is available across Virginia; free delivery is included in our horse run-in shed prices for 30 local counties in Virginia.

Contact us today for more information on our Amish-built horse shelters or any of our other affordable, high-quality products. We’d be glad to help you.

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