Metal Garages in Florida

Alan's Factory Outlet metal garages are delivered and set up for free in Florida.

The garage doors can be placed on the end or the side as shown in this metal garage in FL.

We have three different roof lines in our selection of metal garages. Florida residents may consider the regular with rounded sides to be the most economical style we offer. There are also two different A-frame roof lines. In addition, there is the boxed eave that has a metal roof running the full length of the building. Also, there is the vertical style garage roof which has metal running side to side. This particular style helps the water to run off the sides of the roof.

In purchasing one of our steel garages, Florida residents can choose either mobile home anchors or cement anchors.

metal garages florida

                                                 Vertical metal buildings in Florida

Walk-in doors and windows can be added to any of the steel garages. The steel tubing on the buildings is 14 ga. Thicker 12 ga tubing is available which has a 20 year rust through warranty.

180 MPH wind loads are another option that can be added to the metal garages. Florida residents can enjoy extra protection from harsh weather conditions.

All of the metal garages in FL come with a 26 Gauge Roof.

All of the buildings are custom built in size and style with the options that best suit you. You also get a choice of 13 different colors for the metal roof, sides, ends and trim color around the doors and windows. This color is also applied to the corners of the garage.

Our metal garages are very popular for a variety of reasons. For example, they are well-built and can endure the strong winds and harsh weather conditions that sometimes occur in Florida. By purchasing our steel garages, Florida residents can feel at ease about the safety of their vehicles, yard equipment, and other valuable possessions. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we understand the importance of selling sturdy metal garages. Florida customers rely on our products!

There is another tremendously popular feature of our steel garages. Florida residents like the selection of colors! Some customers appreciate having several color choices for their metal garages. Florida shoppers have the option of choosing a color that matches the exterior of their home. Other shoppers may opt for a color that coordinates with their other outdoor storage buildings. Even if a shopper doesn’t have a preference as to the color of his or her metal garage, Alan’s Factory Outlet provides customers with plenty of choices!

Alan’s Factory Outlet has a selection of roofs for their metal garages. Florida residents have a choice of three roof styles, each with its own useful features. For instance, Alan’s Factory Outlet offers customers the option of a vertical style roof. This roof is a favorite because it helps excess water run off the metal garage. We provide full descriptions of all of our roof styles on our website. If customers need help evaluating our various roof styles, they can call our friendly customer representatives for guidance.

Customers find the service at Alan’s Factory Outlet both efficient and convenient. This is appealing to many of our Florida customers who are anxious to get their steel garages set up and ready to use! Our talented crew goes about its work in a diligent, efficient manner so customers can have their metal garages as soon as possible. They will answer any questions about the garage as well. Staff members at Alan’s Factory Outlet want all of our customers to be happy with their purchases!

                                       Metal Garage Prices Florida

The Florida metal garages are all certified garages rated for 150 mph wind.

A 180 mph wind rating certified metal garage is available as an upgrade option on the metal buildings in Florida.

The garage doors can be placed on the end or the side as shown in this metal garage in FL.

metal garages fl

                                     Boxed eave steel garage florida

Metal garages make a great place to protect your boat or car from the hot Florida sun.

steel garages florida 2 car garages fl

                                      Boxed eave metal 2 car garage fl

regular style metal garage florida

                                       Regular Style Metal Garage Florida


Florida metal garage concrete pad size information

Concrete pad example, For a 12x21 steel garage the concrete pad would need to be 12x20 which is the exact outside base dimension since there is a 6" overhang on the front and back ends.

Of course you will want to check with your local county code to find out what is required for your location.

Alan's Factory Outlet metal garages in Florida come with either mobile home anchors or cement anchors.

florida mobile home anchors

florida concrete anchor bolt

The 13 different colors for the metal roof, sides and ends and trim color around the doors and windows and on the corner of the garage.

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